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Read Inspiring quotes said by Mohanlal that will help you to find motivation in your life.

Who is Mohanlal?

Mohanlal is an Indian film actor, producer, playback singer who acts mainly in Malayalam cinema. Apart from Malayalam, he also acted in other languages including Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi language films. Mohanlal’s full name is Mohanlal Viswanathan. He acted in more than 340 films in his 40 years of an acting career. He is one of the respected actors in Indian films.

How was Mohanlal’s life journey?

Mohanlal was born on 21 May 1960 in the village of Elanthoor in the Pathanamthitta district of Kerala. His father was Viswanathan Nair, a Law Secretary with the Kerala government, and his mother was Santhakumari. He is a wrestler and martial art expert. He was the Kerala state wrestling champion in 1977 & 1978. Mohanlal’s first role was a stage play called Computer Boy, in which he played a ninety-year-old man.

Mohanlal made his acting debut at age 18 in 1978 with the film Thiranottam, but not released due to some censorship issues. It took 25 years to release the film and released a single theatre in 2005. He made his screen debut in 1980 with the romance film Manjil Virinja Pookkal. He continued to do villainous roles and rose to secondary lead roles. He established himself as a bankable leading actor after 1986. Mohanlal mainly works in Malayalam films, but he has also appeared in some Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada films. He is best known for his Tamil film Iruvar, the Hindi film Company, and the Telugu film Janatha Garage.

What has Mohanlal achieved in his life?

Mohanlal is one of the respected actors in the Indian film industry. He made his successful mark in the major Indian language films. He worked on more than 340 films in his 40 years of acting career. He has won awards including 5 National Film Awards, 1 Special Jury Mention, 1 Special Jury Award, 9 Kerala State Film Awards, and other numerous accolades. He received honorary doctorates from the Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit in 2010, and from the University of Calicut in 2018.

The Government of India honored him with Padma Shri in 2001, and Padma Bhushan in 2019 for his contributions to Indian cinema. More proudly, he became the first actor in India to be awarded the honorary rank of Lieutenant colonel in the Territorial Army in 2009.

Mohanlal is also known for his philanthropic works. He founded the ViswaSanthi Foundation, to create and deliver high-impact and focused programs to the underprivileged sections of society in the areas of Healthcare and Education.

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Mohanlal Quotes

Read below motivational quotes said by Mohanlal to find motivation.

1. “No amount of praise should go to your head. You should always remain humble.” – This quote reminds us that even when people say good things about us, we should stay modest and not become too proud or arrogant. Being humble is important.

Mohanlal Quotes To Help You To Find Motivation In Your Life

2. “There comes a turning point in the life of every person when he reflects on his journey and work and ponders on the next road to take. Is this the pinnacle, the ultimate? What next?” – Mohanlal is telling us that at some point in life, we all think about what we’ve done so far and what’s next. We wonder if we’ve reached the best point in our lives or if there’s more to achieve.

3. “I don’t hope for anything. Not only in my professional life, but in my family life also. My total lifestyle is like that.” – This quote means that Mohanlal doesn’t expect specific things to happen. He accepts life as it comes, both in his work and his family life. He goes with the flow.

Mohanlal Quotes To Help You To Find Motivation In Your Life

4. “People want to see other’s secrets and get a peek into their lives.” – Mohanlal is saying that people are often curious about others and want to know their secrets and learn about their lives. It’s a common human trait.

Mohanlal Quotes To Help You To Find Motivation In Your Life

5. “Life is a collage of events, really.” – Life is like a collection of different experiences and events that make up our journey. It’s not just one big thing; it’s many smaller moments put together.

6. “I never ever aspired for anything in life. I don’t believe in planning or yearning for something very strongly. If something has to happen, it will happen.” – Mohanlal is telling us that he doesn’t have strong desires or plans for the future. He believes that if something is meant to happen, it will happen naturally.

Mohanlal Quotes To Help You To Find Motivation In Your Life

7. “If you are a very ordinary human being, nothing affects you, nothing bothers you, and nothing troubles you. That’s how I live my life.” – Mohanlal suggests that if you stay down-to-earth and simple, life’s problems and worries won’t trouble you as much. Being ordinary can be a peaceful way to live.

