7 Signs that you are doing better than you think

1. You change a lot from a year ago

Change is a sign of growth. Don't fear change, fear that you stay the same.

2. You went through hard times

Going through hard times is good! It means you are growing stronger, even if it's tough.

3. You are serious about your goals

Most people don't even know their goals or they just follow the masses. Having goals and being serious about them means you are doing way better than you think.

4. You have a close friend

Having friends to count on is a sign that you are blessed, even if it is just one person.

5. You seek peace over pleasure

Most people just look for that next dopamine hit. If you are seeking peace instead, it means you are far ahead.

6. You learn from your mistakes

Most people run away from their problems or blame others. But you own your mistakes and learn from them.

7. You trust that everything will be alright

You trust that the universe has great things in store for you and you take action to bring them into reality.

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