15 Jacques Torres Quotes that will make you a chocolate lover

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Read the below Jacques Torres Quotes to make yourself a chocolate lover.

Jacques Torres is a French pastry chef and chocolatier. Pastry chef Jacques Torres is best known for his mastery of cooking and baking with chocolate. He is also referred to as “Mr. Chocolate” and owns seven chocolate shops.

Jacques Torres Quotes

Read the below Jacques Torres Quotes:

1. “I have spent more time in my life working and being in restaurants than being at home.” ― Jacques Torres

2. “I believe history and tradition are something solid and something we can rest on.” ― Jacques Torres

3. “You need chocolate with enough cocoa butter. If your chocolate is high-quality, with a good content of cocoa butter, the chocolate will melt inside and creative layering. That’s very important. Those chocolate morsels don’t melt. So, for the best chocolate chip cookies, I use the chocolate we sell, which is 60 percent cocoa.” ― Jacques Torres

4. “I make my own chocolate, I grow my own beans, and now I have something about the history of chocolate. I feel I try to go as far as I can into this profession.” ― Jacques Torres

5. “You really have to be a good entertainer, or the show won’t work. For me, it was all about having fun with the audience, which meant that I could usually forget that the camera was there. It was kind of like being in the classroom.” ― Jacques Torres

6. “I still make mistakes today – I always explain to people, when you will make as many mistakes as I did, then you will know as much as I know in my profession.” ― Jacques Torres

7. “I’m happy to try everything at least once.” ― Jacques Torres

8. “You can easily compare chocolate to wine. What makes a good wine is usually a good terroir, a good grape, and the weather has something to do with it. Chocolate is the same, from where the cacao bean grows to what type of tree it grows on.” ― Jacques Torres

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9. “More and more research shows that chocolate is good for you. It’s a mood elevator. It contains a lot of antioxidants and will keep us younger. It’s good for your heart and acts like aspirin. It keeps your cholesterol low.” ― Jacques Torres

10. “My goal is to teach what chocolate is. I don’t think my customers understand what it takes to make chocolates.” ― Jacques Torres

11. “I’m blessed to do what I love to do every day.” ― Jacques Torres

12. “The first time I baked, I failed a couple of times, and I made some mistakes and perhaps ended up with something inedible. Then I was a little bit more careful, and I learned how to do it right.” ― Jacques Torres

13. “I come from a family of craftsmen. We like to make things with our hands. Better than the pleasure of making money is the pleasure of making the product and saying, ‘Wow. I did that.’ I couldn’t see myself doing anything other than making good things to eat.” ― Jacques Torres

14. “In order to succeed, you have to fail, no? You ride a bicycle, you fail; you try a few times, you succeed.” ― Jacques Torres

15. “I decided on a chocolate business. I love the history of chocolate and making it and the fact that people of any gender, age, and race enjoy it.” ― Jacques Torres

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