The List of 43 Collective Nouns For Birds

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The collective noun for birds refers to the name of the group or class of birds. Like people and animals, birds also have collective nouns. For example, parliament is the word used as the group name of owls. You can call the group of owls “a parliament of owls”.

Similarly, all the birds have a group and the group also has a name. Some collective nouns of some birds are given below.

You can also read the collective names of animals and their examples with sentences.

Collective Nouns For Birds

1. Bullfinches: A bellowing of bullfinches

2. Doves: A bevy of doves

3. Quail: A bevy of quail

4. Swans: A bevy of swans

5. Falcons: A cast of falcons

6. Hawks: A cast of hawks

7. Finches: A charm of finches

8. Cockatoos: A chattering of cockatoos

9. Gulls: A colony of gulls

10. Pelicans: A colony of pelicans

11. Penguins: A colony of penguins

12. Parrots: A company of parrots

13. Eagles: A convocation of eagles

14. Partridges: A covey of partridges

15. Woodpeckers: A descent of woodpeckers

16. Toucans: A durante of toucans

17. Larks: An exaltation of larks

18. Flamingos: A flamboyance of flamingos

19. Swallows: A flight of swallows

20. Budgerigars: A flock of budgerigars

21. Bustards: A flock of bustards

22. Ducks: A flock of ducks

23. Geese: A flock of geese

24. Ostriches: A flock of ostriches

25. Pigeons: A flock of pigeons

26. Seagulls: A flock of seagulls

27. Swifts: A flock of swifts

28. Cormorants: A gulp of cormorants

29. Wrens: A herd of wrens

30. Sparrows: A host of sparrows

31. Emus: A mob of emus

32. Crows: A murder of crows

33. Peacocks: A muster of peacocks

34. Storks: A muster of storks

35. Canaries: An opera of canaries

36. Owls: A parliament of owls

37. Puffins: A raft of puffins

38. Cranes: A sedge of cranes

39. Herons: A siege of herons

40. Ravens: An unkindness of ravens

41. Vultures: A wake of vultures

42. Nightingales: A watch of nightingales

43. Robins: A worm of robins

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