93 Love Related Abbreviations, Acronyms, And Full Forms

Love has a way of inspiring us to express our feelings in unique and creative ways. One way to do this is through the use of abbreviations, which can be a fun and playful way to express our love and affection for someone. Some of the most common love abbreviations include “I love you” (ILY), “kiss” (K), “hug” (H), and “miss you” (MUU). These simple but powerful symbols can be used in text messages, social media posts, or even handwritten notes to convey our love and affection for someone special. Whether we’re in a long-distance relationship or just want to add a little extra romance to our daily interactions, these love abbreviations, acronyms, and their full forms can be a great way to show our love and make every moment count.

Common Love Abbreviations

From Shakespeare’s sonnets to modern pop songs, people have always found ways to express their love for one another. In the digital age, love abbreviations have become a popular way to communicate feelings of affection, admiration, and devotion. Whether you’re sending a text message to your partner or posting a love-filled tweet, these love abbreviations can help you express your feelings in a quick and efficient manner. Some common love abbreviations include:

  1. ALAYLM: As Long As You Love Me
  2. i <3 u: I love you
  3. ILY2: I Love You Too
  4. KM: Kiss Me
  5. LDR: Long-Distance Relationship
  6. LML: Love My Life
  7. Moo: My One and Only
  8. S.S.: Special Someone
  9. SWAK: Sealed With A Kiss
  10. TMIY: Take Me I’m Yours
  11. WTF: Wait Til Friday

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Love Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Full Forms

1. AD: After a Date

2. AE: Almost Enjoyable

3. AEWW: An Evening With Women

4. AF: at First

5. Ah: Already have

6. Ah: Available and Happy

7. AIM: Action in Motion

8. AIM: Ambition in Mind

9. AIM: Actually, I must

10. AKTF: Always Keep The Faith

11. AL: Always Lucky

12. AL: At Last

13. ALAYLM: As Long As You Love Me

14. AM: Allow me

15. AM: Answers Many

16. AM: As most

17. AM: As Much

18. AML: All my love

19. AOK: Act of Kindness

20. AOL: All Our Love

21. ASAFP: As Soon As Fucking Possible

22. ASAP: As Soft As Possible

23. ASMB: Anybody Seen My Baby

24. AWM: Agree with most

25. Aya: Are you alone

26. AYKM: Are You Kidding Me

27. B.I.T.C.H.: Babe In Total Control of Herself

28. B.U.N.S.: Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter

29. BABY: Being Annoyed By You

30. BALIWAG: Beauty And Love I Will Always Give

31. Bam: Bad at Math

32. Bam: By All Means

33. Bat: Be Active Together

34. BB: Bad Break

35. bbe: Baby

36. BEL: Brotherhood of Eternal Love

37. BF: Beauty Fashion

38. BF: Be Friends

39. BF: Boyfriend

40. BF4L: Best Friend For Life

41. BFA: Best Friends Always

42. BFBF: Best Friend and Boyfriendrecent

43. BFD: Big Friggin Deal

44. BFF: Best Friend Fell

45. BFF: Boy Friend Forever

46. BFFFL: Best Friend Forever For Life

47. BFFN: Best friend for now

48. i <3 u: I love you

49. ILY2: I Love You Too

50. It: It Turns

51. KM: Kiss Me

52. LAK: Love And Kisses

53. LDR: Long-Distance Relationship

54. LIBYA: Love Is Beautiful; You Also

55. LIITA: Love Is In The Air

56. LML: Love My Life

57. LOL: Lips on Lips

58. LOL: Lost Of Love

59. LOL: List of Links

60. LOL: List of Lists

61. LOL: Live on Love

62. LOL: Locks of Love

63. LOL: Lots of Lemons

64. LOL: Lots Of Luck


66. LOL: Love of Languages

67. LOL: Love Of Laughing

68. LOL: Love of Learning

69. LOML: Love of my life

70. lovu: Love you

71. LSD: Love, Sadness & Desire

72. LYMI: Love You Mean It

73. LYSM: Love You So Much

74. MARLBORO: Men Always Remember Love Because Of Romance Only

75. Moo: My One and Only

76. PASAY: Pretty And Sexy Are You

77. PM: Peace of Mind

78. S.S.: Special Someone

79. Sex: Sacred Energy Exchange

80. SHMILY: See How Much I Love You

81. SMILE: Sweet Memories In Lips Expression

82. SO: Significant Others

83. SS: Silence Speak

84. SS: Single and Searching

85. SS: Song of Songs

86. SSL: Standing on the Side of Love

87. SWAK: Sealed With A Kiss

88. TLC: Tender Loving Care

89. TMIY: Take Me I’m Yours

90. TYL: Thank You Lord

91. WTF: Wait Til Friday

92. WTF: Wednesday Thursday Friday

93. YET: You’re Eligible, Too

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