What is Blockchain Technology?

Small information about what is blockchain technology

Blockchain is the chain of many blocks. Here block means records.

Chain of Blocks

The blockchain contains all the records in the form of blocks on a chain basis.

Blocks contained records

In simple words, a Blockchain is a digital ledger that contains all the records of transactions using the cryptography method.

It is a Digital Ledger

The cryptography method is a mathematical technique and secure communication that prevents third-party interaction.

Secures Data

A blockchain is a decentralized, distributed and public digital ledger used to record transactions across multiple computers.

Data with Multiple computers

No block can be changed without changing all subsequent blocks.

Changing Data is nearly impossible

Blockchain is also a decentralized digital ledger that is controlled by not one computer but many computers [node].

It is a decentralized digital ledger

Decentralized means that it is controlled by several offices or authorities rather than one.

What is decentralized?

Blockchain is also a distributed digital ledger whose authority will not be with one computer but with many computers.

It is a distributed ledger

Distributed means to distribute among many or not with anyone.

What is distributed ledger?