8. “I feel there is unknown energy pushing me to do certain things in life.” – Mohanlal believes that there’s a mysterious force that guides him to do certain things in life. It’s a way of saying that sometimes, we are driven by inner motivation we may not fully understand.

9. “Life is not about acting in films alone. There are so many things in life other than films and acting.” – This quote reminds us that life is not just about one aspect, like a career. There are many other things to explore and enjoy beyond our work.

Mohanlal Quotes To Help You To Find Motivation In Your Life

10. “Friendship is accepting a person with all their qualities – good and bad.” – Mohanlal tells us that true friendship means accepting people as they are, with both their positive and negative qualities. It’s about being there for them regardless.

Mohanlal Quotes To Help You To Find Motivation In Your Life

11. “Death can come at any time to anyone. Everybody is equal before death.” – This quote emphasizes that nobody can predict when they will pass away, and in the face of death, we are all the same. It’s a reminder to cherish life and treat everyone with respect and equality.

Mohanlal Quotes To Help You To Find Motivation In Your Life

Mohanlal’s Quotes on Work and Duty:

12. “Cinema is an art form, a result of the dedication of a number of people.” – This quote highlights that making movies is an art form that involves the hard work and dedication of many individuals, not just one person. It inspires us to appreciate the collective effort behind creative projects.

13. “A film will be a hit or a flop in spite of my worrying about it.” – Mohanlal is reminding us that success or failure of a film doesn’t depend on one person’s worries. It encourages us to do our best in our work but also accept that some things are beyond our control.

14. “Cinema has given me everything in life, and I will continue acting till the end.” – Mohanlal expresses his deep gratitude for his career in cinema. It encourages us to find purpose and dedication in our work and keep going, even in the face of challenges.

15. “In developed countries, strong rules are in place to restrict sound pollution and curb its deadly effects. As law-abiding citizens with social responsibility, we should all come together against this unhealthy trend.” – Mohanlal calls for taking responsibility and standing against harmful practices, like excessive noise pollution. It inspires us to be socially responsible and work towards a healthier environment.

Life Quotes by Mohanlal:

16. “Destiny plays a very important role in my life.” – Mohanlal acknowledges the role of destiny in his life. It reminds us that while we can work hard and make choices, there are factors beyond our control. It encourages us to accept and adapt to life’s twists and turns.

17. “I do all my films happily, and I enjoy every moment of it.” – Mohanlal emphasizes finding joy in what you do. It inspires us to approach our work with a positive attitude and enjoy the journey.

18. “Happiness is not merely a word. It is a state of mind.” – Mohanlal suggests that happiness is a state of mind, not just a word. It encourages us to focus on our mindset and attitude to find happiness in life.

Mohanlal Quotes To Help You To Find Motivation In Your Life

19. “Films are not meant to be watched only by fans but by everyone. Fans are those who like what we do. When we do things that only they like, then we are becoming their fans.” – Mohanlal reminds us that art, like films, should be accessible to all, not just a select group. It encourages us to create inclusive and relatable work.

20. “Morality depends on individual freedom, and it requires some sense to know where to draw the line.” Mohanlal speaks about the importance of individual freedom and the responsibility of knowing right from wrong. It inspires us to make ethical choices while respecting personal freedom.

Mohanlal Quotes To Help You To Find Motivation In Your Life

21. “I believe that football can inspire youngsters to find the path to success in life.” – Mohanlal believes in the power of sports to inspire young people to succeed. It encourages us to find inspiration and life lessons in activities we are passionate about.

22. “Being an actor doesn’t mean that I can’t react to what’s happening around me.” – Mohanlal highlights that even as an actor, he can engage with real-world issues. It inspires us to be aware and responsive to the world around us, regardless of our profession.

Mohanlal Quotes To Help You To Find Motivation In Your Life

23. “I have learned to take things as they come.” – Mohanlal suggests that adapting to life’s uncertainties is essential. It inspires us to embrace flexibility and resilience in our journey through life.

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