192 Sports Related Abbreviations And Full Forms List

Find here sports related abbreviations, acronyms, and full forms list.

18 College Related Sports Abbreviations & Full Forms List

  1. ACAC: Alberta Colleges Athletics Conference
  2. ACCA: Association of Christian College Athletics
  3. ACCAC: Arizona Community College Athletics Conference
  4. ACFC: Atlantic Central Football Conference
  5. ACHA: American College Health Association
  6. ACSM: American College of Sports Medicine
  7. AIAW: Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women
  8. AII: Association of Independent Institutions
  9. AMCC: Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference
  10. ASR: Academic Success Rate
  11. BCS: Bowl Championship Series
  12. BCU: Briar Cliff University
  13. BUSA: British University Sports Association
  14. CAAHEP: Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs
  15. CATS: College Athletic Trainers Society
  16. CBS: College Basketball Season
  17. NAIA: National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics
  18. NCAA: National Collegiate Athletic Association

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15 Top Sports Abbreviations & Full Forms for cricket

  1. BF: Balls Faced
  2. C: Caught
  3. Ct: Catches
  4. DNB: Did Not Bat
  5. DRS: Decision Review System
  6. LBW: Leg Before Wicket
  7. NB: No Ball
  8. NO: Not Out
  9. NRR: Net Run Rate
  10. OB: Off Break
  11. R: Runs
  12. RHB: Right Handed Batsman
  13. SR: Strike Rate
  14. TMS: Test Match Special
  15. W: Wickets taken

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Top 19 Sports Abbreviations & Full Forms for football

  1. CB: Centre Back
  2. CF: Center Forward
  3. ET: Extra Time
  4. GA: Goals Against
  5. GD: Goal Difference
  6. GF: Goals For
  7. GK: Goalkeeper
  8. HT: Half Time
  9. LB: Left Back
  10. MP: Matches Played
  11. OG: Own Goal
  12. PAT: Point After Touchdown
  13. PAT: Point After Try
  14. PBU: Pass Break Up
  15. RB: Right Back
  16. RM: Right Midfielder
  17. ST: Striker
  18. TFL: Tackle for Loss
  19. YC: Yellow Card

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Sports Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Full Forms List

