What is the demand for blockchain in different sectors?

Companies can use Blockchain to improve their efficiency, build trust, rapidly scale and size many solutions.

1. Businesses

Most cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology to record transactions.

2. Cryptocurrency

Smart contract gives permission for the transaction as per the agreement without anyone's interaction.

3. Smart Contracts

Banks & finance sectors will send and receive payments securely and rapidly with the help of smart contracts from multiple data points.

4. Banks & Finances

Healthcare can securely store the medical records of patients so that they can give assurance about the security of their records.

5. Healthcare

Players will have complete control over their digital accounts and the secure purchase and sale of in-game assets.

6. Games

Blockchain voting would allow people to submit votes that couldn’t be tampered and it will prevent fraud.

7. Voting

Real estate companies are using blockchain smart contracts and digital ledgers to efficiently facilitate renting, buying, and lending.

8. Real Estate