51 Vampire Diaries Trivia Questions With Answers

Here are the best vampire diaries trivia questions with answers to test your knowledge of how much you know about tv series. Trivia Questions are the best fun way to test your knowledge in the knowledge-growing process.

Vampire Diaries Trivia Questions With Answers

1. At the beginning of season 1, Elena Gilbert returned to school following her parents’ tragic death. During her time away from school, she broke up with her boyfriend. What is his name?

Answer: Matt Donovan

2. Caroline is what to Josie and Lizzie?

Answer: Surrogate mother

3. Elena eventually killed Elijah in “The Dinner Party” at her parent’s lake house but who killed Elijah at the actual dinner party at the Salvatore house?

Answer: Alaric Saltzman

4. Homecoming- At the end of the episode, what did Stefan steal from Klaus?

Answer: Klaus’ family

5. How come Alaric died in the season three finale, “The Departed”?

Answer: Elena died

6. How is the Werewolf Curse triggered?

Answer: When a person with the werewolf gene kills another person

7. How many siblings did Klaus have in total?

Answer: 6

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8. In “Crying Wolf”, which one of the main characters left town?

Answer: Tyler Lockwood

9. In “The Return”, who did Damon Salvatore attempt to kill in a fit of rage?

Answer: Jeremy Gilbert

10. In the episode “Miss Mystic Falls” what is the name of the song Elena and Damon dance to?

Answer: All I Need

11. In what episode does Tyler become a hybrid?

Answer: The Reckoning

12. In what year did Stefan Salvatore become a vampire?

Answer: 1864

13. Klaus has five other siblings whose names we know. What are their names?

Answer: Rebekah, Kol, Elijah, Finn, Henrik

14. Matt disliked that Elena is going out with Stefan. What does his friend Tyler do to try and embarrass Stefan?

Answer: Throwing a football at the back of his head hoping to hit him

15. Tyler is a jock in high school and is an incredibly sporty person. He uses his sportsmanship to try and embarrass somebody at school, but who is the target of his “attack”?

Answer: Stefan Salvatore

16. What does Bonnie do to Tyler in the final episode of season 3?

Answer: Places Klaus’ spirit in his body

17. What happens to Klaus in “The Departed”?

Answer: Bonnie casts a spell to shift Klaus’ spirit into Tyler’s body

18. What is Elena’s brother’s name?

Answer: Jeremy

19. What is Katherine Pierce’s real name?

Hard Vampire Diaries Trivia With Answers

Answer: Katerina Petrova

20. What is the correct age order of the three surviving Mikaelson’s from oldest to youngest?

Answer: Elijah, Klaus, Rebekah.

21. What is the episode called in season 2 where the friends are all at a party, where they set a trap for Katherine, and Elena was hurt as well?

Answer: The Masquerade

22. What is the name of Elena’s aunt?

Answer: Jenna

23. What kind of business did Anna’s mother Pearl run when the Salvatore brothers first met her?

Answer: An apothecary.

24. What message did Katherine give to Caroline in “The Return”?

Answer: Game on

25. What type of supernatural being is Jeremy Gilbert?

Answer: Vampire hunter

26. What was Anna’s mother’s name?

Answer: Pearl

27. What was Elena’s first reaction when she found out Stefan was a vampire?

Answer: She was horrified and frightened of him.

28. What was the name of Elena’s ancestor that looks exactly like her?

Answer: Katherine

29. What was the name of Stefan’s best friend?

Answer: Lexi

30. What was the name of the curse that Klaus broke to become a hybrid?

Answer: Sun and the moon

31. What year did Katherine turn Stefan and Damon Salvatore?

Answer: 1864

32. What’s the name of the vampire who looked just like Elena Gilbert?

Answer: Katherine

33. Where do we first see Stefan?

Answer: On the roof of the boarding house

34. Where does Caroline first see Damon?

Answer: The Mystic Grill

35. Who are the founding families?

Answer: Salvatore, Fells, Forbes, Lockwood, and Gilbert.

36. Who are the two vampires we meet in season 1 episode “Pilot”?

Answer: Stefan & Damon

Vampire Diaries Quiz Questions With Answers

37. Who did Elena date before school started?

Answer: Matt

38. Who did Elena Gilbert meet first?

Answer: Damon

39. Who died in the ritual for the sun and moon curse to be lifted to make Klaus a hybrid?

Answer: Jenna and Jules

40. Who is Elena Gilbert’s birth mother?

Answer: Isobel Flemming

41. Who is Lexi to Stefan?

Answer: His best friend

42. Who is Rudy Hopkins?

Answer: Bonnie Bennett’s father.

43. Who is the mysterious new student at Mystic Falls High?

Answer: Stefan Salvatore

44. Who killed Caroline with the intention of sending Stefan and Damon a message?

Answer: Katherine

45. Who says this quote; “I’ve been in love. It’s painful, pointless and overrated”?

Answer: Damon Salvatore

46. Who started Elena’s doppelganger line?

Answer: Amara

47. Who turned Caroline Forbes over to her father to be tortured?

Answer: Carol Lockwood

48. Who turned Vicki Donovan into a vampire in season 1?

Answer: Damon Salvatore

49. Who undaggers Rebekah Mikaelson?

Answer: April Young.

50. Who was not an original vampire?

Answer: Alaric

51. Who was the witch who cast the spell sealing the vampires in the tomb under the church?

Answer: Emily Bennett

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