218 Positive Thursday Affirmations To Start Your Day

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Get here the list of the best positive Thursday affirmations that will help you to start your Thursday morning full of confidence and positive energy.

Positive Thursday Affirmations

1. Why wait for Friday, if I can have a wonderful day today?

2. Wherever I am right now, things will get better soon.

3. When I’m feeling stressed, I know that this is just temporary and it will pass.

4. Today, I’ve decided to be happy.

5. Today, I choose to make a better day than I did yesterday.

6. Today is going to be the best day ever!

7. Today is going to be a fantastic day because it is full of opportunities.

8. Today is a day I’m looking forward to!

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9. Today I will have a kind heart.

10. Today I will do something great.

11. Today I am going to hit all of my goals.

12. Thursdays are really amazing for my work

13. Thursdays are my favorite days!

14. Thursday morning is as good as any other morning to feel inspired.

15. Thursday is the day I have waiting for the entire week

16. Thursday is my lucky day.

17. Thursday is MY day!

18. Thursday is a good day to get a second wind and work hard.

19. This Thursday is full of all the best things of the week

20. This Thursday I have been reborn as a completely different person

21. There is no better day than today to be happy.

22. The universe is getting things in the right order for me to make the best out of my life.

23. The Universe has my back, so I can relax and enjoy life.

24. The spiritual light inside me is shining very brightly

25. The power to make myself happy lies within me.

26. The power to achieve success lies within me

27. The new opportunities that are coming my way excite me

28. The happiness of my life comes from me.

29. The happiness in my life is my responsibility

30. The drive and ambition I have is remarkable

31. The best days of my life are yet to come!

32. People always recognize me as trustworthy and reliable.

33. No matter what happens today, I’ll stay positive.

34. My thoughts are mine, and no one can change them for me.

35. My life is currently going well.

36. My life has meaning and purpose.

37. MY hard work is about to pay

38. My future looks promising.

39. My body is powerful.

40. My body is healthy and strong.

41. My body gets stronger every morning.

42. It’s easy for me to find joy in every day.

43. It makes no difference who said what about me – they aren’t the ones living my life.

44. It is such an amazing day to practice gratitude.

45. I’m grateful just to be alive today.

46. I’m going to have a fantastic day today.

47. I’m going to find ways to express gratitude to others today.

48. I’m getting better and better every day in every way.

49. I’m a good person.

50. I wonder how much fun I can have on Thursday.

51. I won’t waste my energy on unnecessary worries today.

52. I will show gratitude in all of my relationships.

53. I will be open to opportunities.

54. I will be my most productive self today.

55. I welcome all kinds of positive events into my Thursday.

56. I trust the Universe to figure out a nice safe journey for me.

57. I trust the process of life.

58. I think in abundance, not scarcity.

59. I start my days with a smile and gratitude

60. I smile because I know it’s gonna be a fun Thursday.

61. I shall only take correct decisions for my life.

62. I remember that I promised myself to have a good year.

63. I release all the stress I accumulated this week.

64. I practice gratitude every Thursday and all days of the week.

65. I love my job and always do my best.

66. I let go of everything that no longer serves me.

67. I let go of any negativity.

68. I know what my priorities are.

69. I know several ways to have a great rest of the week.

70. I know how to make great decisions.

71. I know how I can spend my time most effectively today.

72. I ignore the judgements people have to pass on me

73. I have unique talents

74. I have the power to choose my thoughts and actions in any situation.

75. I have the power to change anything in my life that isn’t working for me.

76. I have the mindset of a winner.

77. I have taken correct decisions that have shaped my life beautifully

78. I have started to follow a proper diet since Thursday mornings

79. I have every reason to be grateful today.

80. I have enough energy to tackle all tasks I have planned for this Thursday.

81. I have been my best the entire week and so shall I this Thursday

82. I have appreciated the work that I have done this Thursday and continue to do it for all the days

83. I have a great personality

84. I have a fresh mind to make good decisions today.

85. I have a deep sense of understanding

86. I find Thursday to be the best day of the entire week

87. I filter out everything useless

88. I feel so privileged to be alive this morning

89. I feel grateful for the abundance of positive things in my life.

90. I feel amazing and inspired when I am productive.

91. I expect to see great results of my work at the end of the day.

92. I draw inspiration from all my surroundings.

93. I don’t underestimate myself, I know what I’m capable of.

94. I develop a safe and comfortable space for people around me.

95. I choose to think positively on Thursday morning, so I can have a good day.

96. I choose to be happy, grateful, and confident today.

97. I choose the most effective approach to every task.

98. I choose my path to happiness.

99. I care about my fellow mates

100. I can make any day my best day if I decide to.

101. I can do anything that’s put in front of me

102. I can do anything that is thrown at me.

103. I can be productive without working overtime.

