27 Tom Clancy Motivational Quotes: Lessons on courage, life, and learning

American novelist Tom Clancy is best known for his technically detailed espionage and military science stories set during and after the Cold War.

17 novels written by him have been bestsellers and his books have sold over 100 million copies. His name was used in film scripts written by ghostwriters, nonfiction books on military subjects sometimes co-writers, and video games.

Here are some motivational Tom Clancy Quotes to know the importance of courage and learning.

Tom Clancy Quotes

Best Inspirational Tom Clancy Quotes

1. “Nothing is as real as a dream. Responsibilities need not erase it. Duties need not obscure it. Because the dream is within you, no one can take it away.” ― Tom Clancy

2. “A wise man knows his limitations.” ― Tom Clancy

3. “Courage is being the only only one who knows how terrified you are.” ― Tom Clancy

4. “Courage was not something one picked out of the air. It was something like a bank account. You could withdraw only so much before it was necessary to stop, to take the time to make new deposits.” ― Tom Clancy

5. “Fix your eyes forward on what you can do, not back on what you cannot change.” ― Tom Clancy

6. “Beware the fury of a patient man.” ― Tom Clancy

7. “The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense.” ― Tom Clancy

8. “If you want to kick the tiger in his ass you’d better have a plan for dealing with his teeth.” ― Tom Clancy

9. “Being a victim is more palatable than having to recognize the intrinsic contradictions of one’s own governing philosophy.” ― Tom Clancy

10. “It was one thing to use computers as a tool, quite another to let them do your thinking for you.” ― Tom Clancy

Famous Tom Clancy Quotes

11. “When you have stopped learning you have begun to die.” ― Tom Clancy

12. “There are only two ways we can be beaten: we die or we give up. And we’re not giving up.” ― Tom Clancy

13. “The only way to do all the things you’d like to do is to read.” ― Tom Clancy

14. “A conscience is the price of morality, and morality is the price of civilization.” ― Tom Clancy

15. “The noblest of ideas have always been protected by warriors.” ― Tom Clancy

16. “Time is something that fills the empty spaces of life.” ― Tom Clancy

17. “Surviving is much more painful than death.” ― Tom Clancy

18. “If you don’t write it down, then it never happened.” ― Tom Clancy

19. “You couldn’t allow yourself to get bored. THAT would be a fight.” ― Tom Clancy

20. “Life was such a strange thing, so permanent when one had it, so fleeting when it was lost- and those who lost it could never tell you what it was like, could they?” ― Tom Clancy

Best Tom Clancy Quotes

21. “You have to know the things you don’t know. You have to figure out what the questions are before you can start looking for answers.” ― Tom Clancy

22. “No man controlled his fate, a knowledge that came late in life. You just tried to muddle along from one point to another, making as few mistakes as possible.” ― Tom Clancy

23. “Intelligence people are no different from anybody else. They have preconceptions, and when they see them in real life, it reinforces how brilliant they think they are.” ― Tom Clancy

24. “It’s okay to be scared. I was scared all the time. The important part is to know that you’re going to do it.” ― Tom Clancy

25. “Every country in the world had a bureaucracy, whose entire purpose was to delay important things from happening.” ― Tom Clancy

26. “The human mind has a way of punishing itself for killing a fellow man. It remembers and relives the incident again and again.” ― Tom Clancy

27. “All men had their limitations. It was just that some were more dangerous than others. And while genius knew it had limits, idiocy was always unbounded.” ― Tom Clancy

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