10 Teachings From Chanakya To Control Yourself

Self-control is a human ability that helps a person to control his or her emotions, behavior, and thought processes. It helps a person to understand himself, to instill confidence in himself. Self-control helps humans to achieve their goals. In this article, we are sharing 10 powerful self-control teachings from Chanakya that will help you to control yourself in your tough moment. These teachings also teach you to understand the world, and humanity, and especially to understand your thought process.

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All these important teachings were given by Chanakya to his disciple Chandragupta. This was the period when Chandragupta was taking education from his guru Chanakya. Chandragupt had fallen in love with the daughter of the cruel king Dhananand. He was unable to concentrate on his goal due to love. These great teachings of Chanakya helped him to focus on his goal again.

10 Chanakya Teachings to Control Yourself

Read the important teachings from Chanakya to control yourself in tough situations.

#1. Knowledge of the entire universe and mathematics can be found in the book. The attachment of the mind which is very excited can be understood only through experience.

#2. The pain you are experiencing is not special in any way. But you feel that there is a mess in your heart, no one has experienced such pain in the world till now. But this is just a simple attraction. A man’s attraction to a woman. If this attraction and its consequences are not reduced, it can have terrible consequences.

#3. There is no pleasure greater than our knowledge, no disease greater than sexuality, and no enemy greater than physical attraction.

#4. The union of a man and woman is not a bad thing. This would be normal for an ordinary person. But for those who want to become great, who have set a great goal for themselves, it will be fatal, and suicidal.

#5. In whose mind love, attachment, the attraction has encamped, that person is unable to perform his power in a fairway. He always suffers from worry about the unsafe.

#6. All this may be normal for a common man, but for the person who has set the goal of becoming the emperor of a united India, love, attachment, attraction, and sexuality can be the cause of his downfall.

#7. If such a big goal was met by paying a simple price, then anyone would have built a united India. Then there was no need for any Chanakya nor any Chandragupta.

#8. The construction of a united India is one of those thorns in which thorns of self-discipline. And on this, only one person can sleep who has made his body like a thunderbolt by practice. And a woman’s attraction to such a person is subversive.

#9. Now the question is, have you strengthened yourself to achieve your goals? You have to be strong not only from the outside but also from the inside.

#10. Do not follow your desire, your desire will obey you. Control yourself and focus on your goals.

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