11 Still Waters Run Deep Quotes on the Power of Silence

“Still waters run deep” is a timeless phrase that has been used to convey the idea that people who appear calm and reserved on the surface may be hiding deep emotions or thoughts beneath. These quotes explore the complexity of human nature and remind us to not judge a book by its cover. They remind us to look deeper, to pay attention to the quiet and the still, and to always be open to the possibility of discovering something new and beautiful in people and in life. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, wisdom, or a dose of perspective, these “Still waters run deep” quotes are sure to resonate with you.

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Inspiring ‘Still Waters Run Deep’ Quotes

1. “Still waters run deep is a proverb of Latin origin meaning that a placid exterior hides a passionate or subtle nature or a great depth of character. People are more what they hide than what they show.” ― Gamze Hakli Geray

2. “People who are outwardly distant or shy are often better targets than extroverts. They are dying to be drawn out, and still, waters run deep.” ― Robert Greene

3. “Likened to “still waters run deep,” a dignified person is able to call upon their wisdom and experience to discern a situation and expertly navigate it with grace.” ― Susan C. Young

4. “True love, in the evolutionary sense, means peace of mind. “Still waters run deep” is a good way of characterizing it.” ― Amir Levine

5. “He loved her in a subtle kind of way. It wasn’t the kind of love you see in movies, with swelling music and giant gestures and running through the streets to catch a departing train. It wasn’t the kind of love that Byron or Shakespeare wrote about, with flowery language and hyperbole and iambic pentameter. It was still and deep, like water that you might mistake for shallow if you just watched the surface. It was entirely his, not dependent on her own feelings for him, and it would still be there whether she, he, or everyone else in the world disappeared. It was a subtle kind of love, but it was true.” ― Jake Christie

6. “Still waters run deep, I’d thought. Later, I learned that silence did not necessarily guarantee depth.” ― Jennifer Weiner

7. “She wasn’t even into you, you know. She was just bored, and she thought you were mysterious and quiet – like, “still waters run deep.” I told her that sometimes “still waters just run still” ― Rainbow Rowell

8. “Maybe still waters did run deep. Or God on your side was the ultimate soul balm.” ― Jonathan Kellerman

9. “Sometimes when you think that sin is dead and that it has gone away, those are the most dangerous times of all, because, at the times when we think that it is dead, it is very much alive, because as you and I know all too well that it is often still water, rather than running waters, that are in fact deep.” ― Anonymous

10. “Still waters run deep, but history remembers fires.” ― Halo Scot

11. “last the secret is out, as it always must come in the end, The delicious story is ripe to tell to the intimate friend; Over the teacups and in the square the tongue has its desire; Still waters run deep, my dear, there’s never smoke without fire.” ― Tasha Alexander

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