29 Tiger Shroff Quotes That will Help you to achieve your goal

29 Tiger Shroff Quotes That will Help you to achieve your goal

Tiger Shroff is one of the successful actors in Indian Cinema. He has attracted all the audience with his actions. Not only his action, but his dancing skill also very much attracted the audience. He has created an identity for himself with his hard work, dedication, action, and dancing. In these quotes, he talks about how he wants to achieve his goal, how he takes inspiration from his idol, how he loves his family, and how he stays dedicated to his work. Let’s read the 29 most inspiring quotes said by Tiger Shroff to help you to achieve your goal.

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1. “I am not at all stylish. For me, style is a state of mind and individuality.” ― Tiger Shroff


2. “Every son’s first superhero is his father, and it was the same for me. For me, he was Superman and Batman combined.” ― Tiger Shroff

3. “My mom is my biggest support and critic. I’ve tried to be a good son, and I don’t think I’ve given her a single day of grief. I want her to know she has my unconditional love.” ― Tiger Shroff

4. “In my house, my mother is my superhero.” ― Tiger Shroff

5. “The best feeling in the world for me is when my parents say they are proud of me; I just want to give them all the happiness that they deserve.” ― Tiger Shroff


6. “Action is a universal language, so everyone understands a punch and a kick.” ― Tiger Shroff

7. “Martial arts is what pulled me through tough times, and it is one of the reasons for my happiness.” ― Tiger Shroff


8. “I admire Hrithik Roshan for his work a lot. He has an edge over others because he is very hard on himself, he’s never complacent, and he’s still not happy with that. How much more perfect can you get than that?” ― Tiger Shroff

9. “Hrithik Roshan is my idol both onscreen as well as off-screen. I wish that I could become just 50 percent like him.” ― Tiger Shroff

Love for work & career

10. “I don’t have that X factor; I have to bank on my skills, be true to my character, and hope to be accepted.” ― Tiger Shroff

11. “I can stand up for what I believe in. I don’t take the word ‘rebel’ in a negative connotation.” ― Tiger Shroff

12. “We are entertainers. We have to give our audience a good time. If my name serves that purpose, if that brings a smile to your face, then I think it is good and my job has been done.” ― Tiger Shroff


13. “I am a daydreamer. I visualize a lot of things at the same time.” ― Tiger Shroff

Love & Romance

14. “I wish I could say I am a rebel for love in real life. I don’t think I am so cool.” ― Tiger Shroff

15. “I like girls who are the housewife-type.” ― Tiger Shroff

Success & failure

16. “The day I think I’ve achieved everything will be the day I fail.” ― Tiger Shroff


17. “There is no end to learning, and I want to continue being a student.” ― Tiger Shroff


18. “My goal is to be at the highest level someday, and I know I will get there, too. I have a strong work ethic.” ― Tiger Shroff


19. “I am an over-thinker and tend to stress a lot.” ― Tiger Shroff


20. “I look for roles where I can do justice, show people a side of Bollywood they haven’t seen before.” ― Tiger Shroff

21. “After working for a couple of years, I have realized how much hard work it takes to become an actor, and my father has gone through it all these years. It’s draining, both physically and mentally.” ― Tiger Shroff

Helping Nature

22. “They are such hard-working people, but not respected enough. And I don’t like that. If I become something in my life, I want to give them a better life, take them to a higher level.” ― Tiger Shroff

Scared of rejection

23. “I have had a lot of crushes but have never had the courage to go up to a girl and say what I feel. I am scared of rejection.” ― Tiger Shroff


24. “I definitely think there is a lot of expectation and pressure being a star’s son.” ― Tiger Shroff

Respecting others

25. “I really respect actors much more now that I am one because I realize what hard work goes into being part of the industry.” ― Tiger Shroff

26. “Being star kids, there are certain expectations to live up to. There’s a certain pressure from the public. And, if your film doesn’t work, it’s even worse.” ― Tiger Shroff


27. “There are so many talented actors in my contemporaries and my seniors… I seek inspiration from each one of them.” ― Tiger Shroff

28. “It is easier for a star kid to get noticed than for a person coming from a non-film background.” ― Tiger Shroff


29. “I think stardom means a big responsibility that one has to shoulder.” ― Tiger Shroff

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