50+ Best Valentines Day Messages & Wishes for Crush

Valentines Day Messages for Crush: Find here some Valentine’s Day messages & wishes for the crush to share with the person you liked the most. Valentine’s day messages are the perfect medium to express your love.

Valentines Day Messages And Wishes for Crush

1Anytime I close my eyes, I see you. Anytime I open my eyes, you disappear. Falling in love with you is a dream and you loving me will be a dream come true. Happy Valentine my love.
2Being single is boring this valentine’s day, so I was thinking of going on a romantic date with you.
3Happy Valentine Day. If dying for you will show my love, I’ll call friends to die with me. If singing will show my love, I’ll gather birds to sing for you. I am your crush, you’re my valentine.
4Happy Valentine’s my crush! You are the cutest person I know of and I want to kiss that lovely face of yours over and over again, enjoy your day dear!
5Your smile is the most precious thing I have ever seen and I totally died on it. Have a blissful day. Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweet crush.
6Happy valentine’s my crush, you bring joy to my life and I haven’t even made you mine yet. Soon to meet and make this day worth remembering lovely crush.
7Have fun this Valentine my dear crush, I have had my eye on you for as long as I can remember, the more I see you, the more in love I am with you. Enjoy the day!
8I am not afraid to tell you how I feel anymore. I’ve been crushing on you and I hope that you’ll give me a chance to be your valentine today.

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Happy Valentines Day Messages for Crush

9I can’t afford to buy you diamond rings and expensive jewels but I have a heart clean and pure and it beats only for you.
10To me, you are the standard to the proper assessment of beauty in any woman, and I am glad to have been your friend, I hope to become your man one day. Happy Valentine’s Day.
11I can’t stand the thought of losing you; you are a memory, a wish, and most importantly, the one I hope to share this and every valentine with. Have an amazing time dear.
12I don’t need any reason to think of you and I don’t need any occasion to tell you that I’ve fallen for you. Happy Valentine’s Day!
13We went to the same high school and we live in the same neighborhood, but I felt strongly in love with you when we left for a different college. Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you.
14I feel like the luckiest person in the world, I get to share valentines with the crush of my life. Happy Valentine’s sweetie, enjoy!
15I have all I need in my life, but one thing could bring perfection to everything, and that is you. Come into my life to perfect it. Happy Valentine’s Day my crush. Enjoy it.
16When the heart wants something, the mind wants something else. But only this time, both wants the same; you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Heartiest Valentines Day Messages for Crush

17I have fallen in love for the first time and for the last time. And really I don’t want it to be otherwise. Will you accept my love?
18I have had my eye on you for so long, I really admire you a lot, I have a crush on you and I hope you become my valentine for the day; it would make my day!
19You are all I need, the only one I can’t take my eyes off, the only one I deeply have a crush on, be my valentine and I promise you a time of your life!
20I have had sleepless nights trying to think up the best way to say; I have a crush on you, would you please be my valentine?!
21I just found an awful lot of reasons to fall in love with you. There’s no way I could ignore the numbers. Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetheart!
22You are really pretty, I love everything about you and that is why you are my crush, please be my valentine and I guarantee you a time you will never forget!
23I just want to tell you on this special day, I can’t stop missing you and my love for you is eternal. Happy Valentine.
24I know of everything you need and I can give them to you, if you chose me, I’ll give to you unending support and a real concern for you. Happy Valentine’s Day crush.

Congratulations Valentines Day Messages for Crush

25You have been hovering in my mind since I first saw you. And I hope you will never stop. Happy Valentine’s Day.
26I may be shy, I may only feel these things deep inside, but all I wish for you on valentine is that the smile that sets my soul on fire doesn’t leave your face dear crush.
27I may not have the cutest face for you but my heart is big enough to love you. Trust me I will love you more than my life. Happy Valentines’ Day, my crush.
28You have been on my mind from the moment we met, I may not know you well but I know I am in love with an amazing human being. Have an awesome valentine.
29I miss you more than I should. I think of you more than I’m supposed to. Is it because I’m in love with you? Happy Valentine’s Day, crush!
30I need you more than a crush. I need you more than a friend. I need you always beside me. I need you now and forever beside me. Enjoy today in the best possible way.
31You may love me or not but I love you a lot. Wish you a very happy life. Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweet crush.
32I like you my crush, you are the simplest definition of beauty and I hope today, you’ll give me a chance to be your valentine.

Romantic Valentines Day Messages for Crush

33I saw myself walking in the darkest night in my dreams. But I saw one of the strongest knights who came to my rescue. Guess who it was. It was you. You’re my rescue. Happy Valentine’s Day.
34Your love is making me go crazy. I hope I can help not to crush on you again but it’s not easy for me. Save me and be my Valentine.
35I see you, but do you see me, you have been my crush since the first day I met you. Hope to make this mystery worthwhile. Happy Valentine’s crush!
36I wish I have a magic wand to turn you to my love because I found all I need is you and I hope you’ll see that in me also. Happy Valentine’s Day my crush.
37If love is a crime, I wouldn’t mind breaking the prison to get you. If love is a pool, I wouldn’t mind swimming to get you. Happy Valentine’s Day.
38It’s painful when you love someone truly but you are unable to approach it. You are my first crush and I love you so much. Wish you a fabulous valentine’s day, my baby.
39Its valentines, I was hoping that you would be more than just my crush; I love you so much and hope we can make this day our anniversary.
40Love is like alcohol. It drives you crazy yet sharp. It keeps you strong yet weakens you. I think I’m crazy in love with you. Be mine. Happy Valentine’s Day crush.
41My crush, I appreciate every single thing about you. Would you be my valentine this year?

Best Valentine’s Day Wishes for your crush

42Our hearts choose who we love even if our head wants to do otherwise. I follow my heart now, and it says it’s you. Happy Valentine’s Day crush. I love you so much.
43Since the first day, I laid my eyes on you, I have had a really huge crush on you, I was only hoping to make you my valentine today, what do you say?
44Someday, you’ll be my valentine dear crush, and when that day comes, I will never let you go, I will show you how to love and we will be together forever.
45Someone would think that old age will affect love, but when it comes to love everyone is like a little child. Happy Valentine’s Day eternal crush. I won’t stop loving you.
46Soon you won’t be my crush but the one I will forever spend Valentine with. Always on my mind, Happy Valentine’s my love.
47The beauty of your eyes has caught me off-guard. I thought I could defend my heart but I was dead wrong! Happy Valentine’s Day, crush!
48The biggest truth of my life, is I am too crazy for you and everyone in my surroundings can notice it except you. Happy Valentine’s Day to the sweetest person ever.
49There’s nothing like valentine’s day without you. But with you, every day is valentine’s day. Happy Valentine’s Day crush.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Wishes for Boy Friend

50The biggest truth of my life, is I am too crazy for you and everyone in my surroundings can notice it except you. Why are you so careless. Anyways Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweet baby.
51The love I have for you is more than the love birds have for themselves, I will never relent until I have you. Happy Valentine’s Day eternal crush.
52They say crushes are silly, but they haven’t met an angel as beautiful as you, I hope to make you my girlfriend someday but until then enjoy your valentine beautiful.
53The way you walk and the way you flip your hair backward is enough to drive me insane. I may just be a friend for now, but I am not giving up on you, have an awesome valentine.
54There is nothing like temporary love, love is eternal and we must always treat it that way, even though you have not chosen me, I still care. Happy Valentine’s Day crush.

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