178 Projection Related Abbreviations And Full Forms List

In engineering, projection is defined as a geometrically represented image of an object obtained on a surface or plane. If you are from an engineering background, then you will be using various terms, and words related to the project. There are many abbreviations, acronyms, and full forms you will find related to this word. If you want to know these, here is the list of projection related abbreviations, acronyms, and their full forms list.

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Projection Abbreviations, Acronyms, & Full Forms List

Sl NoAcronyms/AbbreviationsFull Forms
52DDesign Documentation
62DDimension Drawings
72Ddrawings with Design
82DDrawings With Dimensions
93DDocking Dick Dog
103GP3rd Generation Partnership
113GPThird Generation Partnership
123GPP3rd Generation Partnership-Project
133GPPThird Generation Partnerships Projects
143PPublic Private Partnership
153RResurfacing, Restoration & Rehabilitation
163RResurfacing, Restoration, and Rehabilitation
174CCollaboration to Clarify the Costs of Curation
195FPFifth Framework Programme
205M5th and Mission
216FP6th Framework Programme
226FPSixth Framework Programme
237FPSeventh Framework Programme
24A.D.E.L.Association for Development, Education and Labour
25A.I.Artifical Intelligence
26A.I.C.P.Association of Islamic Charitable Projects
27A.R.E.Association for Research and Enlightment
28A.T.P.Authorized Training Partner
29A.W.E.Artists Working in Education
30A&AAddition and Alteration
31A&AAlteration & Addition
32A&DArchitecture & Development
33A&IAdaptation and Implementation
34A&PAnalysis and Production
35A&TAlive & Thrive
36A2AAwareness to Action
37AAAffordability Analysis
38AAAudit Authority
39AA&UArchitecture, Art and Urbanism
40AA2AArtists Access to Art
41AACAll American Canal
42AACAAdaptation Actions for a Changing Arctic
43AACEAmerican Association of Cost Engineers
44AACEAssociation for the Advancement of Cost Engineering
45AACEIAssociation for the Advancement of Cost Engineering International
46AACRAAddis Ababa City Road Authority
47AADsApplication Accounting Definitions
48AALAttribution Assurance Licenses
49AAMAction Aid Myanmar
50AAPAfrica Adaptation Programme
51AAPELEAlgorithms, Architectures and Platforms for Enhanced Living Environments
52AARDAfrican Archaeology Research Day
53AARGAIDS Action and Research Group
54AARIAlberta Agricultural Research Institute
55AASAdvance and Secure
56AASAlcatel Alenia Space
57AASRAuthenticated Anonymous Secure Routing
58AATAeronautics and Air Transport
59AATArts and Architecture Thesaurus
60AATAArchangel Ancient Tree Archive
61AATIPAdvanced Aviation Threat Identification Programme
62AAUAlpen-Adria University
63AAWAll Around the World
65AAWSAAddis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority
66ABAdministration Building
67ABArchitecture Building
68ABBIAll Birds Barcoding Initiative
69ABCAccelerated Bridge Construction
70ABCAmala Bharatam Campaign
71ABCAnti Bullying Committee
72ABCArts in Basic Curriculum
73ABCAttribute-based Credentials
74ABDAs-Built Drawing
75ABDTAtlantis Blue Digital Token
76ABEArchitecture & the Built Environment
77ABICAustralian Building Industry Contract
78ABPAccelerated Bridge Program
79ABPPAvian and Bat Protection Plan
80ABRAlexandra Basin Redevelopment
81ABRECAfrican Biofuels and Renewable Energy Company
82ABSActivity Breakdown Structure
83ABSAgent-Based Systems
84ABSOLUTEAerial Base Stations with Opportunistic Links for Unexpected & Temporary Events
85AbuAl Baath University
86ABWActivity-Based Workplace
87ACActivity Code
88ACActual Cost
89ACAgile Certified
90ACAlexander Carmichael
91ACAppliance Control
92ACArchitecture Core
93ACAssociate Contractor
94ACat Completion
95AC&CAtmospheric Chemistry and Climate
96ACAArab Centre for Architecture
97ACA2KAfrican Copyright and Access to Knowledge
