130 Rate Related Abbreviations And Full Forms List

In measuring, the rate is a fixed ratio between two things. In payment, the rate can be the amount or price specified according to a ratio. This term has different meanings in different areas. Here is the list of abbreviations, acronyms, and full forms related to the term rate.

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Rate Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Full Forms List

Sl NoAcronyms/AbbreviationsFull Forms
13M3 Months
2A.P.R.Annual Percentage Rate
3A.P.Y.Annual Percentage Yield
4A.R.M.Adjustable Rate Mortgage
5A.Y.Assessment Year
6AAAbove Average
7AAGRAnnual Average Growth Rate
8AAPCAverage Annual Percent Change
9AAPRAverage Annual Percentage Rate
10AARAverage Annual Rate
11ABCTAustrian Business Cycle Theory
12ABEAustralian Business Economists
13ABRAdaptive Bit-Rate
14ABRAdjusted Bounce Rate
15ABRAutomatic Baud Rate
16ABRAvailable Bandwidth Rate
18ABRAverage Bit-Rate
19ABSAlternative Bank Schweiz
20ABSAnnual Base Salary
21ACAir Change
22ACELPAlgebraic Code Excitation Linear Prediction
23ACGAAmerican Council on Gift Annuities
24ACGRAdjusted Cohort Graduation Rate
25ACHAir Change Per Hour
26ACLAllows cell rate
27ACRActual Cell Rate
28ACRAlternate Contribution Rate
29ACRAverage Cell Rate
30ACRTAccelerated Crucible Rotation Technique
31ACSActive Codec Set
32ACSCAmbulatory Care Sensitive Conditions
33ActAir Cargo Tariff
34ADRAdenoma Detection Rate
35ADRAverage Daily Rate
36ADRAverage Daily Room
37ADRAverage Data Rate
38ADSLAdaptive Digital Subscriber Line
39AEActivation Energy
40AEApproximate Entropy
41AEDArab Emirate Dirham
42AEIAverage Earnings Index
43AERAir Exchange Rate
44AERAnnual Effective Rate
45AERAnnual Equivalent Rate
46AETRAverage Effective Tax Rate
47AEVAnnual Equivalent Value
48AFAnnuity Factor
49AFEMAutonomous Foreign Exchange Market
50AFGRAveraged Freshman Graduation Rate
51AFRAccident Frequency Rate
52AFRAdvisory Fuel Rates
53AFRAnnual Failure Rate
54AFRApplicable Federal Rates
55AFRAverage Failure Rate
56AFRAverage Flow Rate
57AFRAAverage freight rate assessments
58AGRAbsolute Growth Rate
59AGRAnnual Growth Rates
60AGRAverage Growth Rate
61AHAntenna Hopping
62AHRAverage Heart Rate
63AIAveraging Interval
64AIMEAssociation for Interactive Media & Entertainment
65AIRAccident Incident Rate
66AIRAdaptive intra-refresh
67AIRAdditive Increase Rate
68AirAll-Inclusive Rate
69AIRAnnual Interest Rate
70AIRAssumed Interest Rate
71AIRRAdjusted Internal Rate of Return
72ALRAdiabatic Lapse Rate
73ALSAdvanced Loan System
74AMAAsset Management Account
75AMAPsApproved Mileage Allowance Payments
76AMBRAggregated Maximum Bit Rate
77AMPAuto Motion Plus
78AMRActive Motion Rate
79AMRAdaptive Multi-Rate
80AMRAdvanced Multi-Rate
81ANBAmarillo National Bank
82ANPVAdjusted Net Present Value
83ANPVAnnualized Net Present Value
84AOActual Output
85AOFAbsolute Open Flow
86AoPAmulet of Pain
87APAgreement Party
88APCAnnual Percent Change
89APIAge Participation Index
90APMHRAge Predicted Maximum Heart Rate
91APRAcademic Progress Rate
92APRAnnual Pass Rate
93APRAnnual Percentage Return
94APRAnnualised Percentage Rate
95APRAnnualized Percentage Rate
96APRAverage Prime Rate
97APRAverage Published Rate
98APRsAcademic Progress Rates
99APWAverage Production Worker
100APYAnnual Percent Yield
101APYEAnnual Percentage Yield Earned
102APYsAnnual Percentage Yields
104ARAbandonment Rate
105ARAcceptance Rate
106ARAccident Rate
107ARActual Rate
108ARAnswer Rate
109ARAttack Rate
110ARAudio Rate
111ARAvailability Rate
112ARBAdaptive Rate Based
113ARCaccelerated rate calorimetry
114ARFAuto Rate Fallback
115ARHLAdjustable Rate Home Loan
116ARIAverage Rate Index
117ARMAdjustable Rate Mortgage
118AROAverage Rate Option
119AROCAverage Rate of Change
120ARPSAdjustable-Rate Preferred Stock
121ARRAccounted Rate of Return
122ARRAnnual Return Rate
123ARRAnnualized Run Rate
124ARRAverage Rate of Return
125ARRAverage Room Rate
126ARSAngular Rate Sensor
127COFCost Of Funds
128FITFeed-In Tariffs
129IRPInflation Risk Premium
130PDPer Diem

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