How to Respect Yourself When People Mistreat You?

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Are you expecting respect from others? If you are getting respect now, it does not mean that you will always get respected. BK Shikvaniji told here how you can save yourself from being disrespected by others and you can respect yourself by not expecting respect from others. So, let’s read here the thoughts of BK Shivaniji on how to respect yourself when people mistreat you.

How To Respect Yourself When People Mistreat You?

People have an opinion about us. Someone believes you are very good, and someone else thinks you are no good. Someone has very nice things to say about you. Someone else has unpleasant things to say about you. But you are the same person. Such variation exists in people’s opinions about us through their perception.

If we finalize this today, Then we will never feel hurt about anyone’s opinion. Because what people are saying about us, The opinion they are studying about us, The advice they are giving us, It is their perception.

When we listen to other people’s perceptions about us, sometimes we bloom and sometimes we wilt. We don’t like people’s perceptions about us. We thought everyone has to have a nice opinion about me.

The deepest addiction is that people should say is nice about me. People should believe I am good.

Everybody has a choice. It’s their perspective. They will speak about us through their perspective and Sanskar. We must never be dependent on people’s opinions. If we are dependent on other people’s opinions, Then we get excited sometimes and upset sometimes.

People might lie to us. They will say one thing and think something else internally and share completely different opinions. So if we make the foundation of our self-respect dependent on people’s opinions, Then our self-respect will keep fluctuating the whole day.

People’s opinion reflects their perspective, their character, and it is perfectly fine. They are sharing their opinion, we must not feel bad about anyone’s opinion.

People will give an opinion about us and leave. But listening to their opinion, if we start blooming or wilting. Our inner power gets depleted. We become dependent on people saying nice things about us, then we start doing so many things simply to please other people.

What we think about ourselves becomes dependent on other people’s perspectives. If you are asked to write down your 5 strengths and 5 weaknesses, It will take you a very long. Perhaps you will ask your family members. But if you are asked to write five strengths and five weaknesses of your others, then it will be faster than yours. We don’t have a relationship with ourselves. We just know ourselves through everyone else’s perspective of us.

If we don’t know our strengths and our weaknesses, neither will be able to improve our strengths further, nor we will be able to finish our weaknesses. Because we will only be living our lives through the lens of other people. We will never know ourselves. To have a beautiful relationship with everyone, we need to first have a beautiful relationship with ourselves.

If someone comes and appreciates you, praises you, Immediately thank them for their Sanskar. Because they are seeing your goodness through their Sanskar. Likewise, if someone defames you, bless them.

Let’s not listen to people’s opinions and change our opinion about ourselves. Even if someone comments about our dress, we check with another person for validation. Because we are so used to getting validation from people. No one else knows us better than we do. We need to create a relationship with ourselves and know our strengths and weaknesses.

How much negative energy someone throws in front of us, we will not develop a stain because of it. Other people will do their Karma according to their Sanskar. We need to focus on ours. The more we pay attention to this, the more our Energy field keeps getting stronger.

When our Energy field keeps going higher, then situations and people’s behavior will have no effect on us. Because we are on a higher vibration. If we are on a lower vibration, Even a small scene can disturb us. When there is a situation or a problem, If someone is behaving in a particular way the way we think, speak, and behave, creates our emotions.

Children teach us the right way of living. Their mind is still clean.

Our Karma writes our destiny. No one else can change our destiny. Even the whole world cannot do something to change our destiny.

Our destiny is created only by our karmas. So even if the whole world is on the other side, We only need to keep blessing everyone. That is why giving blessings and earning blessings from everyone. Every day repeat this yourself – I am the creator of my every thought and feeling.

I hope you liked the thoughts of BK Shivaniji on how to respect yourself when people mistreat you. Don’t forget to mention your thoughts about this lesson in the comment box below.

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