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Read here the inspiring quotes said by Ram Charan that will help you to motivate in your life.

Who is Ram Charan?

Ram Charan is a famous Indian actor who works mainly in Telugu-language films. He is one of the highest-paid actors in Telugu cinema. He is also the son of actor Chiranjeevi.

How was Ram Charan’s life journey?

Ram Charan was born on 27 March 1985 in Madras. His father is actor Chiranjeevi and his mother is Surekha. Ram Charan made his film debut in 2007 as the leading actor in Chirutha and won the Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut. His second film Magadheera established him as one of the leading contemporary actors of Tollywood. The movie was directed by S. S. Rajamouli and held the record of being the highest-grossing Telugu film till 2013. He has shown his acting skills in successful films such as Racha, Naayak, Yevadu, Dhruva, and Rangasthalam.

What has Ram Charan achieved in his life?

Ram Charan earned the Filmfare Award for Best South Debutant and Nandi Special Jury Award for his debut film. He received several awards including 3 Filmfare Awards and 2 Nandi Awards for his performance in various films. He also has been featured in Forbes India’s Celebrity 100 list since 2013.

Ram Charan Inspiring Quotes

Read below motivational quotes said by Ram Charan on various topics to find motivation.

1. “Life is one big love story with hundreds of little love stories within it.” – This quote means that our entire life is like a love story, and it’s made up of many smaller love stories or moments. It inspires us to appreciate and cherish the love we experience in all aspects of life, not just romantic love.

2. “The drama starts where logic ends.” – This quote suggests that when things become complicated and emotional, logic and reasoning may not always be enough to understand or handle them. It inspires us to recognize that life can be unpredictable and sometimes we have to deal with situations that don’t make logical sense.

3. “I have to give importance to my personal life, my family, parents, and sisters. I hope I can strike the right balance.” – Ram Charan is saying that he values his personal life and family. He hopes to find a balance between his career and personal life. This inspires us to prioritize our loved ones and strive to find a balance between work and family.

4. “I think God gives you all good things at the same time.” – This quote suggests that sometimes, we receive blessings and good things all at once. It inspires us to appreciate and be grateful for the positive aspects of our life when they come together.

5. “At the end of the day, I am not my dad and have my own journey to make.” – Ram Charan is acknowledging that he is his own person and has his own path to follow, separate from his father’s. This quote inspires us to recognize our individuality and pursue our unique journey in life.

6. “I style my roles mostly with some help from my team of stylists.” – Ram Charan talks about how he prepares for his roles in movies with the help of stylists. This can inspire us to understand the importance of teamwork and collaboration to achieve our goals.

7. “I feel a man when married, becomes more balanced. All the extra-curricular activities are done away with. The focus is on work and family.” – Ram Charan believes that marriage can bring balance to a man’s life by reducing other activities and focusing on work and family. This quote inspires us to consider the idea of balancing responsibilities when making important life decisions.

8. “I am a Bruce Lee fan. I may be my fans’ heroes, but even heroes have their heroes. And mine is Bruce Lee.” – Ram Charan admires Bruce Lee, even though he has his own fans. This inspires us to remember that everyone, including our heroes, can have people they look up to.

9. “Love stories thrive on hope.” – This quote means that love stories are fueled by hope, the belief that something good will happen. It inspires us to hold onto hope and positivity in our own love stories.

10. “I like to space out my work.” – Ram Charan enjoys taking breaks between his work. This inspires us to understand the importance of taking breaks to recharge and maintain productivity and well-being.

Ram Charan Quotes on Work and Film

11. “Accept it or not, every star, actor, and the director wants to work on larger-than-life films.” – This quote means that everyone in the film industry dreams of working on big and impressive movies. It inspires us to aim for ambitious and grand goals in our own work and careers.

12. “We all know that one can never recreate the magic of an original film.” – Ram Charan is saying that trying to copy or remake an original film can never capture its unique charm. This inspires us to appreciate and respect originality in our work and creations.

13. “I know my fans want me on the screen. But I think hero-worship should not be allowed to corrupt the plot and narrative of a film.” – Ram Charan values his fans’ support but believes that a film’s story and message should not be compromised by excessive admiration for the main actor. This inspires us to prioritize the integrity and quality of our work over personal recognition.

14. “I won’t do a role that children in my family cannot look up to.” – Ram Charan is committed to taking on roles that set a positive example for young viewers in his family. This inspires us to consider the impact our work may have on the younger generation and make responsible choices.

15. “In terms of script, Bollywood should learn from South Indian scripts. Not talking about the fights and action, I am talking about the drama bit.” – Ram Charan believes that Bollywood can learn from the storytelling aspects of South Indian films, specifically in terms of drama and plot development. This inspires us to be open to learning from different sources and improving our skills.

16. “I don’t like family stories forcefully mixed with commercial elements.” – Ram Charan doesn’t appreciate blending family stories with purely profit-driven aspects in films. This inspires us to maintain the authenticity and purpose of our work without unnecessary commercialization.

17. “I don’t run after successful directors. I give importance to the content of the film.” – Ram Charan prioritizes the quality of a film’s content over the reputation of its director. This inspires us to focus on the substance and value of what we do, rather than simply seeking popularity.

18. “I want audiences to see me in different avatars.” – Ram Charan desires to show his versatility by taking on different roles in movies. This inspires us to embrace variety and explore different aspects of our abilities and talents.

19. “Every father and son have conflicts.” – Ram Charan acknowledges that conflicts can occur between fathers and sons. This quote reminds us that disagreements and misunderstandings are common in family relationships, helping us understand and cope with such issues in our own lives.

20. “I’ve tried to go out of my comfort zone to experiment with comedy onscreen.” – Ram Charan is saying that he’s willing to try new things, even if they’re not what he’s used to, like doing comedy. This inspires us to be open to stepping out of our comfort zones and trying new experiences.

21. “It is no longer important for me to be seen in every frame.” – Ram Charan doesn’t feel the need to be the center of attention in every part of his work. This inspires us to understand that sometimes it’s okay to take a step back and let others shine.

22. “I’m compared to my dad all the time, and I’ve learned to take it positively by working hard.” – Ram Charan is often compared to his father but uses this as motivation to work harder. This inspires us to turn challenges and comparisons into positive motivation for our own improvement.

23. “3 Idiots‘ was remade in various languages down south, but it wasn’t successful anywhere because the magic was created by Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani.” – Ram Charan is pointing out that a successful film can’t always be recreated because it’s the unique combination of people behind it that makes it special. This inspires us to recognize and appreciate the uniqueness of each creative endeavor.

24. “We have to understand that content is king now. And it doesn’t matter what the source of the content and where it’s coming from, as long as it is workable.” – Ram Charan emphasizes the importance of good content, regardless of its origin. This inspires us to prioritize quality in our work and be open to valuable ideas from various sources.

25. “I am just an artist, and I like to explore new avenues.” – Ram Charan sees himself as an artist who enjoys trying new things. This inspires us to embrace our creative side and be open to exploring new opportunities.

26. “I don’t know how to say no, and that’s a weakness.” – Ram Charan admits that not being able to say no can be a weakness. This inspires us to recognize our own weaknesses and work on improving them.

27. “I request the audience to not mix cinema with politics.” – Ram Charan is urging the audience not to confuse entertainment (cinema) with political matters. This inspires us to keep different aspects of our lives separate and not let one influence the other negatively.

28. “I feel that whoever isn’t feeling settled in their career won’t think about their marriage.” – Ram Charan believes that people who don’t feel secure in their careers may not think about getting married. This quote reminds us that it’s important to find stability in our careers before taking on major life commitments like marriage.

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