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If you’re searching for wisdom and inspiration in simple words, Elbert Hubbard’s quotes are a treasure trove of profound thoughts. Elbert Hubbard, an American writer, philosopher, and entrepreneur, had a knack for distilling complex ideas into straightforward and impactful quotes. Whether you’re looking for guidance on success, happiness, or personal growth, Hubbard’s words offer valuable insights that resonate with people from all walks of life. In this blog, we’ll delve into some of Elbert Hubbard’s most thought-provoking quotes, breaking them down in plain language to understand how they can inspire and guide us in our daily lives. Prepare to be motivated and enlightened by the timeless quotes of Elbert Hubbard.

Elbert Hubbard Quotes

Dive into the wisdom of Elbert Hubbard, a master of concise and insightful quotes. Discover how his words can inspire and guide your life.

Elbert Hubbard’s Quotes on Character:

Quote 1: “Character is the result of two things, mental attitude, and the way we spend our time. It is what we think and what we do that make us what we are.” – This quote says that your character, which is the kind of person you are, is shaped by two things: how you think in your mind and how you use your time doing things. It’s a combination of your thoughts and your actions.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to pay attention to both our thoughts and our actions because they determine who we become. If we think positively and make good choices in how we spend our time, we can build a strong and positive character.

Additional Tip: To improve your character, try to think positively, make good decisions, and spend your time on activities that align with your values and beliefs.

Quote 2: “God will not look you over for medals, degrees or diplomas but for scars.”This quote tells us that when God judges or evaluates us, He doesn’t care about the awards, degrees, or certificates we have. Instead, He looks at the “scars” on our souls or the experiences that have marked us.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to value our life experiences, whether they are good or bad because they shape who we are. It reminds us that our character is built through challenges and lessons, not just through achievements.

Additional Tip: Embrace your life experiences, learn from them, and use them to become a better person. It’s not about the awards you have but how you grow through the scars of life.

Quote 3: “I believe in the hands that work, in the brains that think, and in the hearts that love…I believe in sunshine, fresh air, friendship, calm sleep, beautiful thoughts.” – This quote is about believing in the value of hard work, intelligence, and love. It also emphasizes the importance of simple pleasures like sunshine, fresh air, friendship, good sleep, and positive thoughts.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to appreciate the basic and essential aspects of life that often bring happiness and contentment. It encourages us to value the virtues of hard work, intelligence, and love as well as the beauty of the world around us.

Additional Tip: Find joy in the simple things, work with your hands, engage your mind, and let love guide your actions. These are the building blocks of a fulfilling life.

Quote 4: “Live truth instead of professing it.” – This quote advises us to not just talk about truth or say we believe in it but to actually live according to the principles of truth.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to be genuine and authentic in our actions, to align our behavior with our values, and to be honest and sincere in our interactions with others.

Additional Tip: To live the truth, act in a way that reflects your beliefs and values. Be a living example of the truths you hold dear.

Elbert Hubbard’s Quotes on Wisdom and Humor:

Quote 5: “A conservative is a man who is too cowardly to fight and too fat to run.” – This quote humorously defines a conservative as someone who is afraid to fight or take action and is too lazy to run away from problems.

Inspiration: This quote reminds us that it’s important to have the courage to face challenges and not let fear or complacency hold us back. It encourages us to take action when needed.

Additional Tip: Don’t be a “conservative” in the sense described in the quote. Instead, be brave and proactive in facing life’s challenges.

Quote 6: “Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.” – This quote humorously suggests that life is too short and unpredictable to be serious all the time, and nobody gets out of life alive, so we should lighten up.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to find joy and humor in life’s ups and downs, to not sweat the small stuff, and to enjoy the journey without being overly serious.

Additional Tip: Embrace laughter, find humor in everyday situations, and remember that life is too short to be constantly stressed.

