180+ Video Gaming Related Abbreviations And Full Forms List

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If you are a game lover and playing different types of video games, then you must be using different types of terms. Here is the list of video gaming abbreviations, acronyms, and their full forms list.

15 Best Video Gaming Acronyms

  1. BR: Battle Royale
  2. CTD: Crash-to-Desktop
  3. DPS: Damage Per Second
  4. FPS: First Person Shooter
  5. GF: Good Fight
  6. Gz: Congratulations
  7. HP: Health Points
  8. LFT: Looking For a Team
  9. MMO: Massively Multiplayer Online
  10. MOBA: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
  11. MP: Magic Points
  12. MVP: Most Valuable Player
  13. O.G.: Original Gamer
  14. RPG: Role-Playing Game
  15. XP: Experience Points

Video Gaming Abbreviations And Full Forms List

Sl NoAcronyms/AbbreviationsFull Forms
1360Xbox 360
23DNPCInteresting NPCs
33DSNintendo 3DS
43PSThird-Person Shooter
54XEXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate
77DtD7 Days to Die
8AAAncient Apparition
9ADECAcDale’s Eye Candy
10AEVArmored Escaping Venture
11AFKAway From Keyboard
12AFTAmazing Follower Tweaks
13aHUDAdjustable HUD
14AOAdults Only
15AoEAge of Empires
16AoEArea of Effect
17ASOIAFA Song of Ice and Fire
18AWArc Warden
19AWOPA World of Pain
21BBPBreast and Butt Physics
22BCBurning Crusade
23BFDBlackfathom Deeps
24BGBad Game
25BGBaldur’s Gate
26BG:SoABaldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn
27BG:ToBBaldur’s Gate II: Throne of Bhaal
28BG:TotSCBaldur’s Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast
29BG2Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn
30BHBounty Hunter
31BoEBind on Equip
32BOSSBetter Oblivion Sorting Software
33BRBattle Royale
34BRBBe Right Back
35BRDBlackrock Depths
36BRTBe Right There
37BSBanner Saga
42BSBroken Sword
43BS1Banner Saga
45BS1Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars
46BS2Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror
47BS3BioShock Infinite
48BWLBlackwing Lair
49CASMCipscis Automatic Save Manager
50CBClosed Beta
51CBBECaliente’s Beautiful Bodies Edition
52CCCrowd Control
53CCGCollectible Card Game
54CCGCollective Card Game
56CFWClassic Fallout Weapons
57CKChaos Knight
58CKCreation Kit
59CMCrystal Maiden
60CoDCall of Duty
61CoD:BOCall of Duty: Black Ops
62CoD:MWCall Of Duty: Modern Warfare
63CoHCompany of Heroes
64CoTClimates of Tamriel
65CSCreep Score
66CS:GOCounter-Strike: Global Offensive
67CSRCustomer Service Representative
68CTChrono Trigger
70D&DDungeons & Dragons
71DADragon Age
72DA2Dragon Age II
73DAHDestroy All Humans
74DAIDragon Age: Inquisition
75DAODragon Age: Origins
77DCODragon Combat Overhaul
78DDDamage Dealer
79DKDragon Knight
80DKPDragon Kill Points
81DLCDownloadable Content
83DMDire Maul
84DMCDevil May Cry
85DnDDungeons & Dragons
86DOTDamage Over Time
87DPDeath Prophet
88DPSDamage Per Second
89DRDamage Reduction
90DRMDigital Rights Management
91DSDark Souls
92DUIDarNified UI
94ECEEnhanced Character Edit
95EEOEthereal Elven Overhaul
97F2PFree To Play
98FFFinal Fantasy
100FFFriendly Fire
101FOVField of View
102FPSFirst Person Shooter
103FPSFirst-Person Shooter
104FPSFrames Per Second
105FTWFor The Win
106GGGood Game
107GGWPGood Game, Well Played
108GJGood Job
109GLHFGood Luck, Have Fun
110GMGame Master
111GoWGears of War
112GoWGod of War
113GTAGrand Theft Auto
114HFHave Fun
115HPHealth Points
116HPHit Points
117HUDHeads Up Display
118iHUDImmersive HUD
120IRLIn Real Life
121LANLocal Area Network
122LFGLooking For Group
123LFMLooking for More
124LFPLooking For Party
125LoLLeague of Legends
126LOSLine of Sight
128MCMMod Configuration Menu
129MCMMotocross Madness
130MIAMissing In Action
131MKMortal Kombat
132MMOMassively Multiplayer Online
133MMORPGMassively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game
134MOBAMultiplayer Online Battle Arena
135MPMagic Points
136MPMana Points
137MUDMulti-User Dungeon
138MVPMost Valuable Player
139N64Nintendo 64
140NESNintendo Entertainment System
141NPCNon-Player Character
142OMWOn My Way
143OOMOut Of Mana
144OPOver Powered
146OSOutfit Studio
147OTOff Tank
148OTSOver The Shoulder
149PCPersonal Computer
150PKPlayer Kill
151PMPrivate Message
152PS3PlayStation 3
153PSNPlayStation Network
154PSPPlayStation Portable
155PSTPlease Send Tell
156PvEPlayer vs Environment
157PvPPlayer versus Player
158PvPPlayer vs Player
159QFTQuoted For Truth
160REResident Evil
161RLReal Life
162RPRating Pending
163RPRole Play
164RPGRole Playing Game
165RPGRole-Playing Game
166RTSReal Time Strategy
167RTSReal-Time Strategy
168SFOSkyrim Flora Overhaul
170SMIMStatic Mesh Improvement Mod
171SoSSounds of Skyrim
172SPSkill Points
174TCGTrading Card Game
175TESThe Elder Scrolls
177TPSThird Person Shooter
178TPSThird-Person Shooter
179TTTouch Trigger
180UBRSUpper Blackrock Spire
181UFOUltimate Follower Overhaul
183WATERWater And Terrain Enhancement Redux
184WoWWorld of Warcraft
185WTBWant To Buy
186WTSWant To Sell
187WTTWant To Trade
188XPExperience Points

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