13 Best VV Giri Quotes to Motivate You

Read inspiring quotes said by former president of India VV Giri to know about the education, strength & nation.

Who is VV Giri?

Varahagiri Venkata Giri was a freedom fighter and the fourth president of India from 24 August 1969 to 24 August 1974.

V.V. Giri was born on 10 August 1894 in Berhampur, Odisha. He was known for his role in the labor movement in India. It was due to his efforts that the labor force could demand and acquire their rights. He not only organized the labor force of India and improved their condition, but also included them in the national struggle for independence. He was also honored by the Government of India with the Bharat Ratna in 1975. Giri died on 24 June 1980.

VV Giri Inspiring Quotes

1. “It is an essential condition to maintain mutual trust and confidence between the employer and the employee to obtain the goal of rapid economic development and social justice.” ― V. V. Giri

2. “Unemployment is the problem of problems which has made our youths Naxalites.” ― V. V. Giri

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3. “Educated youth are deprived of all deserving comforts and their growing discontent has given scope for the speedy growth of Naxalism.” ― V. V. Giri

4. “Education is the principal tool of socio-economic development.” ― V. V. Giri

5. “Poverty afflicts the majority of human beings in the world.” ― V. V. Giri

6. “Strength is unity.” ― V. V. Giri

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7. “I am conscious of my shortcomings, but I have always tried as an honest worker to do a job to the best of my ability and judgment.” ― V. V. Giri

8. “A democratic government can gain strength and vitality only by constant scrutiny and genuine fear.” ― V. V. Giri

9. “The parliamentary system is the most responsible system of government. Let us not allow it to go into disuse.” ― V. V. Giri

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10. “The youth of the country, who are the most potent force in building India to progress and in preserving its unity, have to be shown the right example and given the right lead.” ― V. V. Giri

11. “A spirit of self-introspection and dedication to national well-being will make us all go along the right path.” ― V. V. Giri

12. “The destiny of India is the destiny of the masses of the vast population that inhabit this country, and every citizen has a meaningful role in shaping that destiny.” ― V. V. Giri

13. “There is a sacred duty cast on all of us – not written down in laws, but which is inherent – that we stand by for this commitment.” ― V. V. Giri

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