33 Daniel Lubetzky Quotes to inspire you in your life

Daniel Lubetzky is a Mexican-American billionaire business leader, investor, and social entrepreneur. He is the founder and executive chairman of snack bar company Kind Healthy Snacks and the KIND Movement.

He is also involved in Philanthropy work and co-founded the OneVoice Movement. It is a global initiative that supports grassroots activists in Israel, Palestine, and internationally who are working to build the human infrastructure. He also appeared as a guest shark in ABC’s show Shark Tank in season 11.

Here are some Motivational Quotes by Daniel Lubetzky that will inspire you about life, kindness, and being successful in your life.

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Daniel Lubetzky Quotes

Motivational Quotes by Daniel Lubetzky  about life, kindness, and being successful in your life

1. “I make mistakes daily, letting generalizations creep into my thoughts and negatively affect my behavior. These mistakes have taught me that the first step to successfully choosing kindness is being more mindful about it, letting go of impatience and intolerance along the way.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

2. “When you’re nice, you’re not bullying people. But when you’re kind, you stand up against the bully.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

3. “We’re all human, and part of being human is showing respect and support for others’ life choices.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

4. “Our world desperately needs real leadership.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

5. “When you’re bringing an idea to fruition, there are two distinct phases: the skeptic phase and the evangelist phase. During the first phase, you have to be willing to ask the hardest questions – is this idea worth pursuing? But once you are convinced, you flip a switch. It’s about getting it done.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

6. “We all have a responsibility to try and make this world better, whether it’s through our work, the causes we champion, the way that we treat people, or the values we impart to the next generation.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

7. “It takes strength to be kind; it’s not a weakness.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

8. “Civilized discourse demands critical thinking, self-reflexiveness, sober-headed analysis.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

9. “You have to be very careful. If you over-commercialize a social mission, it completely loses its soul.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

10. “If you can inculcate in your team that every moment means everything, you can then step back to let them lead.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

Daniel Lubetzky Quotes on Kindness

11. “Kindness boggles my mind. It’s the only force in nature that increases simultaneously for the giver and the receiver.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

12. “Relying on the power of kindness is a sensitive undertaking. The challenge is to inspire people to be kind more often without tainting the selflessness that comes from doing something nice with no ulterior motive.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

13. “One of the magical things about kindness is that it’s what we nerds call a ‘happiness aggregator.’ People confuse kindness with being nice. And they’re very different. You can be nice and be passive. But kindness requires action.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

Life Motivation Quotes by Daniel Lubetzky

14. “It’s very important for people to know what gives them meaning. But it’s hard for people to figure out if you’re not connecting with yourself and taking the time to just be introspective and daydream.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

15. “Peace is an idea born from the hope and the desire to see your children raise a family, walk in a market, and engage in simple pleasures of everyday life without fear.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

16. “I’m very inquisitive. I love hanging around people who can teach me. I ask a lot of questions. And I’m very introspective and self-critical.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

17. “There’s a fundamental tension that is hard to overcome, that what’s wholesome is not convenient and vice versa.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

18. “Learning how to contract your power and personality is of incredible importance.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

Daniel Lubetzky Quotes on Being Successful

19. “Failure holds the seeds for greatness – so long as you water those seeds with introspection, they can be the root of your success.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

20. “Big failures hold better lessons than any success – as long as you are in tune with yourself and are open to learning from them. I can trace every one of my accomplishments to earlier failures that I learned from.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

21. “Trying to forget or hide your mistakes is a huge error. Rather, hold them near and dear to your heart. Wear them proudly.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

22. “I know that when you are experiencing failure, it’s pretty damn painful. It is easy in retrospect to wax poetic about it. But at the moment, you don’t think you will survive, let alone have the time to reflect on how valuable those lessons will be for you in the future.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

Entrepreneurship Motivation Quotes by Daniel Lubetzky

23. “Empathy is one of our greatest tools of business that is most underused.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

24. “I can’t tell you exactly why my work ethic is the way that it is, but I know that I will always work harder than anyone else I know.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

25. “It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from – there’s no substitute for hard work.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

26. “Tasting failure, even when you truly believe in a project, is a critical part of the growth process.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

27. “When you’re building a business, you want to focus and deliver excellence at what you do. This simply cannot be done when you are launching multiple ventures, dozens of new products, and selling everywhere and anywhere at the same time.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

28. “Why stick to just prose or just music or just newspaper or just video? Why not create new models for information that combine elements of them all?” ― Daniel Lubetzky

29. “We strive for a culture of constant communication. Team members know in real-time if there are performance issues. Team leaders know in real-time if a team member is unhappy.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

30. “There are corporate environments where a person has dedicated their life to working hard, and then they’re fired with a security person escorting them out the door. I find that so demeaning and disrespectful.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

31. “Without a doubt, what drives sales is letting people try our products.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

32. “For me, work is both a hobby and a passion. And sometimes an obsession.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

33. “The ideal time period to get an investment is when you’ve already proved your concept and know what you’re doing, and it’s about adding water to the seeds.” ― Daniel Lubetzky

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