26 Akkineni Nagarjuna Quotes to Find Motivation

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Read here Inspiring Quotes said by Nagarjuna Akkineni to find motivation in your life.

Who is Akkineni Nagarjuna?

Akkineni Nagarjuna Rao is a famous Indian actor who acts primarily in Telugu language films. Apart from Telugu, he also acted in various languages including Hindi and Tamil. He has acted in more than 100 films in different languages. He is one of the evergreen actors in Indian cinema.

How was Nagarjuna’s life journey?

Akkineni Nagarjuna was born on 29 August 1959 in Madras. His father is the veteran actor Akkineni Nageswara Rao and his mother is Annapurna. He married Lakshmi Daggubati, sister of the actor Venkatesh in February 1984. He divorced his wife Lakshmi in 1990 and then married actress Amala in June 1992. Nagarjuna has 2 sons, Naga Chaitanya and Akhil Akkineni. Nagarjuna began his acting career as a child artist in the Telugu film Sudigundalu in 1967. In 1986, he made his debut as a lead actor in the Telugu film Vikram. The film was a success, giving Nagarjuna a good start. Nagarjuna got positive reviews for his performances in movies. He has acted in over 100 films as a lead actor as well as playing supporting and cameo roles.

What has Nagarjuna achieved in his life?

He is one of the evergreen actors in Indian cinema. He has acted in more than 100 films in different languages. He has received 9 state Nandi Awards, 3 Filmfare Awards South, and 2 National Film Awards. Nagarjuna does a lot of charity work along with his wife.

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Akkineni Nagarjuna Inspiring Quotes

Read below motivational quotes said by Nagarjuna Akkineni on various topics to find motivation.

1. “The intelligence of cinema-goers should be respected.” – This quote tells us that people who watch movies are smart, and we should treat them with respect. It inspires us to value the opinions and choices of movie audiences.

Akkineni Nagarjuna Quotes To Help You To Find Motivation

2. “Sometimes people just need to be heard. They find happiness in sharing their thoughts.” – This quote reminds us that sometimes, all someone needs is for someone to listen to them. It encourages us to be good listeners and understand that sharing thoughts can bring happiness to people.

Akkineni Nagarjuna Quotes To Help You To Find Motivation

3. “At home, we never used to perform pujas every day. But God has always been there in the hearts.” – In this quote, Nagarjuna is saying that you don’t have to do religious rituals every day to have God in your heart. It inspires us to believe that spirituality can be a personal and heartfelt experience.

4. “The adulation from viewers is a huge stimulant for me, and it keeps me going.” – This quote tells us that the love and praise from fans motivates and energizes him. It inspires us to appreciate and acknowledge the support of our admirers, which can drive us forward.

Akkineni Nagarjuna Quotes To Help You To Find Motivation

5. “Just getting a degree is not enough, and you need to sell your ideas.” – Nagarjuna is saying that having a degree is not sufficient; you must also be able to promote and communicate your ideas. This inspires us to learn how to share our thoughts effectively.

6. “My father used to see God in human beings and in his work. Each person has his own way.” – Nagarjuna’s father saw divinity in people and their work, and he recognized that everyone has their unique path. This quote inspires us to respect individuality and find our own way in life.

7. “Style has become a crucial differentiating factor for most actors in the industry. I generally choose my look based on the character I essay. I research a lot on the Internet and pick something that would suit my face.” – Here, Nagarjuna is saying that style is important for actors, and he selects his appearance based on the roles he plays. It inspires us to pay attention to our appearance and adapt it to our needs.

8. “I believe, for an actor, both the success of his film and awards are equally important.” – This quote suggests that both a movie’s success and awards matter to an actor. It inspires us to value both recognition and the quality of our work.

Akkineni Nagarjuna Quotes To Help You To Find Motivation

9. “People should try and look for something that constantly keeps them motivated, and they start enjoying what they are doing.” – Nagarjuna is encouraging us to find something that keeps us motivated and passionate about what we do. This inspires us to seek out sources of motivation and enjoyment in our activities.

10. “The success of a film at the box office will ensure happiness to the entire unit, but individual awards are like vitamin shots that will help boost the morale of an actor.” – This quote says that a successful movie brings joy to the whole team, but awards give actors a morale boost. It inspires us to appreciate collective success and individual recognition.