Quote 7: “Every man is a damn fool for at least five minutes every day; wisdom consists in not exceeding the limit.” – This quote humorously acknowledges that everyone makes foolish mistakes, but wisdom lies in not letting those moments define us.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to accept our imperfections and occasional foolishness. It encourages us to learn from our mistakes and not dwell on them.

Additional Tip: Don’t be too hard on yourself when you make a mistake. Instead, learn from it and strive to make better choices in the future.

Quote 8: “Laughter is higher than all pain.” – This quote suggests that the joy of laughter is more powerful and uplifting than the pain we experience in life.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to find humor and laughter even in difficult times, as it can help us cope with pain and adversity.

Additional Tip: When facing tough situations, try to find something to laugh about or surround yourself with people who bring joy and humor into your life.

Quote 9: “Little minds are interested in the extraordinary; great minds in the commonplace.” – This quote points out that small-minded people are drawn to extraordinary and flashy things, while wise individuals find value in ordinary, everyday matters.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to appreciate the beauty and significance of everyday life and ordinary moments. It suggests that greatness is found in the simplicity of life.

Additional Tip: Practice mindfulness and take time to notice and savor the ordinary moments in your daily life. There’s often beauty and wisdom in the commonplace.

Elbert Hubbard’s Quotes on Friendship:

Quote 10: “A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” – This quote tells us that a true friend is someone who knows everything about you, even your flaws and mistakes, and still cares for you and values your friendship.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to be open and honest with our friends and to appreciate the friends who accept us for who we are, warts and all. It encourages us to be understanding and forgiving in our friendships.

Additional Tip: Be a good friend by accepting and supporting your friends, even when they make mistakes or have faults. True friends stick by each other through thick and thin.

Quote 11: “Friendship, like credit, is highest when it is not used.” – This quote suggests that the value of friendship is at its peak when it’s not constantly needed or relied upon, similar to how credit is most valuable when you don’t need to borrow money.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to nurture our friendships without taking advantage of them. It reminds us to maintain self-reliance and not burden our friends excessively.

Additional Tip: Be a good friend by being there when needed, but also try to handle your own problems and not rely on your friends for everything. This balance keeps your friendships strong.

Elbert Hubbard’s Quotes on Education:

Quote 12: “A school should not be a preparation for life. A school should be life.”This quote suggests that a school should not just be about preparing you for the future; it should be a meaningful part of your life experience.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to see education as more than just a means to an end but as an essential and enriching part of our journey. It encourages us to embrace learning as a lifelong adventure.

Additional Tip: Approach your education with curiosity and enthusiasm, and view it as an integral and valuable aspect of your life, rather than a chore.

Quote 13: “Opportunities for education should be within the reach of every individual, not for the lucky few.” – This quote emphasizes that education should be accessible to everyone, not just a fortunate few who can afford it.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to advocate for equal educational opportunities for all, regardless of their background or circumstances. It encourages us to support initiatives that promote inclusive education.

Additional Tip: Be an advocate for educational equity and accessibility, and work towards making quality education available to all individuals, regardless of their financial situation.

Quote 14: “The object of teaching a child is to enable him to get along without a teacher.” – This quote suggests that the goal of teaching a child is to empower them to become independent and self-sufficient, not to make them reliant on a teacher forever.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to view education as a means to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and self-reliance in students. It encourages educators to foster independence in their students.

Additional Tip: When teaching or parenting, focus on helping children become self-sufficient and capable of learning on their own, rather than creating dependence on constant guidance.

Quote 15: “The teacher is the one who gets the most out of the lessons, and the true teacher is the learner.” – This quote suggests that the person who benefits the most from teaching is the one doing the teaching, and a real teacher is always learning.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to value the act of teaching and learning as a mutual exchange. It encourages both teachers and students to remain open to new knowledge and insights.

Additional Tip: Whether you’re a teacher or a student, remember that learning is a lifelong journey, and teaching is an opportunity for personal growth and development.

