16 Varun Dhawan Quotes to Inspire You to Do Your Work

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You must read Varun Dhawan Quotes to find motivation.

Varun Dhawan is one of India’s highest-paid celebrities, he has been featured in Forbes India’s Celebrity 100 list since 2014. Despite coming from a film background, he has made a different identity for himself. He put all their hard work and dedication into each and every movie he has done. He is the only actor in Hindi cinema, who has a record of eleven box-office successes in a row throughout his career.

Varun Dhawan Inspirational Quotes

Varun Dhawan Quotes will teach you about passion, fitness, life & respect for women. Let’s read his quotes.

Quotes on Goodness & Behaviour

1. “Goodness is something people take advantage of, and if you want to remain a good person for long, you should make sure that too many people don’t take advantage of you because then you turn bitter.” ― Varun Dhawan

Quote on Goodness and Avoiding Bitterness: Varun is saying that being a good person is great, but if you let too many people take advantage of your kindness, you might start feeling bitter. This quote inspires us to be kind but also cautious about who we trust so that we can stay good-hearted.

Passion Quotes by Varun Dhawan

2. “Every creativity has a motive. Either one does it for money, for fame, or for passion. My energies go out for passion.” ― Varun Dhawan

Quote on Creativity and Passion: Varun is telling us that he does creative things not just for money or fame but because he’s passionate about them. This inspires us to follow our passions and put our energy into things we love.

3. “For me, fitness is a part of my everyday life. But fitness does not mean having big muscles; it means being active, quick, and flexible.” ― Varun Dhawan

Quote on Fitness: Varun believes that being fit doesn’t mean having big muscles. It’s about being active, quick, and flexible. This quote encourages us to focus on overall health and staying active in our daily lives.

4. “It’s not easy to put a smile on people’s faces.” ― Varun Dhawan

Putting a Smile on People’s Faces: Varun is saying that making people happy isn’t easy. This quote reminds us that bringing joy to others is a special skill and that it’s worth the effort.

Varun Dhawan’s thought for women

5. “I realize that women don’t want to get treated differently but just equally.” ― Varun Dhawan

Quote on Gender Equality: Varun is expressing that women should be treated equally, not differently. This quote inspires us to support gender equality and treat everyone fairly.

6. “I don’t know what feminism is all about, but I understand that women should be treated equally, and I endorse that thought.” ― Varun Dhawan

Quote on Feminism: Varun might not fully understand feminism, but he believes in treating women equally. This quote encourages us to promote gender equality even if we don’t know all the details about feminism.

Varun Dhawan’s Quotes on work & career

7. “My dream role would be a role that is entertaining and ‘massy,’ and it should be able to make people laugh and cry and make the audience scared of me and then make them fall in love with me again.” ― Varun Dhawan

Dream Role in Entertainment: Varun’s dream role is one that entertains people and makes them laugh, cry, get scared, and fall in love. This quote inspires us to pursue roles or jobs that bring joy and a range of emotions to others.

8. “Whether you work with your family or someone from outside, you can’t take the audience for granted.” ― Varun Dhawan

Quote on Not Taking the Audience for Granted: Varun is reminding us that whether we work with family or others, we should never assume that people will always support us. This inspires us to work hard and keep earning people’s support.

9. “Stardom can be obtained only after surviving and giving good films for almost 20 years.” ― Varun Dhawan

Achieving Stardom: Varun is saying that becoming a star takes years of making good films. This quote inspires us to be patient and work hard to achieve our goals.

Life Quotes by Varun Dhawan

10. “I am protecting my personal life because, for me, that’s my sanctity. When I am done with shooting and home, that’s my reality check.” ― Varun Dhawan

Protecting Personal Life: Varun values his personal life as a place for balance and reality. This quote encourages us to prioritize our personal lives and find a balance between work and home.

Varun Dhawan Quotes on love, relationship & romance

11. “I am very happy for anyone who is in love.” ― Varun Dhawan

Happiness for People in Love: Varun expresses his happiness for those in love. This quote inspires us to be happy for others’ joys and love.

12. “It’s true that I am surrounded by beautiful women in the movies. But the romance is only on screen.” ― Varun Dhawan

On-Screen Romance: Varun is explaining that his romantic scenes in movies are only acting and not real. This reminds us that what we see on screen isn’t always reality.

Varun Dhawan quotes on family & parent

13. “I don’t think you need a particular day to dedicate to your dad or to make your father or parents feel special. A child should make his or her parents feel special every day and vice versa.” ― Varun Dhawan

Every Day is Special for Parents: Varun suggests that we shouldn’t wait for a special day to make our parents feel loved. This quote inspires us to appreciate and show love to our parents every day.

14. “I follow my heart and my instinct about films and people.” ― Varun Dhawan

Following Heart and Instinct: Varun believes in following his feelings and instincts when it comes to films and people. This inspires us to trust our inner feelings and intuition.

15. “If I had to imagine life without my family, it would be very difficult.” ― Varun Dhawan

Importance of Family: Varun emphasizes the significance of his family in his life. This quote inspires us to value and appreciate our own families.

16. “My parents brought me up to be comfortable in one’s own body. And I have always been comfortable in my own skin.” ― Varun Dhawan

Comfort in Your Own Skin: Varun learned to be comfortable with himself from his parents. This quote inspires us to embrace and be confident in our own identity and appearance.

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