Sl NoAcronyms/AbbreviationsFull Forms
2AAAAsian Athletics Association
3AAAAAsian Amateur Athletics Association
4AAFIAmateur Athletics Federation of India
5ACLAnterior Cruciate Ligament
6AETAfter Extra Time
7AFCAmerican Football Conference
8AFCAsian Football Confederation
9AGFAsian Games Federation
10AIBAAll India Boxing Association
11AIDSAcquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome
12AIFAAll India Football Association
13AIMSAssociation of International Marathons and Road Races
14AITAll India Tennis Association
15AJPWAll Japan Pro Wrestling
16AKFIAmateur Kabaddi Federation of India
17ASOIFAssociation of Summer Olympic International Federations
18ATAnaerobic Threshold
19AVGAverage/Batting Average
21BCBangladesh Cricket Board
22BCABaroda Cricket Association
23BCCIBoard of Control for Cricket in India
24BPLBangladesh Premier League
25BPMBeats Per Minute
26BQBoston Qualify
27BWOBlue World Order
30C25KCouch to 5K
31CACricket Australia
32CBCentre Back
33CCICricket Club of India
34CFCenter Forward
35CMCentral Midfielder
36COCCanadian Olympic Committee
37COKCook Islands
38CRCourse Record
39CSCaught Stealing
41DFLDead Fucking Last
42DHDouble Header
43DMDefensive Midfielder
44DNFDid Not Finish
45DNQDid Not Qualify
46DNSDid Not Start
47DOMSDelayed Onset Muscle Soreness
49DRSDecision Review System
50DTDual Taper
51ECBEngland and Wales Cricket Board
52ECCEuropean Cricket Council
53ECWExtreme Championship Wrestling
54EREarned Runs
55ERAEarned Run Average
56ESPNEntertainment and Sports Programming Network
57ETExtra Time
59FAFootball Association
60FCFootball Club
61FIFAFédération Internationale de Football Association
62FIFAInternational Football Federation
63FIHFederation of International Hockey
64FSFree Skating
65FTFree Throw
68GAGoals Against
69GAvgGoal Average
70GBGround Balls
71GDGoal Difference
72GFGoals For
74GPGames Played
75GPGrand Prix
76GSGiant Slalom
77GSGoals Scored
79HBPHit By Pitch
80HIHockey India
81HILHockey India League
82HITHigh Intensity Training
83HMHalf Marathon
84HRHeart Rate
85HRHome Runs
86HRMHeart Rate Monitor
87HRRHeart Rate Reserve
88IAAFInternational Amateur Athletic Federation
89IABFIndian Amateur Boxing Federation
90IBAInternational Badminton Federation
91IBFInternational Boxing Federation
92ICCInternational Champions Cup
93ICCInternational Cricket Council
94ICFInternational Canoe Federation
95ICLIndian Cricket League
96IHFInternational Handball Federation
97IOAIndian Olympic Association
98IOCInternational Olympic Committee
99IOCInternational Olympic Committee
100IPInnings Pitched
101IPCInternational Paralympic Committee
102IPLIndian Premier League
103IRFInternational Racquetball Federation
104ISFInternational Snowboard Federation
105ISUInternational Skating Union
106ITBSIliotibial Band Syndrome
107ITTFInternational Table Tennis Federation
111LBLeft Back
112LBWLeg Before Wicket
113LMLeft Midfielder
114LPGALadies Professional Golf Association
115LSDLong Slow Distance
116LSDLong Steady Distance
117LWLeft Wing
118LWBLeft Wing Back
119LWOLatino World Order
120MCCMelbourne Cricket Club
121MDMajor Decision
122MHRMaximum Heart Rate
124MLBMajor League Baseball
125MMAMixed Martial Arts
126MPMarathon Pace
127MPMatches Played
128MPWMiles Per Week
129NASCARNational Association for Stock Car Auto Racing
130NBANational Basketball Association
131NBANational Boxing Association
132NCAANational Collegiate Athletic Association
133NFCNational Football Conference
134NFLNational Football League
135NHLNational Hockey League
136NISNational Institute of Sports
137NOCSAENational Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment
138NRNational Record
139NRAINational Riffel Association of India
140NSFNational Sports Federation
141NWANational Wrestling Alliance
142NZCNew Zealand Cricket
143OBPOn Base Percentage
144ODIOne Day International
146OGOlympic Games
147OTWOn The Water
149PBPersonal Best
150PCAPunjab Cricket Association
151PCBPakistan Cricket Board
152PCSProgram Component Score
153PFDPersonal Flotation Device
155POTMPlayer of the Month
156PRPersonal Record
160RBRight Back
161RBIRuns Batted In
162RHRResting Heart Rate
163RMRight Midfielder
164ROHRing of Honor
165RWRight Wing
167SAISports Authority of India
168SCASaurastra Cricket Association
169SCATSport Concussion Assessment Tool
170SLAMSports as a Laboratory Assessment Model
171SLCSri Lanka Cricket
172SLGSlugging Percentage
173SPMStrokes Per Minute
174SRStrike Rate
177TTTable Tennis
178TTTime Trial
179TTFITable Tennis Federation of India
180UCBSAUnited Cricket Board of South Africa
181UFCUltimate Fighting Championship
182USATFUSA Track and Field
183USOCUnited States Olympic Committee
184VCAVeteran Cricket Association
186WADAWorld Anti-Doping Agency
187WBWorld Best
188WECWorld Extreme Cagefighting
189WRWorld Record
190WWEWorld Wrestling Entertainment
191WWFWorld Wrestling Federation
192XCCross Country

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