18 Volleyball Riddles: Mental Strategies for Volleyball Success

Welcome to our collection of volleyball riddles. Volleyball is a sport that combines athleticism, strategy, and teamwork. It involves hitting a ball over a high net with the goal of getting it to land on the other side of the court without the opposing team being able to return it. The sport originated in 1895 and has since become popular all over the world, with professional leagues and international tournaments attracting millions of fans. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, volleyball is a thrilling and challenging game that will keep you on your toes and test your skills.

Volleyball Riddles With Answers

1. Beach volleyball is similar to traditional volleyball, the sport it was derived from. What are the basic conditions of beach volleyball? Answer: Sand court, 2 players per side

2. If a referee ends the play and holds up two fingers, what is he calling? Answer: Two touches

3. If the server steps on the end line while serving, this is considered a what? Answer: Foot Fault

4. What do a dentist and a volleyball coach have in common? Answer: They both use drills!

5. What do blockers and waiters have in common? Answer: If they do a good job, there will be a big fat tip coming.

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6. What is another name for the left side front row position? Answer: Outside Hitter

7. What is it called when you’re up at the net, and you prevent the other team from spiking the ball? Answer: blocking

8. What is served, but not by a waiter; and an ace but not a card? Answer: A volleyball

9. Where do ghosts play volleyball? Answer: On a volleyball corpse!

10. Which of the following is not a fault? Answer: A setter dumps the ball

11. Which one of these is not a type of serve used in volleyball? Answer: Speed Float

12. Which player should touch the ball every time your team has the ball? Answer: setter

13. Why are police officers excellent volleyball players? Answer: Because they know how to serve and protect.

14. Why are porcupines so good at volleyball? Answer: Because they have really sharp spikes!

15. Why are spiders great volleyball players? Answer: Because they have great topspin.

16. Why can’t fish play volleyball? Answer: Because they are afraid of the net.

17. Why did the volleyball player bring an extra pair of shoelaces? Answer: Because she wanted to tie the score.

18. Why is it not good to play volleyball in a court? Answer: Because you might get arrested

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