55 Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions With Answers

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Here are the best valentine’s day trivia questions with answers to test your knowledge of how much you know about valentine’s day. Trivia Questions are the best fun way to test your knowledge in the knowledge-growing process.

Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions And Answers

1. About how many marriage proposals are there on each year on Valentine’s Day? Answer: 220,000

2. About how many roses are grown for Valentine’s Day each year? Answer: 224 million

3. About how many Valentine’s Day cards are given every year? Answer: 1 billion

4. About how much money do Americans spend each year on chocolate for Valentine’s Day? Answer: 1 billion

5. According to legend, where was the oldest-known Valentine’s Day message sent from and by whom? Answer: Prison by St. Valentine

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6. Approximately how many heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are sold each Valentine’s Day? Answer: 35 million

7. Every year, letters to Shakespeare’s Juliet are sent to what city? Answer: Verona, Italy

8. How many people typically buy Valentines for their cats and dogs? Answer: About 17 million for dogs and 10 million for cats

9. The name “Valentine” was the name given to which early Christians? Answer: Martyrs (those who were killed because of their faith)

10. The oldest known love poem was written on what? Answer: A clay tablet

11. What color rose does one send to a friend on Valentine’s Day? Answer: Yellow

12. What country calls Valentine’s Day “Friend’s Day?” Answer: Finland

13. What did the “X” at the end of a letter represent before it stood for a kiss? Answer: The cross

14. What do florists call a single red rose surrounded by baby’s breath? Answer: A signature rose

15. What do the X’s and O’s at the end of message stand for? Answer: X’s stand for kisses and O’s for hugs

16. What do women give men on Valentine’s Day in Japan? Answer: Chocolates

17. What fruit (often thought of as a vegetable) was once known as a “love apple” for its supposed aphrodisiac properties? Answer: Tomato

18. What increases most people’s heart rate to at least 110 beats per minute? Answer: Kissing

19. What is the most common phrase used on Valentine’s Day? Answer: I love you

20. What is the name of Shakespeare’s play featuring the characters Valentine and Proteus? Answer: The Two Gentlemen of Verona

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21. What is the name of the brain chemical known as the “love hormone?” Answer: Oxytocin

22. What is the name of the man who wrote the oldest-known Valentine’s Day message? Answer: The Duke of Orleans

23. What Roman holiday can Valentine’s Day celebrations be traced back to? Answer: Lupercalia

24. What was a mean but comically mocking Valentine’s Day called in the Victorian era? Answer: A Penny Dreadful

25. What were mean-spirited Valentine’s Day cards were called in the Victorian era? Answer: Vinegars

26. When will babies conceived on Valentine’s Day be born? Answer: Between October 10 and December 11

27. Which holidays other than Valentine’s Day account for the most flowers sent? Answer: Mother’s Day and Christmas

28. Which internal organ was believed to cause love in Medieval times? Answer: The liver

29. About what percentages of all Valentines cards are purchased by women? Answer: 85%

Valentine’s Day Trivia Quiz Questions for Adults

30. Garlic was once used as an aphrodisiac! Where? Answer: Garlic was used by ancient Chinese emperors as an aphrodisiac – it is also a symbol of luck and fertility!

31. How many Valentine’s cards get sent each year? Answer: Well, we don’t know exactly – but more than 1 billion! That’s a lot of cards!

32. In the TV show Friends, what does Chandler watch by mistake, thinking it’s something for Valentine’s Day? Answer: A birthing video. He definitely thought it was something else. Ooops.

33. Is Valentine’s Day a good day to get married? Answer: It is if you live in the Philippines! The 14th of February is the most popular marriage date in the Philippines, with mass weddings taking place on the day.

34. What happens on Valentine’s Day in Bulgaria? Answer: In Bulgaria, Valentine’s Day is also the Day of Winemakers! How better to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a glass or two of wine?

35. What is the reason almond blossoms appear on many Valentine’s Day cards? Answer: In Greek mythology, the almond bloom is a symbol of eternal love.

36. What is the reason we see hearts used to symbolize love and affection? Answer: It was once believed that the heart, not the brain, was the center of love and other emotions.

37. What makes Japan’s Valentine’s Day slightly different? Answer: In Japan, it is only women who give gifts on Valentine’s Day.

38. What U.S. state produces most of the country’s red roses? Answer: California

39. What Valentine’s Day candy was first created on equipment made for lozenges? Answer: Sweethearts

40. What’s so special about the 14th of February? Answer: The church chose it to commemorate one – or possibly two, or even three – martyred priests.

41. When did Hallmark begin producing Valentine’s Day cards? Answer: In 1916. This helped spread the popularity of the Valentine’s Day holiday.

42. When did we start giving chocolates for Valentine’s Day? Answer: Chocolates were first marketed as a Valentine’s Day gift by Henry Cadbury in 1861.

43. When was February 14 first declared Valentine’s Day? Answer: 1537

44. When was the oldest-known Valentine’s Day message written? Answer: 1415

45. Which animal is often depicted on Valentine’s Day cards in Germany? Answer: A pig! They are thought to bring good luck.

46. Which country celebrates the 14th of EVERY month? Answer: South Korea. While it isn’t always a day of love, there is a day of something on the 14th of each month.

47. Which fruit symbolizes love? Answer: Apples are widely used to symbolize love.

48. Which major invention was patented on Valentine’s Day? Answer: The telephone

49. Who are some of the newest recipients of Valentine’s Day gifts? Answer: Our pets! The pet industry is growing fast, and with it, the pet valentine’s industry. Americans are estimated to have spent over $750 million on Valentine’s gifts for pets.

50. Who is Cupid? Answer: Cupid was a Roman god, said to be the child of Venus and Mars. He was the god of desire and affection.

51. Who receives the most Valentine’s Day Cards? Answer: Teachers

52. Who sent the first-ever valentine? Answer: The first recorded valentine was sent by Charles, the Duke of Orleans, in 1415. He wrote it from the Tower of London where he was imprisoned.

53. Why are red roses linked to Valentine’s Day? Answer: Red roses have long been associated with love and passion, and are also the favorite flowers of Venus, goddess of love and beauty!

54. Why did women and girls eat bizarre foods on Valentine’s Day in medieval times? Answer: To dream about their future spouses

55. William Shakespeare mentions Valentine’s Day in which of his plays? Answer: Hamlet