Quote 16: “This will never be a civilized country until we expend more money for books than we do for chewing gum.” – This quote suggests that a truly civilized society should prioritize spending more on books and education than on trivial and consumable items like chewing gum.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to recognize the importance of investing in education and knowledge as a cornerstone of a civilized and enlightened society.

Additional Tip: Advocate for increased investment in education and literacy, both personally and within your community, to help build a more educated and enlightened society.

Elbert Hubbard’s Quotes on Art and Science:

Quote 17: “Art is not a thing; it is a way.” – This quote tells us that art is not just a physical object; it’s a way of expressing feelings and ideas. It’s a way of doing things with creativity and emotion.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to see art as a form of expression that goes beyond physical objects. It encourages us to use creativity in our everyday lives and to express ourselves in beautiful ways.

Additional Tip: Incorporate creativity into your daily activities and remember that art can be a way of thinking and living, not just a product you create.

Quote 18: “Art is the beautiful way of doing things. Science is the effective way of doing things. Business is the economic way of doing things.” – This quote explains that art is about doing things in a beautiful and expressive way, science is about doing things effectively and logically, and business is about doing things efficiently for profit.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to understand the different approaches in life. It encourages us to appreciate beauty in art, effectiveness in science, and efficiency in business. It reminds us that each has its place and importance.

Additional Tip: Recognize the value of art, science, and business in your life, and try to balance these aspects to find fulfillment in different ways.

Elbert Hubbard’s Quotes on Effort and Genius:

Quote 19: “Constant effort and frequent mistakes are the stepping stones to genius.” – This quote suggests that becoming a genius or achieving greatness requires persistent effort and making many mistakes along the way. These errors are like steps toward success.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to embrace hard work, dedication, and learning from our mistakes. It reminds us that making errors is part of the journey to greatness.

Additional Tip: Don’t fear mistakes; view them as opportunities to learn and improve on your path to achieving something extraordinary.

Quote 20: “Genius is often only the power of making continuous efforts.” – This quote says that genius is often simply the ability to keep making consistent and persistent efforts, rather than some extraordinary innate talent.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to understand that genius is within reach for those who work hard and don’t give up. It encourages us to keep striving for our goals.

Additional Tip: To achieve greatness, focus on your effort and determination, as these are often more important than innate talent.

Quote 21: “Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped.” – This quote humorously suggests that even geniuses have their limitations, but stupidity has no such restrictions.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to recognize that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. It also reminds us to avoid being complacent and to strive to overcome our limitations.

Additional Tip: Keep in mind that no one is perfect, and even geniuses have areas where they may struggle. Be open to learning and improvement.

Elbert Hubbard’s Quotes on Self-Improvement:

Quote 22: “Cultivate only the habits that you are willing should master you.” – This quote advises us to choose our habits wisely because the habits we develop can have a powerful influence over our lives.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to be intentional about the habits we cultivate, as they can shape our character and determine our future.

Additional Tip: Focus on developing positive habits that align with your goals and values, as they will have a significant impact on your life.

Quote 23: “Self-discipline is the ability to make yourself do what you should do when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.” – This quote defines self-discipline as the skill of doing what you know is right or necessary, even when you don’t necessarily want to do it.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to cultivate self-discipline, which is essential for achieving goals and personal growth. It reminds us that motivation isn’t always necessary; sometimes, you need to do what’s needed regardless of your feelings.

Additional Tip: Practice self-discipline by setting goals, creating routines, and sticking to them, even when it’s challenging or you lack motivation.

Quote 24: “We work to become, not to acquire.” – This quote tells us that our efforts in life should be focused on becoming better individuals, not just accumulating material possessions.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to prioritize personal growth, character development, and self-improvement over the pursuit of material wealth.

Additional Tip: Shift your focus from acquiring things to becoming the best version of yourself. The true value lies in personal growth and the positive impact you can make on the world.

Quote 25: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” – This quote suggests that when faced with difficulties or challenges, we should find a way to turn them into something positive or productive.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to have a positive and resilient outlook on life. It encourages us to be resourceful and creative when dealing with adversity.

