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Read here Inspiring Quotes from the National Award winner Sonam Kapoor that will help you inspire in your life.

Sonam Kapoor was born on 09 June 1985 in Mumbai. She is the daughter of famous actor Anil Kapoor. Sonam’s schooling was completed in Juhu. She was very interested in Rugby and Basketball. Sonam also took training in Kathak, classical music, and Latin dance. Due to her weight, she had to face a lot of difficulties. Her weight was around 80 kg.

At the age of 15, Sonam worked as a waitress but for a limited period of time. Sonam Kapoor studied theater and arts at the United World College of South East Asia, Singapore. Famous actress Rani Mukerji was Sonam’s family friend and was working in the 2005 Hindi film Black. Sonam had the desire to become a director and writer and with her father’s recommendation, Sanjay Leela Bhansali gave Sonam the job of an assistant director in the film Black.

Sonam expressed her desire to become an actress while working for Black Movie and Sanjay Leela Bhansali inspired her to lose weight. Sonam lost 35 kilograms in 2 years and started her acting career in 2007 in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film Saawariya. Although Saawariya movie was a flop and she had to work in many films to get success. The movie Raanjhanaa in 2013 marked a turning point in her career. She has also worked in superhit movies like Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, Neerja, Pad Man, and Sanju. She has also received the National Film Award for her work in the film Neerja. Sonam has got a place in Forbes India’s Celebrity 100 list on the basis of her income and popularity. On 8 May 2018, Kapoor married Indian businessman Anand Ahuja.

Sonam Kapoor Inspiring Quotes

Read here 26 Sonam Kapoor inspiring quotes with some inspiring movie dialogues.

Sonam Kapoor Quotes on Beauty:

1. “I think every single imperfection adds to your beauty. I’d rather be imperfect than perfect.” – Sonam Kapoor believes that our imperfections make us unique and beautiful. She prefers being imperfect rather than striving for perfection because she thinks imperfections are what make us special.

2. “Style is an expression of your individuality. Who you are and what your mood is, is what you wear.” – Sonam Kapoor thinks that the way you dress and your style is a way to show who you are and how you feel. It’s like wearing your personality, and it’s important to express yourself through your clothing.

Sonam Kapoor Quotes That Will Help You To Find Motivation

3. “Boldness does not necessarily mean stripping. I think people have the wrong notion about boldness.” – Sonam Kapoor believes that being bold doesn’t mean showing a lot of skin. People often misunderstand what it means to be bold. It’s about having confidence and speaking your mind.

4. “Style is all about being comfortable.” – Sonam Kapoor thinks that true style is about feeling comfortable in what you wear. It’s not about following trends if they make you feel uncomfortable. Style should make you feel good.

5. “I don’t believe in following a style because it is a trend. I need to be comfortable in my clothes.” – Sonam Kapoor doesn’t like following fashion trends just because they are popular. She prefers wearing clothes that make her feel comfortable and confident, even if they are not the latest fashion.

Sonam Kapoor Quotes That Will Help You To Find Motivation

Sonam Kapoor Quotes on Love:

6. “Being in love is the best feeling on the planet. I really believe that love makes the world go round.” – Sonam Kapoor thinks that being in love is the most wonderful feeling in the world. She believes that love is what keeps the world moving and happy.

Sonam Kapoor Quotes That Will Help You To Find Motivation

7. “I have had no successful love story yet. I hope I will succeed next time when I fall in love.” – Sonam Kapoor admits that she hasn’t had a successful love story so far, but she remains hopeful that in the future, when she falls in love again, it will be a successful and happy relationship.

Life Quotes by Sonam Kapoor:

8. “I am Anil Kapoor’s daughter, so I am always compared with legends. It is a part and parcel of my life.” – Sonam Kapoor acknowledges that she is the daughter of the famous actor Anil Kapoor. This means that people often compare her to legendary figures in the film industry, and she understands that it’s a part of her life.

9. “Art reflects society. Cinema doesn’t dictate – you portray what society demands.” – Sonam Kapoor believes that art, including cinema, reflects what is happening in society. It doesn’t necessarily tell people what to do but instead shows what society expects or wants.

Sonam Kapoor Quotes That Will Help You To Find Motivation

10. “No relationship works without making an effort. That goes without saying. But you should never overcompensate.” – Sonam Kapoor believes that every relationship requires effort to succeed. However, she also advises that you shouldn’t try too hard or overcompensate in a relationship. It should be a balanced effort.

Sonam Kapoor Quotes That Will Help You To Find Motivation

Sonam Kapoor Quotes on Women:

11. “Women of worth are those who want positive change for themselves, their families, community, or society, which I think is important.” – Sonam Kapoor believes that women who aim for positive change in their lives, families, communities, or society are women of worth. This means women who strive to make a positive difference are valuable.

12. “For me, a woman of worth is someone who has self-respect, who believes that she can change things in society.” – To Sonam Kapoor, a woman of worth is someone who respects herself and believes in her ability to make a positive impact on society. Self-respect and a desire for change are important qualities.

