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Read here the inspiring quotes said by Rajpal Yadav to find motivation about work, making people laugh & life.

Who is Rajpal Yadav?

Rajpal Yadav is an Indian comedian who works in Hindi films. He is famous in Bollywood due to his comic role. He is one of the best comedians in Hindi films.

How was Rajpal Yadav’s life journey?

Rajpal Yadav was born on 16 March 1971 in Uttar Pradesh. Before coming to the film industry, Rajpal acted in the Doordarshan’s television serial Mungeri ke bhai Naurangilal. He got his recognition in the film Chup Chup Ke. He continued to make comic roles in movies such as Hungama, Waqt, Chup Chup Ke, Garam Masala, Phir Hera Pheri, and Dhol.

What has Rajpal Yadav achieved in his life?

In his filmy career, showed his comedy talent to the audience. He won the Sansui Screen Best actor award in a Negative Role in the film jungle. He received the Yash Bharati Award for the film Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon. He has also received the Janpad Ratna Award.

Rajpal Yadav Inspiring Quotes

Read below motivational quotes said by Rajpal Yadav to find motivation in your life.

1. “I respect my constitution and country a lot.” ― Rajpal Yadav

2. “Everyone in this country loves me I will not do any role which will demean my name.” ― Rajpal Yadav

3. “I will not do a film if a family can’t see it together.” ― Rajpal Yadav

4. “If you manage to joke around and charm people, it means that from the inside, you are very serious.” ― Rajpal Yadav

5. “Some people don’t have hands, some don’t have eyes – these people’s struggle in life is real. We have been blessed with everything – a pair of eyes, ears, hands. What do we have to worry about?” ― Rajpal Yadav

6. “When I visit my village, relatives, or even when I am at a film shoot, I try to observe my surroundings and understand the environment.” ― Rajpal Yadav

7. “I like interacting with people.” ― Rajpal Yadav

8. “If you have capabilities then the audience will accept you with an open gate. But you should have the honesty to show your true identity.” ― Rajpal Yadav

9. “I will do films that will satisfy me and surprise the audience into saying, ‘look where Rajpal started from and where has he reached today.’” ― Rajpal Yadav

10. “I don’t suffer from an inferiority complex because of my looks.” ― Rajpal Yadav

11. “Challenges are what inspire me. I, therefore, accept whatever comes my way, be it supporting roles or character roles.” ― Rajpal Yadav

12. “Whether the role or the film is big or small, doesn’t matter to me. It has to excite me.” ― Rajpal Yadav

13. “When women are more educated, the nation progresses.” ― Rajpal Yadav

14. “I don’t want to carry the burden of the past with me.” ― Rajpal Yadav

15. “I am a workaholic man and I am used to working from morning to evening.” ― Rajpal Yadav

16. “Every day is a beginning and learning day – there is no right age to begin learning.” ― Rajpal Yadav

17. “I don’t know how to pray and don’t believe in any superstitions, but my belief in myself is very strong.” ― Rajpal Yadav

18. “Height would be an issue for those who are uneducated.” ― Rajpal Yadav

Life Quotes by Rajpal Yadav

19. “Life has many of its own complexities, people don’t want to see that on-screen too.” ― Rajpal Yadav

20. “Everyone is born and has a death date. The days in between are meant to live, which is why I am not afraid of anyone.” ― Rajpal Yadav

21. “If I had to worry about whether I’m ugly or short, I wouldn’t get anywhere.” ― Rajpal Yadav

22. “I don’t have regrets about either life or the industry. I’m happy and satisfied with life.” ― Rajpal Yadav

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Rajpal Yadav Quotes & Sayings

23. “If your timing is not correct then comedy will become a tragedy.” ― Rajpal Yadav

24. “I feel comedy is one of the strongest emotions that an actor portrays and the most powerful one too.” ― Rajpal Yadav

25. “You can practice dance, climbing a mountain, and action stunts, but to get your timing right you have to have the power of imagination and an alert mind.” ― Rajpal Yadav

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