KGF Chapter 2 Movie Dialogues & Quotes

The story is written in blood. It can’t continue with ink. If it has to continue, it has to be only with blood!

There will be no more tolerance. I also have forces! We shall seek and destroy.

The swing of a sword and the splash of blood in a battle is not a destroy but is progress. The fallen bodies there are useful too. If you want check with the vultures.

Violence, Violence, Violence. I don’t like it. I avoid. But, violence likes me. I can’t avoid.

Proclaim to them. I am coming. To reclaim my KGF.

There is no friend worthy of my friendship, no such sword can withstand my enmity.

Shall we do business? Offer closes soon!

Maa! One day I will bring you all the gold in the world!

OK, go to sleep now. Go bring it tomorrow morning.

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