12 Best Shane Warne Quotes to inspire you

Shane Warne Quotes: Australian cricketer Shane Warne is widely considered one of the greatest bowlers in cricket history. He is famous for his mastery of leg spin.

Warne’s 708 Test wickets was the record for the most wickets taken by any bowler in Test cricket until it was broken by Muralitharan on 3 December 2007.

Here are some motivational quotes by Shane Warne to find some motivation.

Shane Warne Quotes

1. “To me, cricket is a simple game. Keep it simple and just go out and play.” ― Shane Warne

2. “I just play because I love playing and I try to take as many wickets as I can.” ― Shane Warne

3. “We’ve just got to be careful – with all sports, let alone cricket – I think there’s so much emphasis on doing the right thing all the time, but I think the public wants to be entertained when they come to watch sport.” ― Shane Warne

4. “Being in love with somebody is a wonderful feeling.” ― Shane Warne

5. “I’m proud of what I’ve achieved in cricket, as once I didn’t think I was good enough.” ― Shane Warne

6. “The first thing is to be patient, which is probably the hardest thing to do. Don’t worry if blokes are whacking you out of the park because you still have the opportunity to get him out next ball, even if it’s not the same ball.” ― Shane Warne

7. “My only problem is the fear that opposition bowlers might go for my fingers and that’s why I was scared of the short ball. Now I am struggling with the ball pitching up and swinging away. I just keep nicking that one.” ― Shane Warne

Best Motivational Quotes by Shane Warne

8. “I have always tried to move on from disappointments as fast as I can.” ― Shane Warne

9. “You can’t afford to live your life with regrets.” ― Shane Warne

10. “People make mistakes and I’ve probably made a few more than others, but unfortunately, mine is also a bit more public. That’s the way it is. You’ve just got to get on with life. After all, it’s not a rehearsal.” ― Shane Warne

11. “I have a responsibility to my children to be fit and healthy.” ― Shane Warne

12. “If you ask anyone around the cricket grounds, they will say I always sign loads of autographs and thank the ladies for lunch, and try to behave in the right way.” ― Shane Warne

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