Top 10 Classroom Quotes For Students

1. “When you catch yourself slipping into a pool of negativity, notice how it derives from nothing other than resistance to the current situation.” ― Donna Quesada

2. “Crowded classrooms and half-day sessions are a tragic waste of our greatest national resource – the minds of our children.” ― Walt Disney

3. “Great teachers answer your questions and leave you to question their answers.” ― Aniekee Tochukwu Ezekiel

4. “Offline classes form the nucleus of college life. Online classes can only complement offline education, not replace it.” ― Shivanshu K. Srivastava

5. “The world is our classroom. Like the world, every piece of writing is a work in progress.” ― Amy Corzine

6. “Life is a classroom — only those who are willing to be lifelong learners will move to the head of the class.” ― Zig Ziglar

7. “Classroom is the foundation. The real construction is done in a quiet room where we school ourselves.” ― Vincent Okay Nwachukwu

8. “A classroom. People trying to stick me in classrooms was becoming as predictable and annoying as people trying to kill me, but with less-fun results.” ― James Patterson

9. “The classroom should be an entrance into the world, not an escape from it.” ― John Ciardi

10. “The best brains of the nation may be found on the last benches of the classroom.” ― APJ Abdul Kalam