Top 10 Dance Quotes for relaxing body and mind

Erik Bruhn

“Dance every performance as if it were your last.”

Madhuri Dixit

“Dance has always been my passion, and I love it.”

Neve Campbell

“Dance is certainly a sport, and they are phenomenal athletes, and they’re also artists.”

Sudha Chandran

“Dance is my life and I am happy to keep my passion alive.”

Martha Graham

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body.”

Ted Shawn

“Dance is the only art of which we ourselves are the stuff of which it is made.”

Peyton List

“Dance means so much to me. It’s always been such a huge part of my life.”


“Dance music has no gender, class or creeds.”


“Dance music is like a virus: it has affected so many different genres.”

Camille Kostek

“Dance was something that came to me before I could even walk or talk.”