11. “A film’s success does not depend on box office collection and the number of days it was screened but on the amount of satisfaction an actor can draw from it.” – Nagarjuna is telling us that a film’s success is not just about money and popularity but about how satisfied an actor feels about their work. This inspires us to focus on personal satisfaction and artistic fulfillment.

Nagarjuna’s Quotes on Work and Films:

12. “The films I’ve done with all my heart have gone on to become huge hits.” – This quote tells us that when Nagarjuna puts his heart and soul into his work (films), they become very successful. It inspires us to do our best in our work and projects.

13. “It’s good to have a governing body to oversee matters in making films, but you can’t blame films for what is happening in society.” – Nagarjuna is saying that while it’s important to have rules for making movies, we can’t blame films for the problems in society. This quote inspires us to recognize that movies are just entertainment and not the cause of all issues.

Akkineni Nagarjuna Quotes To Help You To Find Motivation

14. “My passion is filming and making them.” – In this quote, Nagarjuna is saying that his true love is making movies. It inspires us to pursue our passions and do what we love in our work.

15. “I want to continue acting as long as I can because being on the sets is a big stress buster for me.” – Nagarjuna wants to act for as long as he can because being on the movie sets helps him relax and relieve stress. This inspires us to find activities that help us unwind and feel better.

16. “I can’t possibly think of stopping my visits to the sets because I’m old.” – Nagarjuna doesn’t want to stop going to movie sets just because he’s getting older. This quote inspires us to keep doing the things we enjoy, regardless of our age.

17. “I want to make good, fun films, not necessarily experimental ones.” – Nagarjuna prefers to make entertaining and enjoyable films rather than ones that are very different and unusual. This quote inspires us to focus on creating enjoyable and fun experiences in our work.

Nagarjuna’s Quotes on Health & Fitness:

18. “Besides regular exercising, one should also take care of his or her daily habits such as adequate sleep and drinking lots of water.” – Nagarjuna is telling us that to stay healthy, we need to exercise regularly, get enough sleep, and drink plenty of water. This quote inspires us to adopt healthy daily habits.

Akkineni Nagarjuna Quotes To Help You To Find Motivation

19. “I don’t believe in the concept of working out rigorously to pump muscles. It may be effective, but when you stop working out, it comes back to square one.” – Nagarjuna doesn’t think you have to work out very hard to build muscles. He believes that it’s better to have a sustainable fitness routine. This quote inspires us to have a balanced and consistent approach to fitness.

20. “If you follow a strict diet for a few months, flaunting six packs abs is no big deal.” – Nagarjuna is saying that if you eat well for a few months, having six-pack abs isn’t difficult to achieve. This quote inspires us to understand that with dedication and a proper diet, we can achieve our fitness goals.

Nagarjuna’s Life Quotes:

21. “When I remember my mother, it makes me really sad. But, when I remember my father, it makes me smile.” – This quote tells us that thinking about his mother makes Nagarjuna sad, while thinking about his father makes him happy. It inspires us to cherish the positive memories of our loved ones and find joy in them.

22. “Some films change your life a little.” – Nagarjuna is saying that certain movies have a small but meaningful impact on our lives. This quote inspires us to recognize the power of storytelling and how it can influence us positively.

Akkineni Nagarjuna Quotes To Help You To Find Motivation

23. “As an actor with star status, I can’t restrict myself to one type of film and role.” – Nagarjuna is explaining that as a famous actor, he doesn’t want to limit himself to just one kind of film or role. This quote inspires us to be open to various experiences and not restrict ourselves.

24. “Everybody deserves an opportunity to fulfill their dreams.” – This quote means that everyone should have a chance to make their dreams come true. It inspires us to support and encourage others in pursuing their aspirations.

Akkineni Nagarjuna Quotes To Help You To Find Motivation

25. “Brilliance needs to be expressed properly.” – Nagarjuna is saying that if someone is brilliant, they should find the right way to show it to the world. This quote inspires us to use our talents effectively and share our brilliance with others.

26. “Frankly, I love my independence too much to give it up.” – In this quote, Nagarjuna is saying that he values his freedom and doesn’t want to lose it. It inspires us to appreciate our independence and make choices that align with our desire for freedom.

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