9 Fun Facts About June you need to know

Only June has its first day of the week on the same weekday as any other month.

The northern hemisphere officially begins summer on June 21.

Shakespeare wrote A Midsummer Night's Dream, with midsummer being in June.

June has a beetle that bears its name. Often referred to as the 'June bug' or 'June beetle', this insect is typically found in the United States between May and June.

June has traditionally been the fourth month of the year.

June became the sixth month of the Julian calendar after two more months were added in 46 B.C.

The Julian calendar is named after Julius Caesar and he developed it after being advised by the Alexandrian astrologer Sosogenes.

There are two zodiac signs that people born in June fall under: Gemini and Cancer.

Historically, the middle of May and June is an unlucky time to marry according to Roman republic beliefs.