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Running gives many benefits to a person, such as it helps to strengthen bones, strengthen muscles, improve fitness, can reduce stress, and can even help reduce symptoms of depression. You need to know the running abbreviations, acronyms, and full forms list.

Some FAQs on Running Abbreviations
What does WR stand for?

World Record

What does NR stand for?

National Record

What does PR stand for?

Personal Record

What does MPM stand for?

Minutes per mile

What does MPW stand for?

Miles per week

Running Abbreviations, Acronyms, And Full Forms List

Sl NoAcronyms/AbbreviationsFull Forms
110K10 Kilometer
2AAAAmateur Athletics Association
3AAAAsian Athletics Association
4AAGAll-Africa Games
5AATRAAll American Trail Running Association
6AAUAmateur Athletics Union
7ACAlso Competed
8ACLAnterior Cruciate Ligament
9ADWAnti-Doping World
10AfCAfrican Championships
11AIMRRAssociation of International Marathons and Road Races
12AIMSAssociation of International Marathons and Distance Races
13AIUAthletics Integrity Unit
14AJRArea Junior Record
15AKAthletics Kenya
16ANAAuthorized Neutral Athletes
17ANZAthletics New Zealand
18APAAssociation of Panamerican Athletics
19ARArea Record
20ARAFAll-Russia Athletics Federation
21ARCAssociation of Running Clubs
22ARRSAssociation of Road Racing Statisticians
23AsCAsian Championships
24ASOIFAssociation of Summer Olympic International Federations
25ATAnaerobic Threshold
26ATFSAssociation of Track and Field Statisticians
27ATRAAmerican Trail Running Association
28ATRPAssociação de Trail Running de Portugal
29AURAArkansas Ultra Running Association
30AWAthletics Weekly
31AWNAthletics World News
32BAAABahamas Association of Athletics Associations
33BARCBay Area Running Club
34BMIBody Mass Index
35BPMBeats Per Minute
36BQBoston Qualifier/Boston Qualify
37BQTBoston Qualifying time
38C25KCouch to 5K
39CAAConfederation of African Athletics
40CACACCentral American and Caribbean Athletics Confederation
41CiRFCoach in Running Fitness
42CISMInternational Military Sports Council
43CMICoureurs du Monde en Isère
44COCCanadian Olympic Committee
45CRChampionship Record
46CRCourse Record
47CTCross Train
48CTAAChinese Taipei Athletics Association
49CWGCommonwealth Games
50DAFDanish Athletics Federation
51DFLDead Fucking Last
52DLRDiamond League Record
53DLVDeutscher Leichtathletik-Verband
54DNFDid Not Finish
55DNQDid Not Qualify
56DNRDid Not Run
57DNSDid Not Start
58DOMSDelayed Onset Muscle Soreness
60DRRLDorset Road Running League
61EAAEuropean Athletics Association
62EAFEthiopian Athletics Federation
63ECCCEuropean Cross Country Championships
64EGEuropean Games
65EICEuropean Athletics Indoor Championships
66EJCEuropean Athletics Junior Championships
68EREuropean Record
69ETCEuropean Team Championships
70EVAEthylene Vinyl Acetate
71FATFully Automatic Timing
72FCAFederación Cubana de Atletismo
73FISUInternational University Sports Federation
74FKTFastest Known Time
75FOMOFear Of Missing Out
76GFAGood For Age
77GLIRCGreater Long Island Running Club
78GMPGoal Marathon Pace
79GNRGreat North Run
80GOTRGirls on the Run
81GPSGlobal Positioning System
82GRGames Record
83HIITHigh-Intensity Interval Training
84HMHalf Marathon
85HMPHalf-Marathon Pace
86HRHeart Rate
87HRMHeart Rate Monitor
88HRRHeart Rate Reserve
89IAAFInternational Amateur Athletic Federation
90IAAFInternational Amateur Athletic Foundation
91IAAFInternational Association of Athletics Federations
92IAUInternational Association of Ultrarunners
93IOCInternational Olympic Committee
94IPCInternational Paralympic Committee
96ITBIliotibial Band
97ITBSIliotibial band syndrome
98JAAAJamaica Amateur Athletics Association
99JAAFJapan Association of Athletics Federations
100JOGLEJohn O’Groats to Lands End
101JSRCJersey Shore Running Club
103LiRFLeadership in Running Fitness
104LRAALocational Running Annual Average
105LSDLong Slow Distance
106LSDLong Steady Distance
107LSRLong Slow Run
108LTLactate Threshold
109LYGLondon Youth Games
110MFSMid-Foot Strike
111MHRMaximum Heart Rate
112MMTRMountain Masochist Trail Run
113MPMarathon Pace
114MPMMinutes Per Mile
115MPWMiles Per Week
116MRMeet Record
117MTSSMedial Tibial Stress Syndrome
119NCAANational Collegiate Athletic Association
120NDNo Distance
121NENDYNearest Event Not Done Yet
122NFHSNational Federation of State High School Associations
123NHNo Height
124NIRCANational Intercollegiate Running Club Association
125NJRNational Junior Record
126NMNo Mark
127NRNational Record
128NRRNot Running Related
129NSAIDNon-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug
130NTNo Time
131NWINo Wind Information
132OAAOceania Athletics Association
133OCRObstacle Course Racing
134OGOlympic Games
135OROlympic Record
136PACERProgressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run
137PAGPan American Games
138PBPersonal Best
139PFPlantar Fasciitis
140PRPersonal Record
141PSPiriformis Syndrome
142PWPersonal Worst
143RFEAReal Federación Española de Atletismo
144RFSRear Foot Strike
145RHRResting Heart Rate
146RICERest, Ice, Compress, Elevate
147RICERest, Ice, Compression, And Elevation
148RMRRun Mummy Run
149RRCARoad Runners Club of America
150SAGSouth Asian Games
151SBSeason Best
153SEAGSoutheast Asian Games
154SFxStress Fracture
155SRSeason Record
156SRDScheduled Rest Day
157TAFTrack And Field
159UKAUK Athletics
160USATFUnited States of America Track and Field
161USATFUSA Track and Field
162USOCUnited States Olympic Committee
163UTFUSA Track & Field
164VO2MaxMaximal Oxygen Consumption
165WBWorld Best
166WChWorld Championships
167WJRWorld Junior Record
168WLWorld Leader
169WMAWorld Masters Athletics
170WMRAWorld Mountain Running Association
171WOWomen Only race
172WRWorld Record
173WYBWorld Youth Best

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