101 Seinfeld Trivia Questions With Answers

Here are the best Seinfeld trivia questions with answers to test your knowledge of how much you know about the show. Trivia Questions are the best fun way to test your knowledge in the knowledge-growing process.

Seinfeld Trivia Questions With Answers

1. According to a conversation between Jerry and Elaine, what’s the magic number of dates when a face-to-face breakup is required?

Answer: 7

2. According to George, which NYC institution has “magnificent facilities?”

Answer: Lincoln Center

3. At one point, how does Elaine assess whether a man is worth having sex with?

Answer: Whether he’s sponge-worthy.

4. By what the first name does Kramer go on the American show?

Answer: Cosmo Kramer is more commonly known as Kramer in the ‘Seinfeld’ series.

5. During surgery, what candy is accidentally dropped into Elaine’s boyfriend’s open abdomen?

Answer: A Junior Mint

6. George got what teacher fired?

Answer: His gym teacher, Mr. Heyman

7. How does Jerry feel about people who own ponies?

Answer: He hates them.

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8. How is Frank Costanza related to George Costanza in the ‘Seinfeld sitcom?

Answer: In this sitcom, George Costanza is portrayed as the son of Frank Costanza.

9. How many episodes are there of Seinfeld?

Answer: 180

10. How many seasons does the ‘Seinfeld’ show have in total?

Answer: The ‘Seinfeld show has a total of 9 seasons.

11. How much money does Kramer make upon originally selling his life stories?

Answer: $750

12. In real life, who is the person who performs the role of Cosmo Kramer?

Answer: The person who enacts the role of Kramer in the show is Michael Richards.

13. In which episode did Elaine first appear?

Answer: The Stake Out

14. In which episode did Newman feature for the first time?

Answer: It was episode 7, season 2.

15. In which episode(s) of the sitcom did Kramer not appear?

Answer: The two episodes in which Kramer did not feature are The Pen and The Chinese Restaurant.

16. In which of the sitcom episodes did George Costanza not feature?

Answer: The one episode in the show in which George Costanza did not appear is the 20th episode. This episode is otherwise the third in the 3rd season.

17. In which season can you find the episode ‘The Puffy Shirt’?

Answer: The Puffy Shirt’ was the 2nd episode in the 5th season.

18. In which season does the episode The Bizarro Jerry air?

Answer: The Bizarro Jerry airs in the eighth season of the ‘Seinfeld show.

19. Of Jerry’s many shallow complaints about the women he dates, what petty thing bothers him about his girlfriend Gillian?

Answer: Her “man hands”

20. Seinfeld is often described as a show about what?

Answer: Nothing

21. What are the names of George’s fictitious horses?

Answer: Snoopy and Prickly Pete

22. What book’s late return earns Jerry a stern talking to and hefty late fees?

Answer: The Tropic of Cancer

23. What car does Jerry buy for this dad?

Answer: A Cadillac.

24. What causes George’s mother, Estelle, to throw out her back?

Answer: She catches him “enjoying” Glamour magazine

25. What day of the week did Jerry take over Newman’s mail route?

Answer: Sunday.

26. What did George scream when he was caught in a compromising position after a swim in the pool?

Answer: “Shrinkage!”

27. What does “The Move” refer to?

Answer: A complicated sexual technique Jerry invented.

28. What does George want to name his future son?

Answer: Seven

29. What does Kramer want his tombstone to say?

Answer: “Man’s Best Friend”

30. What flavor of babka is the “lesser babka?”

Answer: According to Elaine, cinnamon is the lesser babka.

31. What former child actor does Kramer try to force into reading his script?

Answer: Fred Savage

32. What happens during Schindler’s List that gets Jerry in a bit of hot water with Newman?

Answer: He’s caught making out with his girlfriend.

33. What happens when Jerry eats the black and white cookie?

Answer: He pukes for the first time in more than ten years.

34. What is Jerry’s address?

Answer: 129 West 81st Street, Apartment 5A

Hard Seinfeld Trivia With Answers

35. What is Jerry’s apartment number?

Answer: 5A.

36. What is Kramer’s alias?

Answer: Dr. Martin Van Nostrand

37. What is Kramer’s first name?

Answer: Cosmo

38. What is Kramer’s mom’s name?

Answer: Babs

39. What is the combined length of all the episodes in this series?

Answer: The combined length amounts to approximately sixty-six hours.

40. What is the fake name George uses throughout the series?

Answer: Art Vandelay

41. What is the first name of Jerry Seinfeld in ‘Seinfeld’?

Answer: In ‘Seinfeld,’ Jerry Seinfeld’s first name is Jerry, and he starred in the show with his real name.

42. What is the full name of the character played by Julia Louis Dreyfus?

Answer: Julia Louis Dreyfus enacts the role of Elaine Benes.

43. What is the name of Elaine’s boyfriend whom she wants to change his name because it is the same as a serial killer?

Answer: Joel Rifkin

44. What is the name of one of the supporting characters in the sitcom?

Answer: Jackie Chiles is one of the major supporting characters in the NBC series.

45. What is the name of the actor who stars as Costanza in ‘Seinfeld’?

Answer: The person who starred in the ‘Seinfeld’ show as George Costanza is Jason Alexander.

46. What is the name of the concluding episode of the sitcom?

Answer: The final episode in this series is called “The Finale”.

47. What is the name of the episode in which Jason Alexander did not make an appearance in the ‘Seinfeld show?

Answer: The episode in which Costanza did not feature is named ‘The Pen’.

48. What is the name of the person who performs the role of Frank Costanza?

Answer: It is Gerald Issac Stiller who plays the character of Frank Costanza.

