21 Inspiring Dialogues From the Movie Toofaan For Motivation

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Read here 21 Inspiring Dialogues from the movie Toofaan to find motivation in your life.

Toofaan is a Sports based Hindi movie that premiered on 16 July 2021 on Amazon Prime Video. It stars Farhan Akhtar as a national-level boxer, also starring Mrunal Thakur and Paresh Rawal.

It was shown in this film that a boy named Aziz Ali used to do rowdyism and used to beat people. After watching a boxing video of professional boxer Muhammad Ali, he wanted to become a boxer. He had the strength but didn’t have the right technique of boxing. He worked very hard and made himself a national-level boxer with the help of his guru. This movie is an energetic movie that will give you some motivation.

Inspiring Dialogues from Toofaan Movie

We have collected some inspiring movie dialogues from Toofaan, which will definitely inspire you.

Choice in your hand

1. “Everybody has a choice. What to become, why to become, everything is in your hands.”

Inspiring Dialogues From The Movie Toofaan

Give your love

2. “Don’t give your life, give your love to her.”

Inspiring Dialogues From The Movie Toofaan

Outside only friendship

3. “Tear off while you’re in the ring. But outside the ring, you are all friends.”

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Every game requires technique

4. “You have energy, you have power. But this is a sport. The game requires the right technique.”

Inspiring Dialogues From The Movie Toofaan

5. “He has strength and power, but no technique. Puncture him.”

Proper use of strength

6. “Put your strength to good use.”

Control your anger & Pain

7. “Your pain and anger will help you to fulfill your dream.”

Inspiring Dialogues From The Movie Toofaan

8. “I want to become worthy first.”

Think before action

09. “Think before you strike. Understand his game first, then attack.”

How to win?

10. “The winner is the one who stands till the end.”

Inspiring Dialogues From The Movie Toofaan

Smile is the game changer

11. “If you smile, the front person will wonder that you have a plan.”

Make your loved one your strength

12. “I thought I was your strength. But you have made me your weakness.”

13. “What are you afraid of?”

14. “Your respect is in your own hands.”

Bounce back

15. “True fighters take the hit and bounce back.”

Inspiring Dialogues From The Movie Toofaan

Learning lines

16. “The first rule of boxing is to escape, not punching.”

17. “It’s not just a boxing ring, it’s a home, your home.”

18. “You built your home by sweating blood. handle it.”

19. “He will play for India.”

20. “Every moment brings a new moment.”

21. “Drona’s knowledge and Arjuna’s arrow, this combination have been going on for centuries.”

Inspiring Dialogues From The Movie Toofaan

I hope you liked the above Inspiring Dialogues from the movie Toofaan. Don’t forget to mention the best line that you liked most from the above lines in the comment box below.

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