Sonam Kapoor Quotes That Will Help You To Find Motivation

13. “So many women are financially dependent on men. So why can’t men be dependent on women? I’m totally okay with it.” – Sonam Kapoor questions the traditional gender roles where many women are financially dependent on men. She believes it’s absolutely fine for men to be dependent on women, too, and she supports breaking these traditional norms.

Sonam Kapoor Quotes on Comparison:

14. “I think most couples drift apart because of comparisons.” – Sonam Kapoor believes that many couples grow apart because they compare themselves to others. Comparisons can lead to unhappiness, and it’s important for couples to focus on their unique relationship instead of measuring up to others.

15. “Unfortunately, in our society, a perfect match is when the man is more successful than the woman.” – Sonam Kapoor points out that in our society, people often consider a perfect match to be when the man in a relationship is more successful than the woman. She highlights the need to challenge these traditional gender roles and expectations.

Sonam Kapoor Quotes That Will Help You To Find Motivation

Inspirational Sonam Kapoor Quotes:

16. “I don’t care about controversies. I don’t care what other people think.” – Sonam Kapoor is telling us not to worry too much about controversies or what other people think about us. It’s an inspiration to focus on our own beliefs and values without being overly concerned about public opinion.

17. “One needs to constantly read up, practice, and work, irrespective of your profession.” – Sonam Kapoor emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and practice in any profession. This quote encourages us to keep improving and working hard, no matter what we do.

18. “If I feel as an actor that I know everything, then how will I grow? How will I improve? I’ll be stuck in a rut, and eventually, I’ll grow complacent.” – Sonam Kapoor is reminding us that growth and improvement come from acknowledging that we don’t know everything. This quote inspires us to stay humble and open to learning new things.

19. “I feel I am lucky. I am grateful for this life that God has given me.” – Sonam Kapoor expresses gratitude for her life. This quote reminds us to appreciate and be thankful for the life we have, fostering a positive and appreciative attitude.

Sonam Kapoor Quotes That Will Help You To Find Motivation

20. “I am happy, as I am getting to do work that I want to do and enjoy doing it.” – Sonam Kapoor’s happiness in her work inspires us to seek and pursue the things we enjoy. It reminds us that happiness often comes from doing what we love.

21. “There are more chances of fireworks when different people are together than similar personalities.” – Sonam Kapoor suggests that when different people come together, there’s a better chance for exciting and dynamic interactions. This quote encourages diversity and open-mindedness in our relationships.

22. “My biggest ambition is happiness.” – Sonam Kapoor’s biggest goal is to be happy. This quote inspires us to prioritize our own happiness above all else, making it a meaningful life ambition.

23. “It makes me happy that people recognize me and want to click pictures with me.” – Sonam Kapoor finds joy in being recognized and taking photos with her fans. This quote reminds us that simple moments of connection and recognition can bring happiness.

24. “I want to push myself as an actress and don’t want to get into the rat race. With every film, I want to grow as a person and an actress. The character I play needs to change me in real life.” – Sonam Kapoor inspires us to set meaningful goals and not just chase after success. She emphasizes personal growth and the transformative power of her work, motivating us to do the same.

25. “I’ve realized I have to be very careful in what I say. I speak my heart out. Such honesty is not appreciated in the film industry.”

Sonam Kapoor speaks her mind honestly but acknowledges that the film industry doesn’t always appreciate this. It reminds us to be cautious with our words and consider the context in which we speak our truths.

26. “I have aspirations to conquer the world. Let’s see what happens.” – Sonam Kapoor has ambitious goals, and she’s willing to take on the world. This quote encourages us to dream big and aim for our aspirations, no matter how ambitious they may be.

Sonam Kapoor Inspiring Movie Dialogues:

27. “True love lives in the eyes, not on the lips. And your eyes are clearly telling the truth of your love.” (Prem Ratan Dhan Payo) – This dialogue suggests that real love is not just spoken with words; it’s seen in the way someone looks at you. It inspires us to pay attention to the sincerity of love and to value the deep connection felt through eye contact.

Sonam Kapoor Quotes That Will Help You To Find Motivation

28. “There’s always some foolishness in the way of True Love. Without it, there’s no feeling in the love story.” (Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga) – This dialogue reminds us that love can be filled with fun and even some silliness. It’s these moments that add depth and emotion to a love story. It inspires us to embrace the spontaneity and playfulness in our own relationships.

29. “Those who have the light of love, no darkness can touch them.” (Saawariya) – This dialogue suggests that love has the power to dispel darkness and negativity in our lives. It inspires us to believe that love can overcome challenges and bring light to our hearts.

30. “If I lose you, then I will lose myself.” (Aisha) – This dialogue conveys the deep connection between two people in love. It inspires us to appreciate the significance of love in our lives and how it can be a part of our identity.

31. “Until we find true love, we do not even know what is missing in life.” (Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga) – This dialogue suggests that true love can fill a void in our lives that we may not even realize exists. It inspires us to remain open to love and to appreciate the positive impact it can have.

32. “Love doesn’t happen with a plan. No one can force anyone in love. Love just happens. Anywhere, anytime and with anyone.” (Aisha) – This dialogue emphasizes that love is spontaneous and cannot be controlled or forced. It can happen unexpectedly, with anyone, and at any time. It inspires us to be open to the unpredictable and beautiful nature of love.

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