49. What is the name of the person, in real life, who plays the character of Elaine in Seinfeld?

Answer: Julia Louis Dreyfus plays the role of Elaine in the ‘Seinfeld’ show.

50. What is the name of the second episode of season 2 of this NBC (National Broadcasting Company) series?

Answer: The second episode of season 2 of this sitcom is known as “The Stake Out.”

51. What is the name of two of Jerry Seinfeld’s friends?

Answer: Jerry Seinfeld is friends with Elaine, George, and Kramer.

52. What is the occupation George continually fakes having?

Answer: An architect.

53. What is the Soup Nazi’s “catchphrase?”

Answer: “No soup for you!”

54. What is the tagline for Festivus?

Answer: “Festivus for the rest of us!”

55. What is the total number of episodes in the American show?

Answer: The total number of episodes in the American show amounts to 180.

56. What mega-celebrity does George crash into and injure during a charity softball event?

Answer: Bette Midler

57. What restaurant is Elaine banned from going to?

Answer: Hop Sing’s

58. What STD does Kramer overdramatize in front of a group of med students?

Answer: Gonorrhea

59. What type of pasta did Kramer use to make his statue of Jerry?

Answer: Fusilli

60. What was the cause of death for George’s fiancée, Susan Rice?

Answer: She licked toxic glue while closing up the envelopes for her wedding invitations.

61. What was the date on which the series aired for the last time?

Answer: The sitcom aired its concluding and final episode on May 14, 1998.

62. What was the name of the clown played by guest star Jon Favreau?

Answer: Eric

63. What was the name of the episode in which Jerry and Elaine traveled to Jerry’s parents’ place?

Answer: It was “The Pen”, the 17th episode of season 3.

64. What’s so surprising about Kramer’s license plate?

Answer: It says, “ASSMAN” and was meant for a proctologist.

65. What’s the first and last thing the group of friends discusses during the pilot and finale episodes?

Answer: Buttons

66. What’s the name for Jerry’s favorite shirt?

Answer: Golden Boy

67. What’s the name of “the coffee shop” where Jerry and his friends spend a lot of their time?

Answer: Monk’s Cafe

68. What’s the name of George’s alias?

Answer: Art Vandelay

69. What’s the only episode in which you don’t see George?

Answer: “The Pen”

Seinfeld Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

70. When given the chance to be interviewed by Bryant Gumbel on The Today Show, what ruins the interview and sends Gumbel into giggles?

Answer: Jerry’s “puffy shirt”

71. When his favorite shirt falls apart after one too many washes, how does Jerry replace him?

Answer: With “Baby Blue” — A different shirt

72. When is Festivus?

Answer: December 23rd

73. Where did George Costanza famously pull out a golf ball from?

Answer: A whale’s blowhole.

74. Where did the series begin to air for the first time?

Answer: Seinfeld began to air on NBC (National Broadcasting Company) for the first time.

75. Where does Elaine work and what does she do?

Answer: She’s a publisher at Pendant Publishing.

76. Where does Kramer find the set from The Merv Griffin Show?

Answer: The Dumpster

77. Which ‘Seinfeld season has the least number of episodes?

Answer: Season 1 of ‘Seinfeld’ has the least number of episodes, that is, 5.

78. Which big ’90s celebrity does Elaine *almost* hook up with?

Answer: JFK, Jr.

79. Which character in the series is based on Jerry’s friend Larry?

Answer: The character of George is based on Jerry’s actual friend and comedian, Larry.

80. Which character has a dance named after them?

Answer: Elaine

81. Which character in David’s sitcom does not have a first name?

Answer: It is the main antagonist, Newman, whose name is kept obscured for the entirety of the sitcom.

82. Which Entourage star once guest-starred on Seinfeld?

Answer: Jeremy Piven

83. Which episode in this series was decided to be put off-air?

Answer: It is “The Puerto Rican Day”, the 20th episode in season 9.

84. Which episode of this series was dropped?

Answer: The 4th episode of season 2 was formerly decided to be ‘The Bet’, but it was dropped in-between, and ‘The Phone Message’ was finalized instead.

85. Which guest star said, “They’re real and they’re spectacular” when speaking of her own breasts?

Answer: Teri Hatcher

86. Which main cast member does not appear in the pilot?

Answer: Elaine

87. Which song does Elaine try to make “her song?”

Answer: Witchy Woman

88. Who died from licking envelopes?

Answer: George’s fiance

89. Who does Elaine consider as her best friend in ‘Seinfeld’?

Answer: Elaine considers the central character, Jerry Seinfeld, as her best friend.

90. Who does George want to name his future son after?

Answer: Mickey Mantle

91. Who does Jerry describe as his nemesis and “pure evil?”

Answer: Newman

92. Who has stress-induced incontinence?

Answer: Poppy

93. Who invented Festivus?

Answer: George’s father

94. Who is Sid and what’s his job?

Answer: He moves everyone’s cars to the other side of the street on “alternate sides” street cleaning days.

95. Who is Silvio?

Answer: Jerry and Kramer’s landlord

96. Who is the “braless wonder?”

Answer: Sue Ellen, Elaine’s nemesis

97. Who is the antagonist in this American sitcom mainly produced by David?

Answer: One of the most important antagonists in Jerry’s sitcom is Newman.

98. Who is the inspiration for George’s name?

Answer: It was Mike Costanza.

99. Who plays the character of Sidra Holland on this NBC sitcom?

Answer: The person who played the role of Sidra Holland on these series was Teri Hatcher.

100. Who plays the role of Jerry’s mother on the sitcom?

Answer: It was Liz Sheridan who played the role of Jerry’s mother.

101. Who sleeps with him, instead?

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