68 Baby Girl Names Start with H: Girl Name, Meaning & Origin

Are you searching for a perfect baby girl name that start with H? Searching for a name for your new baby may seem like an impossible task, but you will find a good name if you search. There are many names available from which you can choose a favorite name for your baby girl.

We’ve put together some favorite baby girl names starting with H to help you find the perfect baby name for your baby girl! We have a list of some popular baby girl names starting with H. Check out names, meanings, and origins for each of these special baby girl names. We are sure that you will find some cute names that will suit you for your new baby girl.

List of Baby Girl Names Start with H

Find the list of below baby girl names that start with H with their meaning and origin.

SL NoNamesWhat is the meaning of the name?Origin
1Hadassaflowering myrtleHebrew
2HaddieMyrtle TreeHebrew
3HadleighHeather fieldEnglish
4HadleyHeather fieldEnglish
5Hafsacub or young lionessArabic
6HaileeHay meadowEnglish
7HaileyHay’s meadowEnglish
8HailieNatural, Hay meadowEnglish
9HaisleyThe Hazel TreeEnglish
11HaleyNatural, Hay meadowEnglish
14Halliethinking of the seaGreek
15Halodivine auraGreek
16Hanaflower, blossomJapanese
17Hananmercy, compassionArabic
19HannaGoddess of LifeHebrew
20Hannahfavor or grace of GodHebrew
21HarleeHare meadowEnglish
22HarleighHare meadowEnglish
23HarleyHare meadowEnglish
24Harliehare meadow, rock meadowEnglish
25Harlowpile of rocks” or “hillEnglish
26Harlynarmy meadowEnglish
27Harlynnarmy meadowEnglish
28Harmoneeunity or concordEnglish
29HarmonieUnity; concord; musically in tuneEnglish
30HarmonyA Beautiful BlendingGreek
31Harpersomeone who plays the harpEnglish, Scottish, and Irish
32HarrietHome RulerTeutonic
33Hartleyfrom the deer pastureEnglish
34HattieHome rulerGerman
35HavenSafe placeEnglish
36HawaForm Of EveArabic
37Hayaquick, lightJapanese
38HaydenHay valleyEnglish
39Hayesfrom the hedged placeEnglish
40Hayleefrom the hay meadowEnglish
41HayleighHay meadowEnglish
42HayleyForm of HALEY. heroAnglo-Saxon
43HaylieHay meadowEnglish
44Hayzelthe name of the tree or the colorEnglish
45Hazelhazelnut treeEnglish
46Hazleyhazel woodsIrish
49Heidinoble, kindGerman
51Heiressa female heir, esp. to great wealthAmerican
52Helenbright oneGreek
53HelenaForm of HELEN. bright oneGreek
54Hellenbeautiful, light, bright and shiningGreek
55Hendrixruler of the homeDutch
56Henleyhigh meadowEnglish
57HenriettaFeminine form of HENRY – ruler of the homeGerman
58HeraQueen of HeavenGreek
62Hindafemale deerHindi
64Hollyholly groveEnglish
65Hollynwooded landDutch
66HoneySweet as HoneyEnglish
67HopeTrust, FaithEnglish

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