Additional Tip: When faced with setbacks, look for opportunities to learn, grow, and adapt. It’s about making the best out of challenging situations.

Elbert Hubbard’s Quotes on Happiness and Habits:

Quote 26: “Happiness is a habit—cultivate it.” – This quote tells us that happiness is not just a random feeling; it’s something we can develop as a habit. Like any habit, you can work on making yourself happier.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to actively choose to be happy and to develop habits that promote happiness in our daily lives. It reminds us that happiness is within our control.

Additional Tip: Practice gratitude, positive thinking, and acts of kindness as habits to cultivate happiness in your life.

Quote 27: “The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.” – This quote suggests that the biggest mistake we can make is to be constantly afraid of making mistakes. This fear can hold us back from trying new things and growing.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to overcome the fear of making mistakes and to see them as opportunities for learning and improvement. It encourages us to take chances in life.

Additional Tip: Don’t let the fear of making mistakes paralyze you. Embrace mistakes as part of the learning process and a path to personal growth.

Quote 28: “The happiness of this life depends less on what befalls you than the way in which you take it.” – This quote tells us that our happiness in life is more about how we react to what happens to us rather than the events themselves. It’s about our perspective and attitude.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to focus on our mindset and how we choose to react to life’s ups and downs. It reminds us that we have the power to find happiness in any situation.

Additional Tip: Practice resilience and positive thinking to find happiness even in challenging circumstances. Your perspective matters.

Elbert Hubbard’s Quotes on Love:

Quote 29: “The love we give away is the only love we keep.” – This quote suggests that the love we share with others is the love that remains with us. It’s a way of saying that love grows when it’s given.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to be generous with our love and to understand that love multiplies when shared. It encourages us to show love and kindness to others.

Additional Tip: Don’t hesitate to express your love and affection for others. The more you give, the more love you’ll receive in return.

Quote 30: “The mintage of wisdom is to know that rest is rust, and that real life is to love, laugh, and work.” – This quote suggests that true wisdom lies in knowing that idleness or resting too much can lead to stagnation. Real life involves loving, laughing, and working.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to understand the value of staying active and engaged in life through love, laughter, and meaningful work. It emphasizes the importance of balance.

Additional Tip: Balance your life by finding joy in love and laughter while also dedicating yourself to meaningful work and activities.

Quote 31: “True life lies in laughter, love, and work.” – This quote tells us that the essence of a fulfilling life can be found in laughter, love, and the meaningful work we do.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to focus on what truly matters in life: enjoying moments of joy and laughter, sharing love and affection with others, and engaging in work that gives us purpose and fulfillment.

Additional Tip: Prioritize these three elements in your life – laughter, love, and meaningful work – to create a rich and satisfying life.

Elbert Hubbard’s Quotes on Communication:

Quote 32: “He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.” – This quote suggests that if someone can’t grasp the meaning behind your silence or non-verbal cues, they might also struggle to understand what you say with words.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to pay attention to the unspoken messages we convey and the non-verbal aspects of communication. It reminds us that effective communication goes beyond words.

Additional Tip: Be aware of your body language and the messages it sends. Good communication involves not just what you say but how you say it and what you express without words.

Quote 33: “Never explain―your friends do not need it and your enemies will not believe you anyway.” – This quote advises us not to waste time explaining ourselves because our true friends already understand us, and those who are against us won’t be convinced by our explanations.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to be confident in who we are and not overly concerned with the opinions of others. It encourages us to focus on building genuine relationships rather than trying to convince everyone.

Additional Tip: Instead of explaining yourself, let your actions and character speak for you. True friends value you for who you are, and those who doubt you may not change their minds through words alone.

