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Read here the inspiring quotes said by Suniel Shetty that will help you to know about your family, health, failure & success in your life.

Who is Suniel Shetty?

Suniel Shetty is an Indian film actor who primarily works in Hindi films. He is one of the most successful personalities in Hindi cinema. Suniel made various successful movies such as Balwaan, Waqt Hamara Hai, Dilwale, Mohra, Gopi Kishan, Sapoot, Border, Hera Pheri, Dhadkan, Main Hoon Na, Phir Hera Pheri. He acted in more than 100 films in his 25 years film career.

Suniel Shetty Inspiring Quotes

Read here some motivational quotes by Suniel Shetty to find some motivation in your life.

1. “If you have a good family then nothing else really matters.” – Suniel Shetty is telling us that having a loving and supportive family is the most important thing in life. It’s more important than anything else because they make you feel happy and cared for. This quote inspires us to cherish and value our families, as they bring us the most happiness.

2. “My philosophy is, involve your family in whatever you do. Nothing gives you more joy.” – Suniel Shetty believes that involving your family in everything you do is a great way to find happiness. This quote encourages us to include our loved ones in our activities because it brings us the most joy.

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Suniel Shetty’s Quotes on Health & Fitness:

3. “As a child, I couldn’t afford to go to the gym, so I started doing pull-ups, push-ups, suryanamaskar, dand baithak, and other forms of yoga. I also trained in martial arts and practiced freehand exercises.” – Suniel Shetty is saying that when he was young and couldn’t go to the gym, he did various exercises and yoga at home to stay fit. This quote inspires us to be creative in staying healthy, even if we don’t have access to a gym.

4. “Fitness for me is wellness. It means being healthy – mentally and physically.” – Suniel Shetty believes that being fit is not just about the body; it’s also about having a healthy mind. This quote encourages us to focus on both our physical and mental well-being when striving for fitness.

5. “I practice yoga for an hour every day and 4 days a week I do physical training.” – Suniel Shetty tells us that he follows a regular exercise routine, doing yoga and physical training. This quote inspires us to establish a consistent exercise schedule to stay fit and healthy.

6. “For me, the workout is the way of life.” – Suniel Shetty considers exercise as a fundamental part of his life. This quote inspires us to make physical activity a daily habit, just like any other important part of our life.

7. “Health is not attained in a day, you have to be consistent.” – Suniel Shetty reminds us that being healthy is a long-term process that requires regular effort. This quote inspires us to be persistent and patient in our journey to better health.

8. “A healthy body breeds a healthy mind.” – Suniel Shetty believes that when your body is healthy, your mind becomes healthy too. This quote encourages us to take care of our bodies because it positively impacts our mental well-being.

9. “I give special treatment to every single muscle in my body.” – Suniel Shetty emphasizes the importance of taking care of every muscle in his body. This quote inspires us to pay attention to all parts of our body in our fitness routine.

10. “I believe that a healthy mind is essential for a healthy body.” – Suniel Shetty thinks that having a healthy mind is just as important as having a healthy body. This quote encourages us to work on our mental health alongside physical fitness.

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Suniel Shetty’s Quotes to Help Yourself:

11. “A person with a robust personality appears capable of doing anything. This is what the common man lacks. This is the dividing factor, the difference between the hero and the common man.” – Suniel Shetty is telling us that having a strong and confident personality is what sets heroes apart from regular people. This quote inspires us to work on our confidence and personality to achieve extraordinary things.

12. “If you don’t push yourself to the limit, no one else will do it for you.” – Suniel Shetty is saying that if you want to achieve something great, you need to challenge yourself to your maximum. This quote inspires us to set high goals and work hard to reach them because no one else will do it for us.

13. “Trust, faith, and belief in your partner is a basic necessity for any relationship to survive.” – Suniel Shetty is emphasizing that trust, faith, and belief in your partner are essential for a relationship to last. This quote inspires us to build strong and trusting relationships by having confidence in our partners.

14. “I have goodwill in the film industry because I have always been disciplined.” – Suniel Shetty believes that his good reputation in the film industry is because he has always been disciplined and responsible. This quote inspires us to value discipline in our work and life.

15. “Critics matter to me.” – Suniel Shetty acknowledges that critics’ opinions are important to him. This quote inspires us to be open to feedback and use it to improve.

