18 Inspiring Dialogues from The Movie 3 Idiots

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Find here some inspiring movie dialogues from the movie 3 Idiots.

3 Idiots is an inspiring movie that teaches society about our thinking process and education system. The movie shows how the Indian education system puts societal pressure on students. Students are not given a chance to choose their life according to their abilities.

How our education system teaches the students that life is a race, if you do not run fast, you will be left behind. Due to the pressure of the family, the pressure of “what people will think”, students give up their dreams. In this situation, a boy comes and brings a revolution in the education system & thoughts of the people. He teaches everyone that don’t be afraid of problems, pays attention to their own abilities. Do what you want to do. Don’t pay attention to what people will think. This movie is an inspiring package for parents, students, teachers, society & the education system. You will get to learn a lot from this.

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Inspiring Dialogues From the movie 3 Idiots

We are sharing 18 Inspiring Dialogues from this 3 Idiots movie that will help you do what you love.

1. “Remember, Life is a race. If you do not run fast, someone will overtake you by crushing you.” ― 3 Idiots

2. “There is no fee required for school, uniform required for school. Whatever school you like, buy its uniform, and sit quietly in the class.” ― 3 Idiots

3. “This heart is very fearful. Keep it stupid. No matter how big the problem is in life, tell it all is well. This gives the courage to face the problem.” ― 3 Idiots

4. “These engineers are very clever. No such machine has been made which can measure the pressure of the brain.” ― 3 Idiots

5. “Life will come with many pressures. So will you always blame others?” ― 3 Idiots

6. “When I asked this question, did anyone think that today I will get to learn something new? No, everyone got involved in the race. Even if you come first after reading this, what is the use? Your knowledge will not increase, the pressure will increase.” ― 3 Idiots

7. “Some great man has said, study to be capable, not to be successful.” ― 3 Idiots

8. “Don’t run after success. Pursue Excellence. Success will follow you.” ― 3 Idiots

9. “There is a lot of exams in your life. But there is only one Father.” ― 3 Idiots

10. “It hurts if a friend fails. If a friend got the first rank, it hurts more.” ― 3 Idiots

11. “Why do I come first in the exam? Because I love machines. Engineering is my passion. Do the work in which you have talent.” ― 3 Idiots

12. “Don’t be afraid of the future. Focus on today.” ― 3 Idiots

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13. “Don’t be afraid today. Otherwise, after fifty years, when he would have been old and lying in such a hospital and would be waiting to die, then he would think that the letter was in hand, waiting at the taxi gate, would have had a little courage, then life would have been different.” ― 3 Idiots

14. “Don’t be afraid today Otherwise, after fifty years, when you will be old and lying in such a hospital, and waiting to die, then you will think that the letter was in hand, taxi waiting at the gate, if I had a little courage, then life would have been something else.” ― 3 Idiots

15. “Make your profession in the work you enjoy. Then you will feel like it is a game.” ― 3 Idiots

16. “If I become a photographer, I will earn less money, right? The house will be small, the car will be small, but I will be happy.” ― 3 Idiots

17. “I was a bright student since childhood. Parents felt that he would eradicate our poverty. I got scared. When you see here and there, the race is going on. If you don’t come first, no one will know you. I got more scared. Started wearing rings, started begging from God. 16 bones broken, I got a chance to think for 2 months, then I understood the matter. Today I did not ask anything from God. I just folded my hands, and said thank you to this life.” ― 3 Idiots

18. “Having broken both legs, I have learned to stand on my feet. This attitude has come with great difficulty. I can’t control my Attitude.” ― 3 Idiots

Final Words: I hope you liked these Inspiring Dialogues from the movie 3 Idiots. Don’t forget to mention the best line that you liked most from the above lines in the comment box below.

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