21 Shah Rukh Khan Quotes to Struggle & Achieve Success

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Read here Shah Rukh Khan Quotes to find motivation for your life.

Shah Rukh Khan was born on 2 November 1965 in Delhi. His father died in 1981 and his mother died in 1991. His sister Shahnaz Lalarukh faced a deep depression and he started to take care of his sister. Shahrukh was always worried that his parents did not see his success. Shahrukh first started working in TV and started working on many TV serials. He made his Bollywood debut through the movie Deewana. In 1992, his 3 films Deewana, Dil Aashna Hai, and Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman were released and were also huge hits in the cinema industry. He started to give one-by-one superhit romantic films to Bollywood. Shah Rukh is not from any film family but he proved that talent does not depend on the family, it depends on you. Shahrukh is called the king of romance in Bollywood. Let’s read Shah Rukh Khan Quotes that will help you to struggle & achieve success in your life.

Shah Rukh Khan Quotes

Read here the best inspirational quotes said by Shah Rukh Khan on various topics to find some motivation.

Life Quotes by Shah Rukh Khan

1. “A moment will come when there isn’t anything that’s going right. But don’t panic. With a little embarrassment, you will survive it.” ― Shah Rukh Khan

Sometimes, life can be really tough, and it may feel like nothing is going well. But don’t worry too much about it. Even if you make mistakes or feel embarrassed, you will get through these tough times.

2. “Don’t be bound by rules, don’t hurt anybody, and never ever live somebody else’s dream.” ― Shah Rukh Khan

You shouldn’t always follow strict rules or try to be someone you’re not. It’s important not to harm others, and you should always chase your own dreams and not someone else’s.

3. “Believe that your job is to make people smile.” ― Shah Rukh Khan

You can find happiness in making others happy. Your purpose in life can be to bring joy and smiles to the people around you.

4. “Everyone has their own way of expressing happiness.” ― Shah Rukh Khan

People show that they’re happy in different ways. What makes one person happy might not be the same for someone else. It’s okay to be unique in how you express your joy.

5. “I think we Indians are afraid to show and celebrate our happiness” ― Shah Rukh Khan

In some cultures, people might hesitate to express their happiness openly. Shah Rukh Khan suggests that this can be a common thing in India, but it’s important to break free from that and celebrate your happiness.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Quotes on Friendship

6. “I do have a close circle of friends and I am very fortunate to have them as friends. I feel very close to them.” ― Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan values his close friends a lot. He feels lucky to have them because they are like family to him.

7. “I think friends are everything in life after your family.” ― Shah Rukh Khan

Friends are incredibly important, almost as important as family. They provide support, love, and companionship in life.

8. “You come across lots of people all the time but you only make very few friends.” ― Shah Rukh Khan

You might meet many people, but only a handful of them will become true friends. Real friendships are precious and rare.

9. “You have to be true to your friend otherwise nothing the point in life.” ― Shah Rukh Khan

Honesty and being genuine with your friends is crucial. If you can’t be true to your friends, life loses its meaning and purpose.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Quotes on Love

10. “You can’t force people to love you.” ― Shah Rukh Khan

Love can’t be forced. It has to come naturally from the heart. You can’t make someone love you if they don’t feel it.

11. “I think love can happen at any age… it has no age.” ― Shah Rukh Khan

Love doesn’t have an age limit. It can happen to people of all ages. Love is a beautiful and timeless feeling.

12. “There is no right time and the right place for love… it can happen any time.” ― Shah Rukh Khan

Love doesn’t follow a schedule or a plan. It can happen unexpectedly, at any moment in your life. So, be open to love, and don’t worry about when or where it might happen.

Best Inspiring Quotes by Shah Rukh Khan

13. “I believe we need to just let everyone not be judged in terms of religion, groups or nations, or regions.” ― Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan is saying that we should not judge people based on their religion, where they come from, or the groups they belong to. Instead, we should accept and respect everyone, no matter where they’re from or what they believe in.

14. “It’s okay to be confused. Confusion is the route to all clarity in the world.” ― Shah Rukh Khan

Sometimes, it’s normal to feel unsure or confused. But that confusion can lead you to find clarity and understanding. It’s a part of the journey to knowing more and becoming wiser.

15. “Relationship kills love. Relationships have rules. And rules are misinterpreted.” ― Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan is suggesting that too many rules and expectations in a relationship can harm the love between two people. Love should be free and not restricted by too many rules.

16. “Sometimes a lot of us men think we are doing everything for the woman we love, but there is an aspect of a woman a man doesn’t understand.” ― Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan is acknowledging that men may sometimes believe they’re doing everything to make their loved one happy. However, there can be aspects of a woman’s life and emotions that men might not fully comprehend.

Quotes on Success & Failure

17. “Whether people like it or not, my marketing thought is if you keep something in front of people for too long, they get used to it.” ― Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan is talking about marketing, but the idea can be applied to life. If you keep something in people’s view for a long time, they become accustomed to it and may take it for granted. Change and variety can be more appealing.

18. “Success is not a good teacher, failure makes you humble.” ― Shah Rukh Khan

Success can sometimes make people arrogant or overconfident. However, when you experience failure, it can teach you important lessons and keep you humble.

19. “The only cure for failure at work is more work.” ― Shah Rukh Khan

When you face failure in your work, the best way to overcome it is to keep working hard. More effort and persistence can lead to success.

20. “Success and failure are both parts of life. Both are not permanent.” ― Shah Rukh Khan

Both success and failure are a natural part of life. Neither of them lasts forever. So, don’t get too down when you fail, and don’t become overly proud when you succeed.

21. “There is only one religion in the world – hard work.” ― Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan is saying that hard work is a universal principle that applies to everyone, regardless of their religion or background. Working hard is a common and valuable trait that can lead to success.

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