Elbert Hubbard’s Quotes on Being Successful:

Quote 34: “How many a man has thrown up his hands at a time when a little more effort, a little more patience would have achieved success?” – This quote tells us that many people give up when, with a little more effort and patience, they could have succeeded.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to be persistent and patient when facing challenges. It reminds us not to quit too soon, as success might be just around the corner.

Additional Tip: When you face obstacles, consider whether a little more effort and patience might lead to success. Don’t give up too quickly.

Quote 35: “It does not take much strength to do things, but it requires a great deal of strength to decide what to do.” – This quote suggests that taking action doesn’t require much physical strength, but making decisions and choosing the right course of action can be mentally challenging.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to recognize the importance of making wise decisions in our pursuit of success. It emphasizes the need for mental strength and clarity in our choices.

Additional Tip: Before taking action, spend time deciding what the best course of action is. Mental strength in decision-making is key to success.

Quote 36: “Know what you want to do, hold the thought firmly, and do every day what should be done, and every sunset will see you that much nearer the goal.” – This quote advises us to set a clear goal, focus on it, and consistently work toward it each day. This way, you’ll make progress over time.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to set and pursue our goals with determination and daily effort. It reminds us that small, consistent steps lead to success.

Additional Tip: Break your goals into smaller tasks and work on them daily. This approach keeps you on the path to your goal and helps you see progress.

Quote 37: “The line between failure and success is so fine… that we are often on the line and do not know it.” – This quote suggests that success and failure are very close, and sometimes we are closer to success than we realize.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to persist and not give up easily, even when things seem challenging. Success may be just a step away.

Additional Tip: When facing setbacks or difficulties, remember that you might be closer to success than you think. Keep going.

Quote 38: “The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can’t be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it.” – This quote tells us that in a fast-paced world, those who doubt that something can be done are often proven wrong by others who take action.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to be proactive and not hesitate due to doubt or skepticism. It encourages us to take action and be part of progress and innovation.

Additional Tip: Don’t be afraid to try new things or pursue what you believe in, even if others doubt it. Sometimes, you’ll be the one who accomplishes what seemed impossible.

Quote 39: “There is no failure except in no longer trying.” – This quote suggests that the only true failure is giving up and not making an effort.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to keep trying and learning from our experiences. It reminds us that as long as we continue to make an effort, we are not truly failing.

Additional Tip: Embrace failure as a stepping stone to success. Don’t let setbacks stop you from trying again and again.

Quote 40: “Business, to be successful, must be based on science, for demand and supply are matters of mathematics, not guesswork.” – This quote highlights the importance of using scientific principles and data, rather than guesswork, to succeed in business, especially in understanding supply and demand.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to approach business and decision-making with a methodical and data-driven mindset. It emphasizes the importance of informed choices.

Additional Tip: Whether in business or any other field, consider using data and scientific principles to make more informed decisions, especially when it comes to market trends and consumer demand.

Elbert Hubbard’s Quotes on Responsibility:

Quote 41: “Men are punished by their sins, not for them.” – This quote suggests that the consequences of our actions come from the actions themselves, not as a punishment from an external force.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to take responsibility for our actions and their outcomes. It reminds us that we have control over our choices and their consequences.

Additional Tip: Make choices that align with your values and consider the potential consequences before taking action.

Quote 42: “Positive anything is better than negative nothing.” – This quote encourages us to have a positive attitude and outlook on life because it’s better than having a negative or pessimistic perspective.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to see the value in maintaining a positive attitude and finding something good, even in challenging situations. It encourages optimism.

Additional Tip: Cultivate a positive mindset and focus on the good aspects of life, even when facing difficulties.

Quote 43: “Responsibility is the price of freedom.” – This quote tells us that with freedom comes the responsibility to use it wisely. It’s a reminder that freedom is not without obligations.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to understand that freedom is valuable but not free of responsibility. It encourages us to make responsible choices in the exercise of our freedom.

Additional Tip: When enjoying the benefits of freedom, remember the responsibility that comes with it, which includes considering the welfare of others and the greater good.

