15 School Riddles With Answers For Kids

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Here find some best collections of school riddles, funny puzzle questions, and brain teasers for kids and adults. And to solve these puzzles we are also sharing the answer to the question.

School Riddles With Answers

1. I sometimes have lines on me and other times I am blank. I’m made from a cut-down tree although I am not a plank. Answer: Paper

2. I’m not a razor but have a blade. I unblunt items that have a grade. Answer: Pencil Sharpener

3. I’m something you might use at school although I am not a clock. I am something that beats paper but I am beaten by rock. Answer: Scissors

4. If you’re needing something adhesive as attaching stuff is your goal, then make sure you come looking for me as I am always on a roll. Answer: Sticky Tape

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5. Ok, you’re the bus driver, there were 20 kids on the bus. At the first stop, 2 kids get on but 5 kids get off. At the second stop, 3 kids get off but 1 gets on. At the third stop, 8 kids get off but only 3 kids get off. Who’s the bus driver? Answer: You are.

6. On the last day of school, there were 10 students at a party and they were each getting a slice of pizza. There were 10 slices of pizza in a box. Each student took one but there was still one left, how was there still one left? Answer: Each student took a slice but the tenth student took the box with their slice of pizza in it.

7. There are times when you will get wet but it is not because you cry. In rain hold this above your head and it will help to keep you dry. Answer: Umbrella

8. What is the difference between a bus driver and a cold? Answer: One knows the stops, and the other stops the nose.

9. You often use it with a brush but not the kind used on your hair. Add it nicely to some canvas so that people will stop and stare. Answer: Paint

10. Fill me up with metal and let me do my thing. Get some sheets of paper I’ll have them attached. Answer: Stapler

11. How do bees get to school? Answer: The school buzz

12. One day on a school bus, 15 children 3 adults, and the bus driver were going to Denver, Colorado for a field trip. About 1/2 mile away the bus tipped and fell over. The 3 adults called a cab and took 3 children in each cab with them. Three more kids stuck their hands out and hitchhiked to Colorado. The bus driver hitchhiked with the rest of the kids. When all the rides traveled 1/2 mile, 6 children and the bus driver weren’t there. Why? Answer: Because the people who hitchhiked were taken 1/2 mile the wrong way.

13. This is something that’s yellow But it’s not a leaf in the fall It’s a type of vehicle Which takes you every day to school What is this? Answer: A school bus!

14. What is big and yellow and comes in the morning to brighten mom’s day? Answer: The school bus

15. You are a bus driver. Two kids get on and one kid gets off. Five kids get on and four get off. Nine kids get on another one gets off. What color are the bus driver’s eyes? Answer: You are the driver, so the answer is your eye’s color