98ACADIAAssociation of Computer Aided Design in Architecture
99ACBAfrican Caribbean in Barbados
100ACBAAmsterdam Center for Business Analytics
101ACCAcceding and Candidate Countries
102ACCAker Clean Carbon
103ACCArabian Construction Company
104ACCArea Communication Controller
105ACCAsian Culture Complex
106ACCAssociate Candidate Countries
107ACCAtmospheric Composition and Climate
108ACCAAthens Community Council on Aging
109ACCACIAAerosol-Cloud Coupling And Climate Interactions in the Arctic
110ACCCAdaptation to Climate Change in the Caribbean
111ACCCAfghan-Canadian Community Center
112ACCESSAdvancing Collaborative Connections for Earth System Science
113ACCFAustralian Cervical Cancer Foundation
114ACCMAAlameda County Congestion Management Agency
115ACCORDArchaeology Community Co-Production of Research Data
116ACCsAir Cooled Condensers
117ACCWTAppalachian Coal Country Watershed Team
118ACDAdmiralty Chart Datum
119ACDCAdvanced Cyber Defence Centre
120ACDCAdvanced Cyber Defense Center
121ACDSAltera Complete Design Suite
122ACEAbsolute Contacting Encoder
123ACEAction in Caerau and Ely
124ACEAdapting to Changing Environments
125ACEAdvanced Clean Energy
126ACEAdvanced Computing Environments
127ACEAfrica Centers of Excellence
128ACEAggregative Contingent Estimation
129ACEAlameda Corridor-East
130ACEAmerican Capital Energy
131ACEApplication Connection Extension
132ACEArchaeology in Contemporary Europe
133ACEArctic Collaborative Environment
134ACEArmy Corp of Engineers
135ACEAssessment of Classroom Effectiveness
136ACEAssociate Consulting Engineers
137ACEDAgency for Cooperation, Education and Development
138ACEEEAmerican Council on an Energy-Efficient Economy
139ACEPAssociation of Consulting Engineers Pakistan
140ACEsAdvanced Collaborative Environments
141ACESAggregative Contingent Estimation System
142ACESAll Children Exercising Simultaneously
143ACESAssociation of Consulting Engineers of Serbia
144ACESAtlantic Coral Ecosystem Study
145ACFAccess Co-Development Fund
146ACFHPAtlantic Coastal Fish Habitat Partnership
147ACGArchitectural Consulting Group
148ACGGAfrican Chicken Genetic Gains
149ACGTAdvancing Clinico Genomic Trials
150ACGTArts Commission of Greater Toledo
151AcheaAdult, Continuing, and Higher Education Administration
152ACHPAdvisory Council for Historic Preservation
153AECArea of Environmental Concern
154APTAlmost Plain Text
155ARPA-EAdvanced Research Projects Agency -Energy
156BMICBangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor
157BOTBuild, Operate & Transfer
158DBMDesign Basis Memorandum
159EAHCExecutive Agency for Health and Consumers
160ENPIEuropean Neighbourhood Policy Instrument
161ETCEstimated Time of Completion
162FRSFile Release System
163HCQIHealth Care Quality Indicator
164IOHNIntegrated Operations in the High North
165IPOWIn Place of War
166MOSAManaged Operating System Alliance
167MWHMontgomery Watson Harza
168NZAPNew Zealand Aid Programme
169PACPlanning Assessment Commission
170PADPre-Application Document
171PIDOOMAPulled it directly out of my Ass
172PPPPublic-Private Partnership
173RFIRequest for Information
174SBStage Boundary
175SOEStatement of Expenditures
176TATTechnical Assistance and Training
177TRIPTransport Research and Innovation Portal
178WBIFWestern Balkans Investment Framework

FAQs on Projected related full forms

What is the short form of projection?

You can use P, PJ, Pro, or Proj instead of the word projection.

What does 2D Stand for?

There are the various possible meaning of the acronym 2D. It can be Design Documentation, Dimension Drawings, Drawings with Design, Drawings With Dimensions, etc.

What is the full form of 4D?

The full form of 4D is fourth-dimension. 4D is a relational database management system and IDE developed by Laurent Ribardière.

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