Elbert Hubbard’s Quotes on Living Life and Criticism:

Quote 44: “The best way to prepare for life is to begin to live.” – This quote suggests that the best way to get ready for life is to start living it, gaining experience and learning through action.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to take action, make the most of the present, and not wait for the perfect moment. It emphasizes that living life is a form of preparation itself.

Additional Tip: Don’t delay living your life. Each day is an opportunity to learn, grow, and prepare for the future.

Quote 45: “The final proof of greatness lies in being able to endure criticism without resentment.” – This quote says that true greatness is demonstrated when a person can handle criticism without becoming angry or bitter.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to develop emotional resilience and maturity. It encourages us to accept criticism as a chance for improvement rather than reacting with resentment.

Additional Tip: When receiving criticism, listen with an open mind, consider its value, and use it as an opportunity for personal growth.

Quote 46: “To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” – This quote humorously suggests that if you want to avoid criticism, you should avoid doing anything at all or expressing yourself.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to accept that criticism is a part of life, especially when we take action and express ourselves. It encourages us to not fear criticism and to continue to be active and creative.

Additional Tip: Embrace the fact that not everyone will agree with you, and that’s okay. Don’t let the fear of criticism hold you back from pursuing your goals and expressing your ideas.

Quote 47: “We awaken in others the same attitude of mind we hold toward them.” – This quote suggests that the way we treat and perceive others influences how they react to us. If we have a positive attitude, it often evokes a positive response in others.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to maintain a positive and respectful attitude towards others, as it tends to lead to better interactions and relationships.

Additional Tip: Treat people with kindness and respect, and you’ll likely receive the same in return. Our attitude often shapes the attitudes of those around us.

Quote 48: “Nature: The unseen intelligence which loved us into being, and is disposing of us by the same token.” – This quote recognizes the concept of nature as a force that created and sustains life and ultimately leads to our eventual end.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to appreciate the beauty and mysteries of nature. It encourages us to recognize the interconnectedness of life and the role of nature in our existence.

Additional Tip: Spend time in nature, observe its wonders, and reflect on the profound connection between humanity and the natural world.

Elbert Hubbard’s Inspirational Quotes:

Quote 49: “No man needs a vacation so much as the man who has just had one.” – This quote humorously suggests that after a vacation, you might feel like you need another break because vacations can sometimes be tiring.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to find balance in life, avoiding overexertion or overindulgence in leisure. It encourages us to appreciate work and relaxation in moderation.

Additional Tip: Remember that balance in life is essential. Don’t exhaust yourself with work, and don’t overdo it on vacation either. Find a middle ground that suits your well-being.

Quote 50: “Nothing is permanent but change.” – This quote tells us that the only constant in life is change. Everything is in a state of flux, and nothing remains the same forever.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to embrace change as a natural part of life and to adapt to new circumstances. It encourages us to be flexible and open to the possibilities that change brings.

Additional Tip: When faced with change, rather than resisting it, try to see the opportunities it can bring for personal growth and new experiences.

Quote 51: “One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.” – This quote highlights the value of exceptional individuals, emphasizing that while machines can replace many, they can’t replicate the unique abilities of extraordinary people.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to develop our exceptional qualities and talents. It reminds us that our individuality and creativity are irreplaceable and valuable.

Additional Tip: Nurture your unique skills and qualities, and use them to stand out and make a positive impact in your field or community.

Quote 52: “A retentive memory may be a good thing, but the ability to forget is the true token of greatness.” – This quote suggests that while having a good memory is useful, the ability to let go of the past and forgive is a sign of true greatness.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to prioritize forgiveness and moving forward. It encourages us to let go of grudges and focus on personal growth and building positive relationships. – Additional Tip: Practice forgiveness and learn from your experiences. Holding onto negative emotions and past grievances can be a heavy burden.

Additional Tip: Practice forgiveness and learn from your experiences. Holding onto negative emotions and past grievances can be a heavy burden.