15 Stress Relief Quotes from Experts to live a stress-free life

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Find here some helpful stress relief quotes from experts to remove stress and live a stress-free life.

Stress is a mental pain that can be triggered by any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous. There are many such moments in everyone’s life that make a person feel mental pain. For example, if you do not have a job, you are going through a financial crisis, or you have lost someone, etc.

It is very important to get out of this mental pain. So here are a collection of stress relief quotes that will help you to get out from this emotional pain.

Stress Relief Quotes to relieve your stress

1. Amit Ray – Live in the moment

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.”

2. Besa Kosova – Money can be a stress reliever

“Money can’t buy happiness, but it certainly is a stress reliever.”

3. Gregory Landsman – Manage your thoughts

“We are not born with stress, it is created through the way we think, the way we live, and the choices we make day to day. When we understand how to use our breath, we can manage stress and improve our quality of life, feel less fear, feel more joy and find an internal sense of peace in a very short period of time.”

4. Holly Mosier – Live with joy and peace

“Our culture encourages us to plan every moment and fill our schedules with one activity and obligation after the next, with no time to just be. But the human body and mind require downtime to rejuvenate. I have found my greatest moments of joy and peace just sitting in silence, and then I take that joy and peace with me out into the world.”

5. Gudjon Bergmann – focus on one thing at a time

“If you decide to focus on one thing at a time, instead of trying to solve everything at once, and just do that one thing, then you will feel a sudden decrease in stress.”

6. Susan C. Young – Reconnect to what makes you happy

“Reconnect to what makes you happy and brings you Joy. If there is something that used to make you happy which you have stopped doing, do it again. Seek to find deeper meaning and significance rather than living on the surface.”

7. Delbert Curtis – Relax yourself

“When your body begins to enter and remain in a state of relaxation and rest, it is no longer in a state where it consumes resources but in a state where it can regenerate itself, even without sleep.”

8. Banani Ray – Make a relationship with nature

“If you want to have peace on this planet full of stress and turmoil, go to a tree, and hug it. Go to them as if, you are visiting a temple or church. Walk barefoot and touch them in reverence with both your hands.”

“If you want to conquer pain, anxiety, and stress in life, make it a point to visit great trees often and make a connection with them.”

9. Judy Dippel – Spend time with friends you value most

“Don’t miss out on opportunities to spend time with friends you value most, because too many of your waking hours are spent on a treadmill of constant doing to keep up with our culture’s demands. Good friends are stress relief!”

10. Delbert Curtis – Change your relationship with the world

“You have the possibility, in this very moment, to change your relationship to the world by relaxing, enjoying being present, breathing, and living this small moment before sleep, not in stress but in the pleasure of being alive.”

11. Robert Black – Do meditation

“Long-distance running is meditation. When I finish a long run, it’s like my brain has been washed. All the stress and negative thoughts are left somewhere on those long kilometers. In the end, the illusions of the past and future are removed from my mind, and it is set back to zero, so I feel I am totally in the present moment, reset, and ready to restart my life afresh.”

12. Laurie Buchanan – Meditation recharges your battery

“Meditation directly impacts our nervous system by reducing the body’s production of stress-related chemicals such as cortisol. It’s a great way to recharge our personal battery.”

13. Jessica Park – Music can relieve your stress

“You need songs that make you feel. Some make you string, some make you weak. Some build determination, some tear you apart. But you need all of those…Run through the pain.”

14. Charles Glassman – Laugh at yourself

“Don’t underestimate the power of humor and the ability to laugh at yourself to deliver peace and serenity.”

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