42 Turning Red Movie Quotes & Dialogues

Turning Red is a computer-animated coming-of-age fantasy comedy film. In this movie, Mei Lee is a 13-year-old girl torn between being the obedient daughter of her mother and the chaos of her youth. As if that wasn’t enough, when she gets very excited, she turns into a big red panda.

Turning Red is an animated movie that gives the message of how anxiety, insecurities, anger, pressure can make us depressed. There can also be a change in our behavior. This movie also teaches us that we should listen to ourselves and not others. When we listen to others, we ignore ourselves completely. It has a very bad effect on us. When we listen to ourselves, we will be happy, we can take care of ourselves as well as others.

Here is a collection of some Turning Red Movie Quotes & Dialogues.

Turning Red Movie Quotes & Dialogues

1. I don’t have any problem.

2. I am Meilin Lee. And ever since I turned 13. I have been doing my own thing, making my own moves 24/7 & 365.

3. I wear what I want, say what I want and I will not hesitate to do so a spontaneous cartwheel if I feel so moved.

4. Not to brag, but being 13 means I am officially grown up. But this I didn’t get time to mess around.

What do others say about Meilin Lee?

5. A very enterprising, mildly annoying young lady.

6. A major weirdo.

7. An overachieving dork-narc.

Turning Red movie funny & emotional dialogues & quotes

8. I accepted all labels.

9. Anyway who cares what stupid, evil Tyler on anyone else think? This is gonna be my year and nothing is gonna stop this train from…

10. We are 4-townies, remember? Ride or die!

11. Mei, every day is a cleaning day. Can’t you just get one afternoon off?

12. O-M-G, Mir! I’ll guard it with my life.

13. She is so brainwashed.

14. I am my own person. But that does not mean doing whatever I want.

15. List most adults, I’ve responsibilities.

16. I do make my own move, it is just that some of my moves are also hers.

17. Don’t look at the notebook, don’t look at the notebook, don’t!

18. Who is he? Did he do these things to you?

19. Ohh, see, see! This is what happens when you don’t wear sunblock and do drugs all day!

20. She is just a sweet and innocent child.

21. The Daisy mart has lost a loyal customer today.

22. You sicko! What are you thinking? Why would you draw these things? Those horrible, awful, and sexy things?

23. It is fine you will move to another city, change your identity. Mummy, I’m so sorry.

24. You are her pride and joy, so act like it. This will never happen again.

25. Mei Mei! I know this is upsetting, but we are going to get through this together.

26. You are a woman now, and your body is starting to change. It is nothing to be embarrassed about. You are now a beautiful strong flower.

27. But any strong emotion will reduce the Panda. And the more you release it, the more difficult the ritual will be. There is a darkness to the Panda, Mei Mei. You only have one chance to banish it, and you can not fail. Otherwise, you will never be free.

28. We’ll wait for it out together. And, I’ll be with you every step of the way.

29. We love you, Mei. You are our girl. No matter what. Panda or no Panda.

30. And now you can control it! So just prove it to her, and she is gotta let you go.

31. Like it! Love it! I’ll give you anything! Money? My kidney? My soul?

32. Mei, Mei is better than any of us at controlling the panda. She passed every trigger test. Even the kitten box.

33. I know you do what is right.

34. Ming, this is a critical time. Mei Mei needs a strong hand, now more than ever. Don’t let her out of your sight.

Turning Red Inspiring Dialogues

35. I hurt her.

36. My Mom! I got so angry, and I lost control. I’m just so sick of being perfect! I never gonna be good enough for her or anyone.

37. I know it feels that way. Like all the time. But it is not true.

38. I’m changing mom! I’m finally figuring out who I am. But I’m scared, it will take me away from you.

39. You try to make everyone happy but are so hard on yourself. And if I taught you that. I’m sorry. So don’t hold back for anyone.

40. The farther you go, the prouder I’ll be.

41. Sometimes I miss how things were but nothing stays the same forever.

42. We are all got an inner beast. We’ve got a messy, loud, weird part of ourselves hidden away. And a lot of us never let it out. But I did. How about you?

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