230+ Exam Related Abbreviations, Acronyms, And Full Forms List

There are many short forms available for various types of exams. If you are preparing for any exam then the below abbreviations will become very helpful for you. Let’s read the list of exam related abbreviations, acronyms, and full forms.

Exam Related Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Full Forms

1. A.E.: An Examination

2. A.O.: Administrative Officer

3. A.S.I.: Assistant Sub Inspector

4. A.S.M.: Actuarial Study Materials

5. A.T.E.P.: Accelerated Teacher Education Program

6. AA: Ability Answer

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7. AA: Access Arrangement

8. AA: Artificer Apprentice

9. AB: Accountant in Business

10. ABCE: Advanced Business Certificate Examination

11. ABCTE: American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence

12. ABFDE: American Board of Forensic Document Examiners

13. ABFM: American Board of Family Medicine

14. ABIME: American Board of Independent Medical Examiners

15. ABNAME: Advanced Borderless Network Account Manager exam

16. ABNASEE: Advanced Borderless Network Architecture Systems Engineer Exam

17. ABNFEE: Advanced Borderless Network Field Engineer exam

18. ABNN: American Board of Neuroscience Nursing

19. AC: Admission Certificate

20. AC: Admit Card

21. ACA: Adobe Certified Associates

22. ACA: Alfresco Certified Administrator

23. ACA: Apple Certified Associate

24. ACA: Avaya Certified Associate

25. ACC: Army Cadet College

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26. ACCCM: Avaya Contact Center Control Manager