104. I bring peace and harmony with me everywhere I go.

105. I believe in myself.

106. I attract success.

107. I appreciate myself and other people.

108. I appreciate all of my relationships.

109. I am worthy of the best things that are coming my way

110. I am worthy of love.

111. I am very talented.

112. I am trying to make this Thursday the best day of the week

113. I am trusted by everyone around me.

114. I am thrilled by the joy of going for a basketball match this Thursday.

115. I am thankful to see another day.

116. I am thankful for each moment of joy I stumble upon this Thursday.

117. I am thankful for another Thursday I get to live.

118. I am surrounded by the best people that I could ever ask for.

119. I am surrounded by positive and enthusiastic people

120. I am supported in my ventures by the universe

121. I am strong.

122. I am striving hard each day to achieve my dreams

123. I am so excited about the new job opportunity

124. I am smiling as I wake up today.

125. I am smart and more than capable to be productive at work.

126. I am skilled to take up the job of my life

127. I am removing the dullness from my life today

128. I am receiving everything that I ever asked for.

129. I am ready to learn new things and improve myself today.

130. I am ready to experience this day with joy.

131. I am prepared to make the most of this Thursday.

132. I am powerful.

133. I am overpowered with joy and excitement about today.

134. I am open for new incredible opportunities to come my way.

135. I am not taking anything in my life for granted.

136. I am motivated and productive every day of the week.

137. I am manifesting praises from my colleagues on Thursday

138. I am manifesting money

139. I am manifesting great partner in my life

140. I am manifesting amazing things in my life

141. I am making the best out of my life.

142. I am loving and lovable

143. I am living in the present and building my future.

144. I am letting go of all my past mistakes.

145. I am inspired to do great things this Thursday!

146. I am indeed blessed with an amazing family.

147. I am in love with my life

148. I am in good health.

149. I am in good health and I am happy.

150. I am humble and caring.

151. I am healthy and strong.

152. I am having good thoughts and Thursday shall be a great day

153. I am having a great day since Thursday morning

154. I am happy.

155. I am happy that I work five days a week and help my family

156. I am grateful that I am breathing

157. I am grateful for my confidence and courage that always push me forward.

158. I am grateful for all the positive energy that surrounds me.

159. I am grateful for all the good things in my life and all that I can do today.

160. I am going to shine at my work on Thursday.

161. I am going to give my best for the interview on Thursday.

162. I am going to do something great today

163. I am getting productive with each passing day

164. I am full of energy to live this Thursday to the fullest.

165. I am fueled for the whole day of productive work.

166. I am focused and result-oriented.

167. I am filling my head with positive Thursday thoughts.

168. I am excited to cross everything off my to-do list today.

169. I am excited for the new beginnings that await me.

170. I am excited for my daughter’s dance recital on Thursday

171. I am excited about the Thursday party

172. I am excited about the Thursday meeting

173. I am excited about the brandnew things that Thursday shall bring with itself

174. I am excited about all the wonderful adventures that I’m yet to experience.

175. I am exactly where I am supposed to be at this point of the week.

176. I am enough.

177. I am energetic

178. I am efficient with my time.

179. I am doing the best that I can each day

180. I am developing a positive attitude towards life

181. I am determined and will never give up.

182. I am confident today.

183. I am confident in whatever I do.

184. I am confident and strong.

185. I am committed to all possibilities that lead to a greater purpose.

186. I am capable of accomplishing anything that is within my power.

187. I am calm and capable of taking up new work

188. I am beautiful.

189. I am attracting my love partner on this Thursday.

190. I am attracting more confidence for my Thursday presentation

191. I am attracting health and wealth.

192. I am attracting great wealth this Thursday

193. I am attracting appraisal of my salary this Thursday

194. I am at the right place to attract the best thing for my life.

195. I am at the perfect point to start fresh.

196. I am appreciated for who I am.

197. I am appreciated for my talents.

198. I am appreciated for my motivated self

199. I am already very close to my destination

200. I am about to change my fate.

201. I am about to achieve the best results of all my hard work.

202. I am a reliable human being

203. I am a firm believer in my abilities

204. I am a decent person.

205. I am a complete human being

206. I am a beautiful black woman who deserves love, respect, and kindness.

207. I always get what I ask for.

208. I allow myself to have a clean slate starting today.

209. Happiness is a choice. I choose to be happy.

210. Everything will work out as it should, even if it doesn’t seem like it now.

211. Everything I want is everything I should have.

212. Everything I see around me makes my creative juices start flowing.

213. Every Thursday might be a Thanksgiving day, as I’m giving thanks anyway.

214. Every morning is a new opportunity to live my best life.

215. Every day, in every way, things are improving for me and my family.

216. Every day is beautiful and especially this Thursday

217. Even though the weekend is approaching, I’m still on top of my work.

218. Each day I learn something new about myself