How Gautama Buddha Transformed a Murderer into a Sage?

Sadhguru told a story on how Gautama Buddha transformed a murderer into a sage who used to kill people. This is a motivational story you must read.

How Gautama Buddha Transformed A Murderer Into A Sage?

There was a man. People called him Angulimala. One incident happened to him in the city and he felt that this society is doing injustice to him. He became an angry man. Being very angry with society, he took an oath that he would kill 101 people in the city in which injustice has been done to him and he would cut off a thumb from each person and wear it in the form of a garland around his neck.

There was a forest nearby, he went into it. That forest was the way to go to many places. Whoever was going on that way, he started to kill. After killing people, he cut off one of their fingers, made a garland in it, and started wearing it. People started calling him Angulimala. In a few years, he killed a hundred people and had to kill just one more to satisfy his lust.

One day Gautam Buddha came to that city and he had to go that way. People said, “Don’t go in this way, there is a man who is worse than an animal, he kills people. Now he just needs a man to fulfill his vow. Then Gautam Buddha said, “If I don’t go, then who will go? And if he remains incomplete, he will kill someone. I’ll go, and he left.

Angulimala was sitting on a rock in the forest, enjoying her prestige till now. People were afraid of him, he loved it. People used to tremble when they heard his name. Sitting on the rock, he saw a sadhu coming quietly. He roared to tell the monk that “I am here and here is your end.”

Gautam Buddha looked at him, kept walking silently with a smile on his face. He does not like it. He jumped off the rock and stood in front of him. He said, “Who are you? Do you know who I am?” He showed his rosary and all fingers.

Gautam Buddha said, “I have heard everything about you.” Saying this Gautam Buddha kept walking.

Angulimala said, “Where are you going? You are going even when I am talking to you?”

Gautam Buddha said, “I have stopped going long ago. Now I am coming. But you are trying to go somewhere.”

Then Angulimala laughed and said, “Surely you are a madman. I am still standing here, you say I am leaving. You are walking, and you say you are not going. What has happening?”

Gautam Buddha said, “I have come, I am not going anywhere. You are trying to go somewhere. But you don’t know where to go and how to go. Do you want my finger or do you want my neck?

Angulimala enjoys killing a man when a person is frightened and does not want to die. Now Gautam Buddha wants to die, he doesn’t care. Angulimala thought, “What’s the use of killing this man?”

Angulimala said, “You tell me, you are leaving and you are saying that you are coming but you are not moving. I am here and you are saying that I am leaving.”

Gautam Buddha said, “You are looking for the fulfillment of your 101. I am fulfilled. This is a big difference between you and me. You can take my life. If you think you are going to be fulfilled, kill me because It is my job to fulfill people. Just by killing me, you are about to be fulfilled, just do it.

Angulimala realized his mistake and became his disciple. Then Gautam said, “You must go to the city from where you killed a hundred people.”

Gautam Buddha made him a monk and in search of something to eat gave him a yellow cloth and a begging bowl. Angulimala came to the city as a monk. People saw and got scared. When they saw that Angulimala was not doing anything yet, people started throwing stones at him.

Blood started pouring from Angulimala. Then Gautam Buddha came and asked the people to stop. He said, “This is not the same man, this man is my disciple. You are throwing stones at me. There is no point in killing this man because this man has changed in a very hard way. After this people stopped throwing stones. Angulimala became a good disciple of Gautama Buddha. He went all over the country to spread the teachings of Gautam Buddha.

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