27. ACCP: Aruba Certified Clearpass Professional

28. ACCS: Avaya Contact Centre Select

29. ACDS: Avaya Certified Design Specialist

30. ACDX: Aruba-Certified Design Expert

31. ACE: Addenbrooke’s Cognitive Examination

32. ACE: Akershus Cardiac Examination

33. ACE: Anal Cancer Examination

34. ACE: Assessment, Certification and Examination

35. ACE: Acceleration Challenge Exam

36. ACE: Accredited Configuration Engineer

37. ACE: Addiction Counseling Exam

38. ACE: Adobe Certified Exam

39. ACEC: Ambedkar Competitive Examination Center

40. ACEE: Association of Combined Entrance Examination

41. ACET: Actuarial Common Entrance Test

42. ACET: Ateneo College Entrance Test

43. ACF: Assistant Conservator of Forests

44. ACHDS: Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist

45. ACHE: Advanced Certified Hospice Executive

46. ACIO: Alien Contact Intelligence Organization

47. ACIO: Assistant Central Intelligence Officers

48. ACIS: Avaya Certified Implementation Specialist

49. ACIS: Avaya Certified Integration Specialist

50. ACM: Advanced Clinical Medicine

51. ACMA: Apple Certified Media Administrator

52. ACMA: Aruba-Certified Mobility Associate

53. ACMP: Aruba-Certified Mobility Professional

54. ACMS: Army College of Medical Science

55. ACMT: Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist

56. ACMT: Apple Certified Macintosh Technician

57. ACMX: Aruba Certified Mobility Expert

58. ACN: Army College of Nursing

59. ACP: Agile Certified Practitioner

60. ACP: Alternative Control Path

61. ACP: Analyst Cum Programmer

62. ACP: Apple Certified Professional

63. ACP: Autodesk Certified Professional

64. ACP: Avaloq Certified Professional

65. ACPT: Apple Certified Portable Technician

66. ACs: Admission Certificates

67. ACs: Apple Certified Specialist

68. ACs: Assistant Commandants

69. ACSA: Apple Certified System Administrator

70. ACSA: Avaya Certified Solutions Architect

71. ACSE: Avaya Certified Solution Expert

72. ACSP: Apple Certified Support Professional

73. ACSS: Avaya Certified Support Specialist

74. ACSSS: American Council of State Savings Supervisors

75. ADC: Alcohol and Drug Counselor

76. ADEO: Assistant Development Extension Officer

77. AE: Annual Examinations

78. AEC: Authorized Examination Center

79. AESD: Accelerated Examination Support Document

80. AFDE: Association of Forensic Document Examiners

81. AIBE: All India Bar Exams

82. AICE: Amity Institute for Competitive Examinations

83. AIDP: Accenture Intelligent Digital Platform

84. AIEE: All India Entrance Examination

85. AIEEA: All India Entrance Examinations for Admission

86. AIEEA: All India Entrance Examination for Agriculture

87. AIEED: All India Entrance Examination for Design

88. AIEEE: All-India Engineering Entrance Examination

89. AIME: American Invitational Mathematics Examination

90. AIMEE: All India Medical Entrance Examinations

91. AIPGMEE: All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examination

92. AISEE: All India Scholarship Entrance Exam

93. AISSCE: All India Senior School Certificate Examination

94. AISSE: All India Secondary School Examination

95. AIYSEE: All India Youth Scholarship Entrance Examination

96. ALE: Architect Licensure Examination

97. AMEB: Australian Music Examinations Board

98. AMPAI: Association of Minority Professional Academic Institutes

99. ANMTST: Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery Training Selection Test

100. ANTC: Advanced National Technical Certificate

101. AO: Accounting Officer

102. AO: Admin Officers

103. AO: Agricultural Officer

104. APE: Architectural Practice Examination

105. APJEE: Arunachal Pradesh Joint Entrance Examination

106. APRJC: Andhra Pradesh Residential Junior College

107. APSCSCL: Andhra Pradesh State Civil Supplies Corporation Limited

108. AQA: Assessment and Qualifications Alliance

109. ARE: Architect Registration Examination

110. AS: Advance Subsidiary

111. AS: Advanced Supplementary

112. ASFDE: Australasian Society of Forensic Document Examiners

113. ASOC: Amateur Station Operators Certificate

114. ASQDE: American Society of Questioned Document Examiners

115. ATC: Accounting Technician Certificate

116. ATS: Accounting Technician Scheme

117. ATS: Admission Test Series

118. ATSWA: Accounting Technicians Scheme, West Africa

119. ATT: Authorization to Test

120. B.C.E.C.E.: Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Examination

121. B.C.S.: Bengal Civil Service

122. BBOSE: Bihar Board of Open Schooling and Examination

123. BCE: Business & Computing Examinations

124. BCECEB: Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Examination Board

125. BCSE: Bhutan Civil Service Examinations

126. BCSEA: Bhutan Council for School Examinations and Assessment

127. BDAE: Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Examination

128. BEC: Botswana Examinations Council

129. BECE: Basic Education Certification Examination

130. BECE: Bioscience Engineering Career Event

131. BEWE: Basic Erosive Wear Examination

132. BF: Borderline Fail

133. BFAD: Bachelor of Fashion Apparel Design

134. BGCSE: Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education

135. BIE: Board of Intermediate Education

136. BIE: Board of Intermediate Examination

137. BIMC: Blessed Information-Memory-Concentration

138. BLEPT: Board Licensure Examinations for Professional Teachers

139. BLT: Basic Law Test

140. BoE: Board of Examinations

141. BOLE: Board of Law Examiners

142. BOPEE: Board of Professional Entrance Examination

143. BPE: Basic Periodontal Exam

144. BPEE: Board of Professional Entrance Examination

145. BPT: Board for Professional Teachers

146. BRO: Branch Recruiting Offices

147. BRS: Basic Radiation Safety

148. BSE: Board of Secondary Education

149. BSE: Breast self-examination

150. BSE: Breeding Soundness Examination

151. BSEB: Bihar School Examination Board

152. BSEO: Board of Secondary Education Odisha

153. BSER: Board of Secondary Education Rajasthan

154. BU: Bhavnagar University

155. BU: Bilaspur University

156. C.D.S.: Combined Defence Services

157. C.E.A.: Costruzioni Elettromeccaniche Annettoni

158. C.L.E.P.: College Level Examination Program

159. C.P.E.: Certificate of Proficiency in English

160. C.P.E.: Computer-Assisted Testing

161. C.P.E.: Computer Adaptive Testing

162. C.P.E.: Computer Aptitude Test

163. C.P.E.: Creative Ability Test

164. C.P.E.: Creative Aptitude Test

165. C.S.E.: Certificate of Secondary Education

166. CAPE: Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination

167. CASE: Combined Administrative Services Examination

168. CAT: Computer Assisted Testing

169. CAT: Career Aptitude Test

170. CAT: Certificate in Accounting Technician

171. CAT: College Admission Test

172. CAT: Combined Aptitude Test

173. CAT: Common Aptitude Test

174. CBE: Clinical Breast Examination

175. CBE: Computer-Based Examinations

176. CBE: Credit-by-Examination

177. CBEE: Combined Biotechnology Entrance Exam

178. CBIP: Certified Business Intelligence Professional

179. CBS: Core Banking Services

180. CBSE: Central Board of Secondary Examination

181. CBSN: Constructing Basic Security Network

182. CBT: Computer Based Testing

183. CCA: Certified Coding Associate

184. CCCP: Certified Cloud Computing Professional

185. CCE: Comprehensive Clinical Examination

186. CCEA: Council for the Curriculum, Examinations & Assessment

187. CCME: Canadian Council of Massotherapeutic Examiners

188. CCSE: Cognitive Capacity Screening Examination

189. CCSE: Combined Civil Service Examination

190. CCSLC: Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Level Competence

191. CDE: Certified Document Examiner

192. CDFE: Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Exam

193. CDS: combined-defence-services

194. CDSE: Combined Defense Service Exam

195. CDT: Construction Documents Technologist

196. CE: Certifying Examination

197. CE: Clinical Examination

198. CE: Composition Examination

199. CE: Comprehensive Examination

200. CE: Consultative Examinations

201. CE: Course Examination

202. CEDA: Cross-Examination Debate Association

203. CEE: Combined Entrance Examination

204. CEE: Commissioner of Entrance Examination

205. CEE: Common Entrance Exam

206. CEEB: College Entrance Examination Board

207. CET: College Entrance Test

208. CIWGC: Children of Indian Workers in Gulf Countries

209. CWT: Certified Water Technologist

210. D.S.P.: Deputy Superintendent of Police

211. DSE: Direct Sales Executive

212. ESP: Early Ship Program

213. FG: Fundamentals of Geology

214. GOOGLE: Global Organization Of Oriented Group Language Of Earth

215. GSSSB: Gujarat Subordinate Service Selection Board

216. GTA: Gynecological Teaching Associate

217. JEE: Joint Entrance Examination

218. KSDNEB: Karnataka State Diploma in Nursing Examination Board

219. LCT: Language Comprehensive Test

220. LO: Law Officer

221. MC: Multiple-Choice

222. MCS: Multimedia Communications Server

223. MTSE: Maharashtra Talent Search Examination

224. OEQ: Open-Ended Questions

225. P.C.: Police Constable

226. P.E.T.: Physical Efficiency Test

227. P.E.T.: Product Authorization

228. PA: Postal Assistant

229. PCAP: Professional Criminologist Association of the Philippines

230. QP: Question Paper

231. SLEEE: State Level Engineering Entrance Examinations

232. TMO: Telegraphic Money Order

233. VSC: Video Spectral Comparator

234. XAT: Xaviers Admission Test

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