10 Best Inspirational Thoughts to regulate yourself

If you can’t regulate your own emotional temperature, you’ll regulate everyone around you to keep yourself comfortable.

- David Schnarch

If you have control over yourself, you have no desire to control others.

- Miya Yamanouchi

Criticizing yourself all the time or being overly judgmental of a situation is like wearing dark sunglasses indoors.

- Matthew McKay

Change happens from the outside in. It is through the exercise of drill that a person becomes self-regulating.

- David Brooks

Consciously control yourself without having to be regulated by others.

- Nicolas Strauss

I conquered myself, then only I set out to conquer the world.

- Abhijit Naskar

Lesser the needs, better the life.

- Abhijit Naskar

Self-regulation is not caution, it is an act of course correction.

- Abhijit Naskar

Bold steps without self-regulation, like cancer, ultimately cause destruction.

- Abhijit Naskar

Self-regulation is conscience in action.

- Abhijit Naskar