16. “Critics can get you critical acclaim – nothing more than that.” – Suniel Shetty suggests that while critics can praise your work, their opinions don’t define your success. This quote inspires us to not let criticism deter us from our goals.

Suniel Shetty’s Quotes on Failure & Success:

17. “Success or failure depends on the public.” – Suniel Shetty believes that whether you succeed or fail depends on how the public perceives your work. This quote reminds us that the audience’s opinion matters in many aspects of life.

18. “Failures in the film do not mean much to me because at the end of the day, I am successful in my life.” – Suniel Shetty doesn’t let failures in his career affect his overall success in life. This quote inspires us to maintain a broader perspective and not be defined by individual setbacks.

19. “I can never forget that first taste of success.” – Suniel Shetty cherishes the memory of his initial success. This quote inspires us to appreciate and remember our first achievements, as they can be motivating and meaningful.

20. “Whenever evil is destroyed, people are happy. Then what’s wrong with depicting positive violence?” – Suniel Shetty suggests that showing positive violence in movies can lead to happiness when evil is defeated. This quote encourages us to question the impact of violence and consider its context.

21. “I believe that when you have only one life, it makes sense to live it to the full – so whatever interesting and enterprising comes my way, I want to get into.” – Suniel Shetty believes in living life to the fullest and pursuing exciting opportunities. This quote inspires us to embrace new and adventurous experiences.

22. “Even if I can change the life of one child, I shall feel blessed.” – Suniel Shetty would feel blessed if he could positively impact one child’s life. This quote inspires us to seek opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others, even in small ways.

23. “When you are fit and beautiful you are appreciated, you become more confident.” – Suniel Shetty highlights that being fit and attractive can boost your confidence and earn appreciation. This quote inspires us to take care of our health and appearance for increased self-assurance.

24. “Comedy is very difficult. You’ve got to have a perfect sense of timing.” – Suniel Shetty acknowledges the challenge of comedy and the importance of timing. This quote inspires us to recognize the difficulty in various skills and appreciate the importance of timing in humor.

Suniel Shetty’s Inspiring Movie Dialogues:

25. “We can remove a true patriot from the army, but not patriotism from his heart.” – In this dialogue from the movie “Jai Ho,” Suniel Shetty reminds us that true patriots carry their love for their country in their hearts, and it can’t be taken away from them. This inspires us to be loyal and devoted to our country no matter where we are.

26. “Growth in business is not achieved by bastardism, but by fulfilling commitments.” – From the movie “Khel,” Suniel Shetty tells us that success in business doesn’t come from dishonesty but from keeping our promises. This dialogue inspires us to be honest and trustworthy in our professional endeavors.

27. “If there is love then there is the fight, if there is fight then there is love. And the fight only makes love stronger.” – Suniel Shetty’s dialogue from “AAP Ki Khatir” suggests that in love, disagreements and challenges can make the bond even stronger. This inspires us to face difficulties in relationships with the understanding that they can lead to deeper connections.

28. “Good friends become even happier by sharing happiness.” – This dialogue from “Khel” tells us that sharing joy with friends enhances happiness. It inspires us to celebrate and share our happiness with our close friends.

29. “To become something in life, to achieve something, then the most important thing is discipline. Without discipline, a person does not reach his destination.” – Suniel Shetty in “Ehsaas” emphasizes that discipline is crucial for success. This dialogue inspires us to stay focused and committed in our journey to achieve our goals.

30. “The one who uses his weapon is not courageous. Because he believes in his weapon more than himself, which can betray him at any time. But your courage, your strength will never betray you.” – From the movie “Aaghaaz,” this dialogue conveys that true courage comes from within, not from relying solely on external tools. It inspires us to have confidence in our abilities.

31. “Everyone wants to win, but the only one who wins forgets everything and wins only his goal.” – Suniel Shetty in “Desi Kattey” tells us that true winners focus solely on their goals and forget distractions. This inspires us to stay determined and focused on our objectives.

32. “Rules and regulations are for human beings. Humans are not made for rules and regulations.” – This dialogue from “Aaghaaz” suggests that rules and regulations are created for people, not the other way around. It inspires us to remember that we should adapt rules to serve humanity, not be enslaved by them.

33. “A woman’s heart is not won by oppression, but by love.” – Suniel Shetty’s dialogue from “Kaala Samrajya” conveys that love, not force, wins a woman’s heart. This inspires us to value and respect relationships built on love and understanding.

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