The List of 77 Collective Nouns For Animals

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The collective nouns for animals refer to the word which is used as the name of the group of animals. There are many words in English that are used as the name of the class or group of animals.

For example, “pack” is used for a group of dogs. You can say a “pack of dogs” instead of “group of dogs”. Similarly “herd” is the name of the group of buffalos and you can call it “a herd of buffalos”.

If you want to get more about collective nouns, then here we have shared the list of some collectives which are used for animals.

Collective Nouns For Animals List

1. Aardvarks: An armoury of aardvarks

2. Ants: An army of ants

3. Turtles: A bale of turtles

4. Coyotes: A band of coyotes

5. Gorillas: A band of gorillas

6. Mules: A barren of mules

7. Crocodiles: A bask of crocodiles

8. Otters: A bevy of otters

9. Hippopotamuses: A bloat of hippopotamuses

10. Orangutans: A buffoonery of orangutans

11. Badgers: A cete of badgers

12. Hyenas: A clan of hyenas

13. Cats: A clowder of cats

14. Cheetahs: A coalition of cheetahs

15. Bats: A colony of bats

16. Beavers: A colony of beavers

17. Rabbits: A colony of rabbits

18. Alligators: A congregation of alligators

19. Impalas: A couple of impalas

20. Rhinoceroses: A crash of rhinoceroses

21. Tortoises: A creep of tortoises

22. Hares: A down of hares

23. Bullocks: A drove of bullocks

24. Lambs: A fall of lambs

25. Camels: A flock of camels

26. Bison: A gang of bison

27. Raccoons: A gaze of raccoons

28. Antelopes: A herd of antelopes

29. Boars: A herd of boars

30. Buffaloes: A herd of buffaloes

31. Caribou: A herd of caribou

32. Cattle: A herd of cattle

33. Deer: A herd of deer

34. Donkeys: A herd of donkeys

35. Elephants: A herd of elephants

36. Elk: A herd of elk

37. Giraffes: A herd of giraffes

38. Gnus: A herd of gnus

39. Goats: A herd of goats

40. Horses: A herd of horses

41. Moose: A herd of moose

42. Oxen: A herd of oxen

43. Pigs: A herd of pigs

44. Sheep: A herd of sheep

45. Walruses: A herd of walruses

46. Yaks: A herd of yaks

47. Zebras: A herd of zebras

48. Kittens: A kindle of kittens

49. Leopards: A leap of leopards

50. Puppies: A litter of puppies

51. Iguanas: A mess of iguanas

52. Kangaroos: A mob of kangaroos

53. Wallabies: A mob of wallabies

54. Mice: A nest of mice

55. Dogs: A pack of dogs

56. Hounds: A pack of hounds

57. Rats: A pack of rats

58. Wolves: A pack of wolves

59. Dolphins: A pod of dolphins

60. Hedgehogs: A prickle of hedgehogs

61. Jaguars: A prowl of jaguars

62. Armadillos: A roll of armadillos

63. Whales: A school of whales

64. Squirrels: A scurry of squirrels

65. Apes: A shrewdness of apes

66. Foxes: A skulk of foxes

67. Bears: A sleuth of bears

68. Sloths: A slumber of sloths

69. Weasels: A sneak of weasels

70. Hogs: A sounder of hogs

71. Warthogs: A sounder of warthogs

72. Tigers: A streak of tigers

73. Racehorses: A string of racehorses

74. Bees: A swarm of bees

75. Baboons: A troop of baboons

76. Monkeys: A troop of monkeys

77. Chimpanzees: A whoop of chimpanzees

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