21 ways to kill the toxic ego that will ruin your life

1. Adopt the beginner's mindset.

2. Focus on the effort; not the outcome.

3. Choose purpose over passion.

4. Shun the comfort of talking and face the work.

5. Know what matters to you and ruthlessly say no to everything else.

6. Learn to manage (yourself and others).

7. Forget credit and recognition.

8. Connect with nature and the universe at large.

9. Choose alive time over dead time.

10. Let go of control.

11. Get out of your own head.

12. When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

13. Don't be deceived by recognition, money and Success, stay sober.

14. Leave your entitlement at the door.

15. Choose love.

16. Pursue mastery in your chosen craft.

17. Keep an inner scorecard.

18. Always stay a student.

19. No one can degrade you; they degrade themselves.

20. Stop playing the image game, focus on a higher purpose.

21. Focus on the effort, not the results.