15 Common Australian Slang Words & Phrases

1. Pull your head in

Stop being a smart arse

2. “Crook”

For sick. I am feeling a bit crook mate

3. “True blue”

Something that is really Australian

4. “Hit the sack”

Go to bed to sleep

5. See ya this arvo

See you this afternoon

6. Being dacked

When someone pulls your pants down

7. Give a wedgie

When someone pulls your pants up your bum

8. Dunny

toilet, bathroom

9. Fair dinkum

genuine, real

11. Thong

flip flops

12. “Bloke”

an Australian male

13. “Sheila”

an Australian female

14. “Maccas”

for McDonalds

15. “To do your block”

To lose your temper

11. Hooroo


11. Hooroo